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Akron, OH

#1 Mar 20, 2011
It's obvious that whom ever is in charge of marketing this product either has no children or is an awful parent. This commercial is dispicable! Scaring children??? There are all kinds of abuse toward kids & this is an prime example of one form. For those already lacking parental skills, watch this & are given the impression that it's ok to terrorize a childs imagination. I'm so displeased with your blatent ignorance that I will not only avoid that product, but ALL of Kraft foods. Appologize to my little ones & the other scared kids by launching a new commercial with the same scary parents, telling their kids they are sorry they scared them. Just have them tell the kids the jello is so good they just wanted to keep it for themselves. Making them look stingy is better than making them appear like "domestic terrorists".
If your product tastes good, is good for you & reasonably priced, it will sell itself. KRAFT WILL GO TO ANY LENGTHS TO MAKE A BUCK!
You make me sick.

Edmond, OK

#2 Mar 20, 2011
Agreed! Horrible commercial. It may have been ok if they had made it funny, but it was disturbing! At first I thought it was a commercial about a horror flick, but then it's for Jello? What are they thinking. I will never buy Jello Temptations because of this commercial. In fact, all Jello products are off my list!
Terresa Dakhlallah

Winter Springs, FL

#3 Mar 20, 2011
I encouraged every one to write to every child welfare organization in the country and report this ad. So far I have written to five of them; you can find a complete list of every place you can write at

Please feel free to copy, cut, and paste my letter and simply change the name. The ad needs to be taken down!


I believe someone from your agency needs to look into the legitimacy of Jello's new ad for their Temptations product. The ad promotes the use of emotional abuse as a means to make children less likely to eat their parent's jello product. The ad is very disturbing. When it first came on I thought it was going to be an ad for the latest horror movie coming to a theater near me.

Jello's position is that it is okay for parents to use "scare" tactics as a means to make children do want they want them to do. Jello suggests that a lot of parents use this method to control their children. They're right. There are abuse horror stories in the newspapers on almost a daily basis. A child locked away in a closet, a child burned repeatedly with an iron, a child raped by a family member and sworn into silence, and on and on. Maybe Jello would appreciate knowing more about these children for their future ad campaigns.

Thank you, Dr. Terresa Dakhlallah
Clair Rath

Channahon, IL

#4 Mar 20, 2011
This new tv ad for Jello Temptations is an example of parents emotionally abusing their children. It is hard to believe it passed even the proofreading. If Jello doesn't remove this commercials immediately, you are going to have almost every mom on the planet in an outrage. I will not ever buy your product.

Downey, CA

#5 Mar 20, 2011
WOW, an all new low for a company trying to make a buck! to scare children with such unimaginable thoughts is criminal! this garbage needs to be pulled off the air immediately. additionally, the person/persons responsible for allowing it to air in the first place need to be charged with emotional child abuse on every child in the US. i will never buy a jello product again!

Palm Springs, CA

#6 Mar 20, 2011
What kind of sick people is writing the commericals for Kraft. I will never buy Jell-O Temeptations and I will pass this on to my friends and family on facebook not to buy the product. There is enough child abuse going on in this world without Krafts help. You should fire the people who came up with this ad!
Paul Rickels

Dallas, TX

#7 Mar 20, 2011
I agree that these ads promote child abuse. I saw one response from Kraft that said the ads are aimed at adults..........that is exactly what concerns me most. I guess it is now socially responsible for companies to promote child abuse. These ads are not funny. The marketing team collective needs a new creative brain.

Methuen, MA

#8 Mar 21, 2011
I went to the Kraft/Jello website last night and expressed my disguse with this type of marketing.
This is a pathetic and irresponsible move from this big giant brand..Just horrible...

Indianapolis, IN

#9 Mar 21, 2011
I just sent an email to the company expressing my disgust. Is it supposed to be funny showing the extremes people will go for the yummy jello temptations--as far a terrorizing their children! It is just unfathomable to me that an ad agency can even think up this idea, present it the Jello and have NO ONE protest!!! People sat in a room, watched this presentation and were not appalled??!!!
There are REAL kids out there in exactly that horrible situation!

Olympia, WA

#10 Mar 21, 2011
I agree with all the parents who know this is an ad that terrorizes children. I work with adults who as children were tramatized by fear and some of them at 60 years old are still living with fears that occured when they were children.
When I saw this Ad I was outraged. How could anyone ever approve such a damaging presentation. Jello you need to pull this Ad now and release an apology to all the children you have damaged.

Kalona, IA

#11 Mar 22, 2011
So glad that I am not the only person disgusted by this latest commercial. Being a teacher of over thirty years, I am amazed that a company like Jello hasn't done more research into the impact of this type of marketing. Where are the innocent days of "Bill Cosby" and the child friendly advertising days? People complain about the schools, but this is the type of attitude coming to school. Parents are self involved and do their parenting via the television and commercial purchases. The person that came up with this idea obviously is a product of that generation because they have no sense of what is appropriate for families. Shame on you, Jello!
Kristle Tirado

Lutz, FL

#12 Mar 23, 2011
After using Bill Crosby and his wonderful relationship with children, they turn to child abusers! What the heck is wrong with people's morals? I had bought these puddings and they are not even any good. Had to throw them away. Will not purchase again. There is no way that commercial could be construed as anything else but emotional child abuse. This lets real abusive family the green light to treat their children the same way. There are really some sick people out there and Kraft seems to have hired them to work for them!
A Random 13 Year Old Girl

Sebastian, FL

#14 Mar 23, 2011
I don't know what you people are talking about. These commercials don't represent child abuse. It's meant to be silly and to not be taken seriously. I actually find them hysterical and "laugh out loud" every time I see one. Here's a tip... ask your kids what they think of them. And if you don't have kids, then why are you making a problem out of it? It's just a commercial. People don't really do it anyway. Now, if these commercials were REAL... then yes, I would have a problem with them. But the AREN'T REAL so it's nothing to worry about. There are a lot of commercials out there that are A LOT worse, so what's the problem with this one? And don't stop buying the products just because you don't like the advertising ideas. I bet that the advertising branch of "Jello" has nothing to with the actual people who make the pudding. And one, final thing. STOP COMPLAINING TO THESE STUPID SITES (no offense to the site owner)!!! If you have a problem, stop complaining and do something about it. What use will it do to complain about it? If you do have a serious problem with it, call JELLO or something.

Broken Bow, OK

#15 Mar 23, 2011
This was a perverted and sadistic commercial, the people that came up with this ad and the people who approved of it should be ashamed. May God open your eyes to see that this is WRONG. I don't want to by a product from a company that would do this kind of thing.
Parent of three

United States

#16 Mar 23, 2011
Are you kidding me these commercials are very funny. You people need to lighten up and get over yourselfs. Its a commercial , it is trying to make a dramatic point that these pudding snacks are very good.

Valley City, OH

#17 Mar 23, 2011
Parent of three wrote:
Are you kidding me these commercials are very funny. You people need to lighten up and get over yourselfs. Its a commercial , it is trying to make a dramatic point that these pudding snacks are very good.
Parent of three, ha? Look Toots, I've been a trucker for nearly 20 years & have seen & heard it all. I'm far from the overly sensative type. I'm not talking about scaring "random 13 yr. old girls". I only know how my little grandson (2 yrs. old) reacted when he saw it. If it's a TV show, you have the power to control what your child sees, but not random commercials that could play in the middle of Backyardigans. So far there has been a Dr., a teacher & a therapist that agree it's in poor taste, if not abusive. Do you think because you spit 3 kids out from between your legs that you know what's ok & what's not? People like you ARE the problem. Get a clue dumbass.

Valley City, OH

#18 Mar 23, 2011
The random 13 yr. old only thinks it's funny because she probobly has a little brother or sister that she gets off on being mean to & watches them get scared when it's on.
What's funny to you little girl is not funny to a a kid under 5ys old.
You're just a mouthy bratt that apparently don't know any better.
James a parent of three

Nicholasville, KY

#19 Mar 23, 2011
You people need to get a life. It is a commercial, whats next oh no the e-trade baby has his own phone and internet so now he is looking up porn? If you really want to get involved Do something to help all those children in your own community. How many of you have ever seen a parent spank there kid in public or seen a father grab his kid in anger cause he isnt listening, what did you do i guarranty you kept your distance or pretended you didn't see what just happened. Why don't you do something really meaningful and help these kids? Because it is easy for you to hide behind your phone or computer. GROW UP ALREADY.

Valley City, OH

#20 Mar 23, 2011
You don't know anyone in here to make that call...that no one would speak up. If I see abuse, I confront it. You don't know me, I don't care that you are a dude, I'm one bitch you wouldn't want to deal with. I'd deliver places like Hunt's Point & Jackson, think a punk ass like you scares me? That's what equalizers are for. If I saw you smack your kid because he's acting up, I wouldn't say nothing. You have that right. If say I was parked in Walmart & saw you beat your kid, punching him like he was a man & if I were afraid for his safety...I'd be on my way to jail again for it, ya...I said AGAIN.
What a coincidence another one with 3 kids (welfare trash having more babies for a bigger check) How do you like being judged without really being known?
Now, I think it's clear that it's causing a lot of contraversy & I'm sure that is not the intention of Kraft Foods. My money is as green as yours & they want us all to purchase their products.
I'm done with this whole conversation & I'm going to follow that old addage; "Don't argue with an idiot, cuz they just bring you down to their level, then beat you with experience.
Just know this, you never know where people like me are, so be kind to your children.


#21 Mar 23, 2011
This commercial was by far the worst exploitation of a childs fears that I have ever seen. If any caring adult happened to be standing around and heard a woman or a man telling their children that awful stuff, most of us would be hard pressed to remain silent and a good number of us would more than likely go look for an officer to report verbal abuse. I think the choice they made to try make fun of a childs fears was way off base and the fact they did it in order to sell pudding just shows me that money really is more important to them than anything else.

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