Average weekday call button hits in y...

Average weekday call button hits in your store. Explain thoughts on why.

Created by Bird on May 20, 2012

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#1 May 21, 2012
reason for long call buttons--poor staffing-lack of red vests, empty depts. Our Admin asked a co-worker in plumbing how the cross training was going (meaning learning electrical)? I would want to ask him when is he going to learn how re-key locks, make keys, help in plumbing, electrical, flooring etc. Answer-never--"do as I say not as I do."

I suggested they start charting the data on call buttons time by dept by hour so they could find the biggest or worse dept, what times were the worst--then they could look for solutions for the biggest/worst area. Nope, no can do-corporate hasn't told them to do it and, they probably don't know how or even how to interpret the data. Would they enlist the help of one of their workers who used to teach Quality Principles for a living...nope-we cannot know anything-we are just peons who haven't had the "lowes management training".

Pembroke, MA

#2 May 21, 2012
Or they just "test" them to lower the numbers. As bad as it sounds you don't have to rush to get a call button..if you do they don't realize how badly the store is staffed.

In a store near me they had a meeting about how to get the call button time down...as it was going on the call buttons went off which defeated the purpose of the meeting!

Indian Trail, NC

#3 Jun 29, 2012
We get bitched at not only for time to get to the damn things but the number of hits. It's ridiculous. Isn't that what it's there for, to let is know if we aren't right there?

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#4 Jun 29, 2012
Captain_Morgan02 wrote:
We get bitched at not only for time to get to the damn things but the number of hits. It's ridiculous. Isn't that what it's there for, to let is know if we aren't right there?
We have managers who walk right by and won't stop. I observed two managers standing back by appliances and the carpet button went off numerous times-they did not move. They didn't think anyone saw them.

Plymouth, MI

#5 Jun 30, 2012
Yeah, I see it too. Or, they will page overhead for assistance. Thought we weren't supposed to do that. Another thing that gets to me is the fact that if they do use the call buttons to identify staffing issues, then the data is definitely skewed. I say this because I constantly see managers running to call buttons that are timing out or running up the average times, and setting them off 3, 4, 5 times in a row and then shutting them off after about 15 seconds. This makes it look not only like we have enough staffing to respond to the buttons, but also as if we are just being lazy and not hitting the aisles to prevent customers from having to use the buttons, when in reality, it is the fact that we have several depts to watch that is running the times up. Or, like in plumbing, one person cannot handle the customer load when it can take 15min to help each customer out with projects or to find the cheapest and easiest solutions for their problems. Add one person on top of 5 call buttons in a high volume dept where most customers have no idea what they are doing, and you will find that call button times are going to be high.

This is just one thing that allows management to toss the blame off on employees as to why things aren't going right. When they fudge the data on call buttons, we look lazy and uninterested in hitting the aisles. Until it stops, staffing will always be an issue.

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#7 Jul 1, 2012
For all the hoopla they give about call buttons-management doesn't really care. I got tired of hearing about "nobody having time below 1 minute that I started keeping a chart of call buttons by time and dept-you know-so that then can fix the biggest problem-I never got a "wow" that is great or "thanks, this sure helps" or kiss my butt.

If call buttons is one of their metrics you would think they would want to know which depts have the highest number of hits and highest amount of time so they could identify the problem and fix it. All we get in the morning meeting is, "we had X# of hits for an average time of X" or, "we had X# of requests and the average time was over 70 seconds". And then, either excellent job or hustle and get the call buttons.

If I was management, I would want to know which dept is the highest number of hits, the dept with the greatest amount of time and, then by time of day. If you have that kind of data you can solve the problem. It is apparent in my store they really do not care about the cause they only want us to rush to the buttons-even if they are on the other end of the store. There could be several causes, 1) poor staffing, 2) short help due to call ins, 3) people just plain ignoring them 4) they aren't functioning right and maybe more possible causes.

Instead of fixing the problem just badger us with guilt and tell us to run faster. Either call buttons is not that big of deal or management doesn't know how to problem solve. They have to wait for corporate to show up and tell them what to do. When I was in management my boss would not of stood for problems like this-he would want to get them solved so we could be more productive and work smarter not harder. Lowes wants us to work hard and stupid instead of fixing problems. Run, count, look for parts etc. God forbid any customers needed help--we are too busy looking in other depts for brooms, product, ladders, pallet jacks, order pickers, forklifts etc. so we can do our job. A tremendous amount of time is wasted on a daily basis by all employees looking for these things and doing other non-productive activities. We still do things that would not be tolerated in the mfg world--you would not stay in business because of the inefficiencies.

Could part of the staffing issues be because we are looking for things, counting and re-counting, being interrupted by doing Code 3's and 50's? They call for Code 50's and 3's-who is supposed to answer those calls? In our store we have 3 type of employees-Everybody, Somebody and Nobody. You guessed it, when a code is announced Everybody expects somebody to get them but nobody does so the the cashiers keeping announcing they need help. You have managers that walk right past the registers when these things happen and will not jump on a register or help a customer load. It is not their job I guess. Teamwork---yes sir-as long as I don't have to do anything-expecting everyone else to be a team player.

There are simple solutions but management doesn't to hear about them-we are suggesting the ideas, not corporate.

Just my observations.

United States

#8 Jul 1, 2012
If you go into reports, 9.5 there is a report that spools daily in the early AM that has all the call button times by the button, how many hits, and if it was responded to in <60sec, 60-90sec, and >90sec. That's what they're looking at to give you the data at the morning meeting. They just aren't diving down and giving you department specifics. If you want to see it, print it.

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