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Psa Question

Mount Gilead, OH

#1 Mar 26, 2012
I want to work full time for Lowes and PSA would be great for my children. My question is what better?
PSA dept mgr
Dpsa lead
Dpsa specialist
Input please...

Mooresville, NC

#2 Mar 27, 2012
All are good positions but have seen rumors going that PSA's may go away or change drastically. No one knows the end result but understand its being tested in a couple of markets.
real reality

Mooresville, NC

#3 Mar 27, 2012
You can't get a PSA job saying it's because you like the hours, they won't hire you. Sometimes this is a much more difficult job than you think, but sometimes not, but always busy. As far as going away, the only testing they are doing is overnights. Don't come here and listen to speculation, it will drive you mad.

Good Luck!

Since: Feb 12

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#4 Mar 27, 2012
I have had several positions with Lowes. The PSA position is by far the best for me. I pay attention to detail and actually care about things. I work with almost no MANAGEMENT. It's a great job. I take OWNERSHIP for what I do. I love it!....

Cornelius, NC

#5 Mar 28, 2012
I did LP for years and recently switched to PSA manager. I agree it is a very busy job but I love it and would not trade it for any other job in the store. As long as you get your people on board with what you expect and take pride in your work you cannot fail at this job. It is one of the most coveted jobs in a store. I am constantly getting other associates asking me if I have any openings.

United States

#6 Mar 28, 2012
It will be even more coveted since the specialist lost spiffs. We had a PSA quit and there were 11internal applications from current employees. Before the loss of the spiffs they had to post a psa position at least twice to get enough applicants to hire someone. I underatand the specialist standpoint of why do this job and have to make a budget with no incentive. Most of our specialist are willing to take the $1.80 pay cut to have a dead set task and not have to listen to a grumpy customer who didnt get their way throw a hissy fit.

Pembroke, MA

#7 Mar 29, 2012
While that is true you have to wonder at what point would it not be a fixed schedule. I've seen PSA's used for general tasks and asked to come in on weekends for staffing. There was a rumor not that long ago that anything task related would be put on nights. Vending companies do not want psa's used for general tasks and that might be the only way to prevent them for being grabbed. Of course there's always rtm and receiving but the list of departments that do not directly have to deal with customers is shrinking (outsourced deliveries and CPO being tested)
Trader Joe

Wooster, OH

#8 Mar 29, 2012
Hey Nedm... Out of curiosity,what is the name of the vending company that funds the PSA program?
out of touch

Mooresville, NC

#9 Mar 29, 2012
Dear NEDM,
You are OFF the mark on your comments. None of that is true, period. Please go away.

Bridgewater, MA

#10 Mar 29, 2012
corporate troll again eh...

So there's no outsourced deliveries? There's no CPO?

I'm not sure of the vending company by name. I know Huffy was the vendor that used to do assembly. But the psa's are largely funded by the vending companies as it was argued to have a psa per store would work better/faster than vendors. I had no issue with vendors but if one was sick it would create a lack of service for a whole district so the argument worked.

Vending companies do not want psa's to do general tasks. Store management cannot take the easy way out in maintaining a store. I'd argue to get into pricing rather than the psa.
out of touch

Mooresville, NC

#11 Mar 29, 2012
Not in corporate, just the computer is dummy. Pricing! ha ha ha ... Huffy? laugh out loud. There are no more vendors coming to the store with the exception of _______... not saying, obviously you have no clue, I'm not giving you any information. We do tasks and no one says a word. We wait on customers, we help out, we don't care, no one cares.

We do not have outsourced deliveries either, that is large markets.

Where DO you get this useless information?

You are a big bag of air. keep it coming, it's amusing, but remember folks, his information is inaccurate.

Since: Aug 08

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#12 Mar 29, 2012
The PSA program is run by Vendor Service Management, but I think they are (as part of LEF) going to chnge the name to something more space-age.

Pembroke, MA

#13 Mar 29, 2012
What specifically do you call a larger market? Outsourced deliveries have been given in complete regions. Besides why would corporate mostly have positions for CDL drivers (the ones not to be let go). It does not take a CDL to drive a box truck.

PSA's are not specifically supposed to wait on customers as it is the VSM money that funds it. I'm not saying there is anything wrong with the employees but sometimes store managers use them to do non psa tasks since they are not part of store payroll. If they pulled the contract lowes would have to either hire them or lay them off. The compromise would be to have them work at night.

Let's say corporate tells the sm's to do xyz. How specifically can corporate know if xyz is done? It can't. Therefore they are looking more at bottom line results.

Since: Aug 08

Location hidden

#14 Mar 29, 2012
I am glad to say that our team is rarely called to do tasks outside the PSA job description. Our store management team seems to appreciate just what it is we are supposed to be doing for the store.
Subie Kid

United States

#15 Mar 30, 2012
nedm wrote:
VSM money

VSM has been history for over a year? Do you even know what your talking about?

Mooresville, NC

#17 Mar 30, 2012
You know nedm you really should'nt comment on things you know nothing about. I was the first Psa back in 2009 when they placed 1 person in each store to test it. When the new ceo of lowes was put into place he tested this for 2 reasons 1 to save money for company and 2 to make sure tasks was being done correctly cause outside vendors rarley ever done what they were surpost to. Vsm does not pay Psa's Lowes does from the money they recieve from merchandisers. I've been with Lowes for 23 years and my pay check has always came from lowes The merchandisers all throw money in a pot to lowes for us to take care of there product. But in the end Lowes pays. Vsm is there only to comunicate to us our tasks from different companies. And as of not surpost to be helping customers thats completly wrong our vests continue to say lowes on them we are surpost to always help customers as we did before when we wore a red vest because without the customer we would'nt be able to merchandise or even carry product cause we wouldnt have any one to purchase it. And as of us going to nights that is a rumor from people who have nothing else better to say. Its only a test right now just like there testing new things every day. 8 mths ago they started testing overnights in destin Florida I know cause I have a friend in that position there who keeps me updated. So know one really knows whats gonna happen. Its like tomorrow who really even knows for sure if that'l come. And as of the testing its still in progress and if its approved it'll be at the end of 2011 and be put into place the new fisical year 2012. Also you claim we are not part of lowes payroll ok if we were'nt part of lowes paroll then how are we able to come in and work weekends for overtime. If Vsm pays us then that means they moniter our hrs and they would'nt give lowes the money for us to come in to only help customers on the weekend because that would mean our tasks would'nt be done.

Pembroke, MA

#18 Mar 30, 2012
Itsme no offense but PSA's were already in my district prior to 2009..heck prior to 2008. The general pattern is they test things up north and then it rolls out (just like the outsourced deliveries since they work better). The merchandisers often times had their own vendors. I remember hardware ones having panic attacks, some tru green one being an @sshole but the ones for lawnmowers and tools being pretty good.

Its you kinda contradicted yourself. VSM pays lowes the money to pay you. Vending in retail hasn't ended it still goes on. Just like being a contracted employee is different than a direct employee. You get all the bennies of lowes but by the contract the funds come from VSM.

Think about it this way. There are way more psa's than the old vending system. So why would lowes actually want to to spend (1700 stores estimate) the money to hire thousands of new employees that are in non selling positions? If there is four or so per store and a department manager that's 8,500 people extra on payroll. Then factor in that store payrolls can often decrease with lower sales but yet psa levels haven't shrank (i.e. not attached to payroll). They aren't part of budget as well. If you search on the thin client you'll find or charts that show hierarchy and how much staffing should be used per store. PSA's are not listed anywhere on those documents but all the other positions are.

Certainly when a vendor didn't show up it would be felt in a whole district but to hire and pay funds in such excess seems a tad odd.

Vendors were paid by the manufactures so why would they then stop paying and end the process? The answer is lowes is being paid by vsm instead of the vending companies. If PSA was really 100% lowes then why is there anything in VSM to begin with?

On a side note huffy no longer assembles anything at is fully inhouse.

Of course you can help out customers but that's not the specific purpose. Heck receiving, installs, rtm and the delivery manager can help customers on the floor but that's not really why they were hired. If all positions are reduced to simply helping customers then why even bother having different positions?

VSM doesn't specifically monitor the hours but that's the rub there. If they started to then it would get ugly. If they cut the contract lowes would have to pay out of pocket for thousands of people. Corporate tells sm's to do something and they don't do it so what's the recourse? You mandate that they work at night. There is nothing within the PSA job description that specifically states they only work days.

Mooresville, NC

#19 Mar 30, 2012
Jeez NEDM, you are a bloody idiot.

United States

#20 Mar 30, 2012
Been PSA since 07... VSM got restructured in feb 2011, when district teams emerged... So quit applying OLD terms to the current day Lowes!!!!

Kick rocks nedm

Pembroke, MA

#21 Mar 30, 2012
They might be "old" terms but they are still used. Of course the reactions to some of this is that the company is going to make more under their store brands. The number that have been under Kobalt have dramatically expanded.

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