SPIFFS and SOS commissions gone
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Mooresville, NC

#676 Jul 23, 2012
larry Stone wrote:
Thanks for the MOney
You must be one of the Corporate A-holes who shits on the little guys to get ahead. your welcome for the money and just remember greed is a sin, you will go to hell

Cape Girardeau, MO

#677 Jul 26, 2012
brainiac wrote:
<quoted text> good call genius. post "boycott" on lowes forum where (except a few nedms and the like) those that visit and post here are lowes employees.
HA! That is what i was thinking. I think this guy missed his last mensa meeting.
Tryin Hard

Mooresville, NC

#678 Jul 28, 2012
A company is only as good as the people it hires. ANY COMPANY.

Pembroke, MA

#679 Jul 28, 2012
The thing is there is quite a bit of pressure from all around to keep costs down. Labor is certainly your most controllable expense. The company might try to deal with taxes and energy to a point (some stores have solar cells on the top etc) but labor makes up the bulk of it.

If one competitor does things cheaper and suddenly makes more profit then shareholders will dump one for the other. Look at Sears vs Walmart. Many of the same goods/services. Sears was huge back in the day. Now sears is a shell of itself. Walmart kicked the heck out of it and the internet didn't help. Other chains haven't done that well. Radio shack was huge when people used to repair tv's. Now everything with electronics is so cheap they had to move into other items (cell phones). Everyone knows circuit city went under and some argue best buy is next.

Right now walmart is testing selling appliances. You can sort of see some what if situations coming into play here. If sears eventually goes under who will get Kenmore? If not walmart maybe target.My point being is few assume competitors can merge or work together.

Sometimes companies can work against each other and not know it. The Purdy line of products in paint is actually owned by Sherwin Williams which operates stores that competes with Lowe's! There is one right down the street from my old store. Microsoft used IBM to develop an operating system (OS/2) and then turned around and made windows behind their back. Then they decided not to work with IBM and the rest is history.

Mooresville, NC

#683 Aug 4, 2012
nedm wrote:
If one competitor does things cheaper and suddenly makes more profit then shareholders will dump one for the other.
Lowe'a "insider" trades show this inate confidence in their company
with all the documented dumps during the inflated price period.
Lowes yahoo finance page on insider trades show execs and directors dumped 1,246,650 shares the past quarter and institutions dumped 77,919,600 shares.
Right there in Black and white
cult of personality

United States

#684 Aug 13, 2012
They will never be gone!
#685 Aug 17, 2012
Specialists wrote:
<quoted text>
Lol, I am not a Senior manager but department manager of several departments (smaller volume store)...I am capable of motivating my staff and do it everyday but the segregation between specialists and non-specialists tends to be a de-motivator itself.

there is no way you motivate people by taking away an incentive. As for the "segregation" as you call it, maybe you mean separation or distinction between the two.... we are specialists because no one else knows our job the way we do , and hardly anyone(and that includes managers) is able to do some of the specialist's jobs. BUt let me guess, we are lucky to have a job , right?
#686 Aug 17, 2012
Cut commission's. take away the 10% over cost, cut the staffing, stay open later, when there is hardly any business, expect more with less....have one person hold three phones and cover depts they know little or nothing about..hey lets send every manager to Vegas for a week instead of conference calling .. take returns on everything whether it is defective or not , purchased at Lowe's or not, used and abused items......... seems like a winning business strategy to me!

Pembroke, MA

#687 Aug 17, 2012
2frustrated that also reminds me you have to wonder if some customer complaints are just people hired by depot to screw over stores. Nearly anything counts as a complaint to corporate.

Richmond, VA

#688 Sep 3, 2012
I was a specialist for lowes and got no special treatment! I also happened to loose $30,000 a year when they took spiffs. I find you rude and jealous as well as hatefull and bitter. You can piss off.
Robert Niblock Quote

Schnecksville, PA

#689 Sep 3, 2012
“It's obviously a reflection of the programs we have in place and the improvement in our in-store execution"
Robert Niblock Quote

Schnecksville, PA

#690 Sep 3, 2012
“However, I have confidence in our strategy and in our employees, and while we recognize the significant magnitude of change that we’ve asked the organization to absorb as we transform our business, we fully understand that we must improve our level of execution.”

Walkerton, IN

#692 Sep 8, 2012
Robert Niblock Quote wrote:
“It's obviously a reflection of the programs we have in place and the improvement in our in-store execution"
Again, Mr. Niblock, I do feel honored to able to speak to you. Forgive me, again, if I am a little star-struck by all of this. My concern on training is that with staffing levels as they are, there is no time for it. Like most, I do my training at the desk, listening to lessons and taking tests between customers. Well, actually, DURING customer service with 3-4 customers at once.

Which may explained why I repeated a test five times, before I got through it.

Please don't misunderstand. This is not a complaint, just an observation...I love visits but not "those" types of visits, if you know what I mean. As always, we are "ALL IN" at Lowes 666 in Dante, Texas, off the Inferno exit. YOU CAN COUNT ON US, MR. NIBLOCK, SIR!
Tryin Hard

Mooresville, NC

#693 Sep 13, 2012
The more I listen and learn to the "new changes Lowes is making", so they can survive-the more scarey the reality sounds.
Lets fire the extra managers we don't need anymore-lets cut the pay and incentives of the specialists who know how to sell and close deals as their profession. Let's buy another online store, and let's tell people about mylowes.com so they get used to going online to purchase. Where is this going. Lowe's will be a warehouse to pickup or ship your on line items from, and we'll keep a couple a guys that load a truck, or stack lumber. The customer can figure out how to design that kitchen on his computer from our warehouse, and all we need now- to let everyone else go- except the corporate guys who need to keep their pay the same-what is this "we" motto?
Lowes survival is going to be for the chosen few. This is so obvious-
Appls supa specialist

Mooresville, NC

#696 Apr 18, 2014
Spiffs are gone and look how shitty the company is doing now. If you thought we didn't do anything b4, look now.

Since: Apr 13

Location hidden

#697 Apr 18, 2014
Appls supa specialist wrote:
Spiffs are gone and look how shitty the company is doing now. If you thought we didn't do anything b4, look now.
Yeah, But Nibby is making more money.

Longs, SC

#698 Jun 1, 2015
Specialists wrote:
For those having a tough time...This was a business decision, like any other...If this is going to affect your life so dramatically and you are such a great and wonderful salesperson, then I am sure you will land on your feet just fine SOMEWHERE ELSE! You will be in that 30%.(And the last time I checked there wasn't a whole lot of open jobs out there)So my thought is Adios, don't let the door hit ya! I have been disgusted with specialists since day 1 of working with Lowes. A lot of them are overpaid, lazy, arrogant, and don't do anything more than they have to!(I have 3 specialists who don't bitch about a thing and work their asses off, but the other 3 aren't happy about anything and don't do shit, but stand there and complain about everything and everybody else, while making almost $60 an hour combined) I have prayed for years that they would take that "specialist" title and shove it up someones butt and I finally hope I have seen that day! Specialists have always been given special treatment in my store so hopefully now we will all be on a level playing field, and accountability will finally kick in! Hopefully they change the corporate rotations/shift patterns next...its BS I get stuck closing most nights and missing putting my young children to bed, meanwhile the "special"ists walk out the door and go home to their families, having not front faced or swept or downstocked crap! No, thats right its "grunt work" for everyone else!(And by the way...I have been DIRECTLY AFFECTED by the company restructure every year for the last 3 years, including a demotion (last in first out) and took a pay cut twice as well)
Talk about whining??? You need to resign or maybe apply for a breakroom management job, since you have so much to say about nothing. You don't sweep or face or downstock...and you probably just turn customers over to a specialist because you don't know where anything is in the store unless its the bathroom or breakroom. Lol.

Longs, SC

#699 Jun 1, 2015
lowes blows wrote:
<quoted text>. Sign me up....
Why did Lowes take spiffs and SOS commissions and still hold there Specialists accountable for numbers they have to meet?? Sketchy

Levittown, PA

#700 Jul 16, 2015
saywhaa wrote:
<quoted text>
Why did Lowes take spiffs and SOS commissions and still hold there Specialists accountable for numbers they have to meet?? Sketchy
Well if memory serves me right Lowes was trying to cut costs every which way they could just like everyone else during the housing stock market plunge which started in 2008. I remember when they took it away saying that it will allow vendors to not pay out spiffs so that they can lower the prices on their products to be more competitive. That was a lie. The vendors are still paying the spiffs and commissions but they go to Lowes instead of the employees. Yet they still demand the sales specialists to make their budgets at the expense of their jobs if they don't.


Since: Oct 13

Location hidden

#701 Jul 18, 2015
Vendors no longer pay spiffs to the company. The contracts with all vendors have been re-negotiated to eliminate this from the equation and give a dead net pricing. This is old info from 2012-mid 2013.

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