Changes are coming and a bunch

Changes are coming and a bunch

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night owl

Mooresville, NC

#1 Jan 24, 2012
I am a night stocking mgr for an older store (18 yr old) and I was pulled aside to give me a heads up about some changes that MAY be coming in the next couple of months. Below is the general over view

Zoning and downstocking team started at night
Most freight will be recieved at night IE lumber, mulch, etc
PSA team will be primarily moved to nights.
FSA moved to nights
staff reductions moved to night to offset overehead
Impact hours all the time for day shift
Reduction of ASMs in many stores
ASM to night shift

Summary on why - All day shifts come in at store opening and leave at store closing. All stocking, zoning, ems task, downstocking, etc will be done at night. Sales staff expextations will be raised and much more pressure put on them to close sales. Commercical sales will be on the road again to develop commercial business with industurial, hotels, office buildings, etc. Management may shift to store, admin, and ops (coming back via title) and then a night mgr. Titles go away for everyone excpt dept mgrs. Dept mgs are taught how to open and close the stores also (like HD) with minimal pay increase to none. This has been tested in multiple stores for the last six months in many forms. Mgt reviews was 99% positive and sales increase in all of the stores. By eliminating titles they also get rid of base range of starting pay for CSA's, Specialist, etc. Each store was able to lower the overhead after 120 days with the turn over. new staff that was brought in was viewed as a tallent upgrade with an increase in pride and work ethic. They see now that we need to get rid of the neg employess. They will be forced to nights or leave...

Since I have been told very simular stories from our PSA, 2 ASM's with a former coworker being in a test store. I was also told this is year 2 of a 5 year plan to change lowes and how it does business and how it is structured for the future. Even more online and installed sales will be pushed this year with additional products added.

What have you guys been told?

Mooresville, NC

#2 Jan 25, 2012
What you just told I have heard nothing specific, just that changes are rolling down the hill.

Littleton, CO

#3 Jan 25, 2012
Those would be excellent......

Pembroke, MA

#4 Jan 25, 2012
Sounds interesting although it depends as to how it is enacted. A day shift frankly wouldn't work if it is expected to be 6am to 10pm. Even if it was lowered to 7am to 9pm..factor out a hour for a break...unless you wanted people there for just three days a week.

How would the process go for selecting who would be day and night?

A night crew would help on time quite a doubt about it. When a customer goes into a retailer there should be no reason why everything should stop to unload a truck? It might actually help with retention rates because if someone rather do tasks and not have to deal with customers they can go on a night crew...which actually should help with security as if there's always someone at the store it makes it less apt to get robbed.
Weber Wonder

Barberton, OH

#5 Jan 26, 2012
night owl wrote:
PSA team will be primarily moved to nights.
What have you guys been told?
Nothing, but I do know there is a job posting out there for 3rd shift PSA, so it sounds legit. Good heads up
its me

Erie, PA

#6 Jan 26, 2012
This shit is crazy. They dont know what their doing. Somethings might work for some stores but not all. I go shopping I dont want everytime I turn around someone saying can I help u are u finding everything ok. How I see it I can find someone. We had a customer in our store by the time he got to me I said hi need help finding anything he said I already been ask 2 times he act like he got mad. People dont want to be bother they just want to come in get their stuff then if they need help find someone in the department to help them but employees dont stay in their area thats the problem customers cant find them.

Roanoke, VA

#7 Jan 26, 2012
I hope this is true! Night stocking, IRP, truck unloading, day shift help customers? THis is great.. WOW what a positive change!
Doc Brown

Cleveland, OH

#8 Jan 26, 2012
Great Scott...Night all makes sense...People who can't work nights go to the unemployment line. CSA 1 2 3 4 specialist...all become equal...they don't like it...they quit...lower the hammer on screw offs gone...hire new members of the staff and program them to your new way. Goes with a former post I saw....high employee turn over rates...conform or die...GOING TO NIGHTS IS PSA ASSEMBLER PRICING UNLOADERS RECIEVING.....for csas it sell or die...We shall see....
About Time

Rochester, NY

#9 Jan 27, 2012
Focusing on sales during business hours. Pure genius we have such visionaries at the top of this company. LOL!
Here is my recommendation for corp. Its a pretty bold move, but I believe they can make it happen.
Here it is...A new corporate rotation that allows the day shift to have some structure and a life outside of Lowes. Working closes, opens, and mids in one week only wears us out. If I could come to work fresh instead of dragging from a clopen sales would surely benefit.

Littleton, CO

#10 Jan 27, 2012
Store #2345, Knoxville, TN is testing this out. It starts March 3rd. All pricing, assembly, stocking, PSA and receiving with the exception of UPS and FedEx will be done at night. About 15-19 employees total with an ASM overseeing it all.

Pembroke, MA

#11 Jan 28, 2012
Sounds interesting but...

If a customer wants something assembled are they to just tell them that they should come back tomorrow?

Is there any specific night crew to stage the freight at night? Receiving it is one thing but actually putting it out and around is another.

Pembroke, MA

#12 Jan 28, 2012
O yeah just to note 2345 is NE Lexington Kentucky...not in TN.

It does appear that this really IS happening. They have six openings and five of them are for overnights. Two psa's, one fsa, a ASM, someone unloading the truck and pricing.

It's real folks.

Since: Oct 11

Location hidden

#13 Jan 28, 2012
sell or die....You cannot force customers to come in and buy. You cannot sell if customers are not in the store.

I think that the corporate execs should look at downsizing their pay and benefits--lead the way by sacrificing some of your executive perks.

I love it when people in corporate offices who probably have never worked at the store level make decisions that affect us at the store level. Policy and process changes sound and look good on paper but they don't always work at the floor level.

"No one knows the job as well as the person doing it day after day."

Littleton, CO

#14 Jan 28, 2012
All of the people I've encountered at Corporate have worked in the stores at some point. Also the person pushing this program has more experience in the stores than anyone on here....Rick Damron.
from all over

Roanoke, VA

#15 Jan 29, 2012
Hahaha Rick does NOT have more store experience than everyone here... Lol.. and his experience in stores isnt the same as the conditions of the stores now.. meaning less payroll, more micro management, and much hard to make a sale now...

United States

#16 Jan 29, 2012
from all over wrote:
Hahaha Rick does NOT have more store experience than everyone here... Lol.. and his experience in stores isnt the same as the conditions of the stores now.. meaning less payroll, more micro management, and much hard to make a sale now...
Absolutely correct!

Littleton, CO

#17 Jan 29, 2012
Sorry, maybe I should of said Lowes retail experience, he is one of the few I feel at Corporate who have a good understanding on how retail should operate....Niblock on the other hand....

Pembroke, MA

#18 Jan 29, 2012
Nilblock is just a figurehead. The board of directors and major stock owners have much more power than he does because they can threaten to tank the stock price and he can't do a thing about it.

Most of those at corporate hardly own that much in shares of stock. I think this is less than 10% self owned.
the facts are in

Mooresville, NC

#19 Feb 2, 2012
Largest stores in the markets...are the stores affected by the changes, ask your HR, they have all the details.

Pembroke, MA

#20 Feb 2, 2012
Well it would make sense to maximize profit to test it in larger stores. Testing in a smaller makes little sense. I think this is just a matter of time. Just like the outsourced deliveries, just like northlake reset etc.

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