SPIFFS and SOS commissions gone

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#146 Feb 9, 2012
If you need to find jobs go to indeed.com . Lowe's will be the next Circuit City. Company won't exist 10 years from now. Homedepot and Sears just got a lot of extra customers.

Garden City, MI

#147 Feb 9, 2012
spec three wrote:
Every specialist on here will have to get another job to make ends meet...it is an end to an era where if you did well you were rewRded now we have alot of aholez on tbis site talkin like puppets ...its good for the company its good for the company....BULLSHIT....ALL THIS DOES IS MAKE MONEY FOR DISTRICT MANAGERS THE STORE MANAGERRS AND OTHer assholes ...if yoi went to them and said hey I am gonna take half of your momey back from lasy year see if they wouldve been happy...GOOD LUCK TO US ALL WE ARE GONNA NEED IT...
just so you dont forget they did go to many district,regional,asm's say hey you no longer have a job...and we also shut down 20 stores with no notice...so sales specialist are not the only ones to feel this pinch just in case you forgot!!!
lowes sales specialist

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#148 Feb 9, 2012
I just lost 30% of my annual income yesterday. Way to go lowes thought you could make a career with this company. I feel robbed, cheated, and lied to. Now customer service will suffer. I wonder what would happen if all employees just called in sick. That might get someones attention
Free At Last

Jacksonville, FL

#149 Feb 9, 2012
spec three wrote:
<quoted text>
I don't know how it worked in your store but in our store most of the time the customer wanted more than 10%..Now we could say no but all that meant was bring it into the store and discount the merchendise until it sold at more than 10% off the retail..
Not to mention takimg appliaces back more than 6 months old because a MANAGER couldnt tell the customer to go have the item repaired. How much return on investment did we get on that?.
I was lucky enough to be hired in as an appliance specialist and at that time I applied for a manager spot..My store manager talked me out of it and told me that I would make more money as a specialist...Last year made over 20k in spiffs but I brought over 250k into the store..My pdp was one of the highest in the store...
Why I saying anything about this? The answer is I worked my butt off learning the diffrences between the manufacturers, I built up relationships with customers so I can get them to buy from our store and I sold the lowes service warranties even though our storr took back appliances motr yhan 6 months 9 months and over a year old...
Not to mention selling installs to people tjat coulf gave had anybody insyalltheir appliances..So did I make money dor myself?yes yes I did...but I made a hell of alot more for my store...
corporate office big wigs pulled in bonuses on the backs of every specialist...our store mamagers made bonuses...If you were hired in as a CSA you knew if you moved up ad a.specialist you could make even more money..if u were a specialist you could make more money if u sold more which brought more money and bonuses to your store..
With that money you could buy stock in the company as well as insurance for your family...Now in order to make ends meet mosy of thesr specialist are goin to have to give up their stock and maybe their insurance to fill in,the gaps...
You have 2 jobs and was hired in as a manager..In my 10 years with the company I
have seem several dept managers and zone managers step down to a specialist position...So excuse me for saying you cannot motivate ppl to do more for you with less...
You sound like a jealous manager that wouldve stepped down to my position if u knew you could make over 50k a year...
Go back and read my posts on these forums you will see I am anything but.
Trust me, as a manager it would be nice to tell the customer to have it fixed instead of returning it. Terrible corporate policies forced us to do things that were not in the best interest of the store or the company. A small percentage of customers take advantage of Lowes everyday and your managers are helpless to stop it. I had one customer that would buy several hundred dollars worth of plants every few weeks and then return them. I found out she did garden club shows and when she was finished with the show she would return all the plants and then get more. At the end of the season she would do one last return and get all her money back. I was not allowed to refuse or limit her returns. Cost my store thousands of dollars in plants every year.
So this is the type of company that is making your spiff and commission decisions. I thought the whole system should have been over-hauled to adjust the spiffs based on a percentage of the profit. Getting rid of it completely will probably close some stores as the drop in sales will push them to unprofitable.

Greeley, CO

#150 Feb 9, 2012
PSI wrote:
I am unsure about the direction, stability, and future of this company. They are making drastic changes and are all signs of a company in a panic mode. Its like a domino effect that just spirals out of control. In the last year and a half this company has went through major changes that most people besides the employees would even have a clue. They have literally fired tens of thousands of employees, closed many stores, vastly reduced/restructured bonuses, cut out all major and even minor employee incentives such as Christmas bonus, employee appreciation event were employees receive a discount on select merchandise, reduction in pay for some employees (such as the current change with LP's), obviously now removed all commission and spiffs paid to employees... the list goes on and on. Along with tons of payroll cuts, unbelievable amount of spending cuts though some needed but many others have hurt the stores. Its seems to that Lowe's is going about all this the wrong way. Your employees are not only the foundation but the driving force of your company. I know its hard to believe but as history tells us Lowe's is on a path for failure. Its seems like they are going to have some rocky times ahead.. Could they be the next Circuit City????
"In 2003, Circuit City converted to a single hourly pay structure in all stores, eliminating commissioned sales. Many previously commissioned sales associates were offered new positions as hourly "product specialists," while 3,900 salespeople were laid off, saving the company about $130 million per year."
5 Years later and the company files for bankruptcy... A year after that the company no longer exist..
Uh we closed 26 stores out over 1,700, I hardly call that many. Please don't compare this to Circuit City, NOT EVEN REMOTELY CLOSE!
Free At Last

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#151 Feb 9, 2012
lowes sales specialist wrote:
I just lost 30% of my annual income yesterday. Way to go lowes thought you could make a career with this company. I feel robbed, cheated, and lied to. Now customer service will suffer. I wonder what would happen if all employees just called in sick. That might get someones attention
No, that will just get them fired. All of the specialists out there getting this 50% "bonus" will be prime targets for the company. They would just as soon you leave and not have to pay you that extra money. Your replacement will not get it AND make much less an hour.

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#152 Feb 9, 2012
Sell your Lowe's stock that will hit them hurt.

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#153 Feb 9, 2012
Well quite a thread eh?

Anyway...here's a few things

1) There is no contract since it is a at will employer. Class actions would be impossible to do since ANYONE could make Spiffs and SOS. It is everyones job to sell otherwise it would only have selling when specialists were there.

2) We've gradually phazed out some specialists. There's no longer one for tools, there's no longer one in lumber..during the winter in the northeast and midwest there's none for OSLG...you cannot sell plants when the ground is frozen let alone when there is snow. I've personally seen feet of snow in OSLG to actually close the whole department (never have anyone from NC design a building where it snows)

3) If you want to divide the concept of selling and bonuses it would make sense to make a commission as a incentive. I've worked in a place that had two tiers. A lower one that if it reached bonus it would be huge and a higher one that if it reached bonus it would be minor. I picked the latter of the two because it would work better in the long run. You should never put yourself in a situation where you count on bonuses as part of the salary.

4) As someone stated earlier in the thread there isn't that many retailers that actually give out commissions anymore. I don't think sears does, I know Walmart and target dont, I doubt Ikea does. I can't see that much in best buy but they are gradually dying. HD doesn't. If you are in the south east I would encourage people to look at HH Greg because supposedly they do but again how long is that going to last.

I think what this comes down to is the company doesn't really want to fire sm's and asm's...but they want to prevent bonuses. There was way too much that the sm's and old zones did that frankly the company didn't like. It was not illegal but when you use specialists to open or close, when you use people from other department to cover others, when you use psa's to do general tasks, when LLC tests are done en mass in hr even though it clearly states no one can help you etc.

Some will leave lowes due to this. The new ones hired will be at a lower pay. Those that stay might not sell and thus mean the store would be less likely to bonus. Once you factor out bonuses being a asm or a sm really isn't worth it, especially if you have kids.

As for some of the other claims on the thread....a recourse against this could be to just be a cashier and work part time, maybe start using sick time on a larger scale etc. Could other positions go salary? Well....

I think that is more of a long term plan rather than a short term plan. If you look at hte old variable overtime lawsuit you can see that management wasnt really management because the powers were not there. I wouldn't be surprised if department managers moved to salary in another year to two years. Gradually they eliminated the middle management on the floor (team lead etc). The main goal being that either you are hourly part timer or salary.

Any any cries for a union frankly aren't going to work because there's no examples of it working anywhere else. Maybe 20+ years ago when there was no internet but not now. A private business union can threaten a strike but how would that work when unemployment is at 8%? The consumer has more options. You cannot create a picket line if someone can just shop at lowes and order online to deliver at home...

SOS displays have gradually disappeared in the stores near me to be replaced with stock items and most SOS items are not sellable on the website which would be supplimented by that other company they just bought out.

Things could be worse. Eventually retailers are going to have to do more to ensure the concept of safety. This includes giving eye and ear tests to ensure people can spot etc you cannot give orders to someone that is unable to do them to the standards that you request. Other retailers now require degrees.Target requires a bs to be a dm.Layzboy requires a as to be a sm as does jc penny.
another one

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#154 Feb 9, 2012
From what I hear, Depot gave NOTHING to employees when they did this..

Sears is all commissions, but they typically have 6-8 people working on weekends.. good luck making any money..

Mooresville, NC

#155 Feb 9, 2012
I think i just shat myself

Mooresville, NC

#156 Feb 9, 2012

Mooresville, NC

#158 Feb 9, 2012

Anchorage, AK

#159 Feb 9, 2012
As a previous #1 Alaskan Appliance Sales Specialist at Lowes (to the tune of over $3 million in appliances EVERY year!)I can tell you that this is absolutely the BEST thing that could happen for me. Now that is. You see, I now work for an independent Appliance Retalier here in Alaska. I make more than I did at Lowes (and I made in excess of $100K every year), I have set days off, never work at 6AM or until 10PM, and for once...just once, am appreciated for my selling skills and dedication to the company! The horizon is bright and clear for us independents! Sears is sinking for good this time, Best Buy is all set to follow Circuit City and now you guys drop spiffs! The prospect of our competition losing their seasoned, skilled Appliance Specialists have us giggling. Now don't get me wrong Lowes Specialists! I think what they just did to you is horrible and obviously the next nail in your companies coffin. I imagine how I would feel losing $25 grand per year (and yes that was halved!). I can also imagine the fear and pain that have from all of the hours worked off the clock (answering your cell, taking care of problems to keep it sold, coming on days off to ring a sale, going to customers homes to measure, working off the clock because overtime is forbidden, skipping lunches and working on the clock,). Yes, yes, yes I know working off the clock is a terminable offense.....but I never once heard of it being done for those reasons. It was an unspoken floor rule that you did it. Don't argue, you all know it is true.
As cold as it sounds the future is bright....for me as an independent retailer. I wish you all luck and hope ou land on your feet. The decent ones will...the others never should have been Specialists. Those lousy un-skilled ones should have been Managers.

Wilmington, NC

#160 Feb 9, 2012
So is this 50% of spiffs paid for ONLY 1 year or permanent? I'm on vacation for another week and a half and won't get talked to til then.
Performance Mgmt

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#161 Feb 9, 2012
Mr Gameboy from CO. answered the question of how long our pay outs will last,not very long. We will be performance managed on EPPs SOS installs credit comercial sales our enthusiasm during the lowes cheer ( I added that one ) In the motto of LEF we will be willing or unwilling and the unwilling will be written up and fired. And we will be held to a higher standard than the slackers malcontents and misfits we endure on a daily basis.
Bad for all of us

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#162 Feb 9, 2012
They have killed the main component that truly drives great salespeople. Obviously the company is no longer focused on sales. So when can we drop the corporate rotation and structure shifts around lives instead of the business? We have made great sacrifices in our personal lives to be able to provide monetarily for our families. Now we might as well all join the receiving team and be able to spend time with our families. Imagine 11+ years home improvement sales/management experience on the unloading trucks. My new interpretation of the IMPACT model. I don't know sir let me get the expert (teenager) from this dept to take a look at your blueprints, plumb your well pump, show you which washer his mother likes. He is the best sir, you should see the scrap lumber fort he built when he was 10.
Big Gamble

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#163 Feb 9, 2012
Big, big gamble trying to imitate Home Depot. Home Depot has had this non-spiff model for a long time. This will be uncharted territory for Lowes. Home Depot has more stores and as far as stock holders are concerned......does a better job. I am sure that Home Depot is giggling like a school girl right now. I am....
NW Lowes

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#164 Feb 9, 2012
So the company will give you a permanent "raise" of your base rate plus 50% of your last year's spiffs. Your next store manager comes along and sees that you're making $XXXX.00 per paycheck and says, "Hey! I can replace this guy with another guy that's making only $X.00. So if you don't perform up to some ridiculously set standards, then BYE BYE!
Mark my words, that's where this is going next.

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#165 Feb 9, 2012
NW Lowes wrote:
So the company will give you a permanent "raise" of your base rate plus 50% of your last year's spiffs. Your next store manager comes along and sees that you're making $XXXX.00 per paycheck and says, "Hey! I can replace this guy with another guy that's making only $X.00. So if you don't perform up to some ridiculously set standards, then BYE BYE!
Mark my words, that's where this is going next.
I am afraid you may be right:(

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#166 Feb 9, 2012
Rational thinking wrote:
I have a good writing pen I have had for about six or seven months,and the same day they announce no more spiffs the ink in the pen decides to stop. Does anyone find that odd or am I over reacting?
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