This company is making money in the Detroit area as the Detroit News and Free Press is no longer a 7-day operation newspaper.... Circulation is up and so is advertising when more circulation leads to more advertising dollars.... Then they want to distribute bonuses to their upper management employees ... This is totally unethical ... These people overpaid for the newspaper that was bought from the entrepeneur Sheppard who fooled them into paying bookoo dollars.... eliminate the people who advised you to buy this paper in Detroit they are the fools .... now your coming begging for the employees to give up 12.5 % of their wages .... these poor workers are paid meager wages and are out there working their butts off and lard asses upper management want raises and bonuses and come to workers who are struggling to survive to save your dumb asses ..... I hope they vote you offer down take a stand long live the Union ..... where does it all end ?????