Injured by Ethicon's Prolene Hernia/B...

Injured by Ethicon's Prolene Hernia/Bladder Mesh?

Created by Lana Keeton on Jul 14, 2008

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Have Mesh Erosion

Multiple Mesh Repair Surgeries

Constant Pain from Mesh

Mesh Cannot Be Removed

Cannot Walk from Mesh

Cannot Have Sex from Mesh

Cannot Urinate from Mesh

Doctors Deny Mesh is Problem

Doctors Unable to Repair Mesh

Mesh has devastated your life


Port Saint Joe, FL

#111 Jan 7, 2011
Suzanne McClain wrote:
I sent you an email. Two actually, to answer your questions.
In 14 months time I've unergone supracervical hysterectomy with TVT bladder tack, then one year later after visiting proctologist and urologist, I asked Gyn for CT scan. Pap came back bad but CT ok. In sept 2020 dr removed cervical stump and cleaned up the endemetreisis that had set in after initial surgery. During follow up I was Tod that my gyn clinic would not remove the hernia found during second surgery.

My general surgeon found two hernia's on either side, and he said he believes they are a result of the bladder tack.

Today is 1-7-11, and my pain is at a 10. I think I may have another hernia, and I have pain in the bladder area. I go back to surgeon next Tuesday and wiill ask for tests. I am nauseated and suffering . I am 47

San Antonio, TX

#112 Jan 18, 2011
This sounds like my problem. The mesh is coming through the vaginal wall and incontinence is again the problem. My surgery was about 1996. 6 months later, I started to bleed from it. I thought I was getting what we used to call a "bladder tack up." Only after the surgery did the doctor tell me he had inserted a mesh, but no other information to identify it. Had I known that I would not have had the surgery as I seem to have adverse reactions to foreign objects, even surgical steel. I saw an add on TV today about a class action lawsuit so I googled the problem to see what was going on.

Gilbert, AZ

#113 Jan 20, 2011
Karin Lee wrote:
I had a vaginal prolapse repair done with vaginal mesh in August of 2007. The doctor also implanted a mesh bladder sling as a "preventative measure" even though a test for incontinence proved negative and I had no history of incontinence. I did mention to him that my mother has slight stress incontinence so he thought it might be a good idea. WRONG. I now have every kind of incontinence there is (EXCEPT stress incontinence... ironic). I have severe bladder retention as well. Sometimes my bladder just empties completely, with no warning. Other times, I just "leak". I can never fully empty my bladder and have developed all types of tricks to coax the urine to flow. Sometimes when I go, I feel my bladder cramp up and it is extremely painful.
I also have quite a bit of pain in the pelvic region and have been suffering from debilatating lower back pain. Prior to this surgery, I had no vaginal pain, no incontinence and no back problems. Now anything inserted into the vagina is extremely painful. A pap test is excruciating. Sex is impossible. And I recently had a vaginal ultrasound and they had to do it three times because my bladder simply would not empty. It was extremely painful.
I went back to the uro-gyn surgeon twice following the surgery complaining of problems, but he told me "I must have always had this and didn't know it... or perhaps the prolapse was "masking the problem." He gave me Enablex (which didn't work) and suggested I go to his incontinence clinic. He was extremely arrogant and made me feel like a hypochondriac. So I just resigned myself to the fact that I'd have to live with the pain and the incontinence. Until now. I am 3 years post op and am finally doing something about this. I will be seeing a new uro-gynocologist soon and am very hopeful something can be done.
KL---I know how you feel I have the TVT bladder mesh too, and it has ruined my life. Go to and (search mesh complications thread), there are thousands women like you, who've had very similar if not the same experience. Your body is rejecting the mesh, plus from the sound of your descriptions the mesh was placed in wrong. You need to take it out ASAP. I had mine in 8-2009, just like you I was sick of being in pain and having no life and living in bed. So I began to search on the internet, and the info I've found is shocking. To make really long story short, I live in AZ but will be going to UCLA in March to have my bladder mesh and abdominal mesh removed by Dr. Raz. I read the same thing all the time, "my doctor does not believe the mesh could be causing all my problems" "they treat me like I'm crazy" "my doctor says he has never seen a case like mine" THEY ARE ALL TRYING TO COVER THEIR ASSES. It's all about money, it is almost criminal what they are doing to women. Anyways, I hope you have already found a doctor to remove it or please do so ASAP if you haven't. Their is one in FL, TN, TX, NV and several in CA that specializes in removal. If you go to just any surgeon they will piecework you, make you have several surgeries instead of one. If you'd like to email me it's [email protected] Best Health to you...


Since: Apr 09

Maben, MS

#114 Jan 28, 2011
Dear U.S. & International Mesh Victims:

I contacted a law firm in the US that is taking mesh cases to inquire if they took mesh cases for people outside the United States; this was their response.

"We do accept plaintiffs from all locations on case by case basis. Please feel free to have any of them contact my intake paralegal..."

Please email me for information, and I can tell you what firm to contact and what paralegal to speak with. I can be reached at:

[email protected]

I hope that all of you that are seeking counsel will get the legal assistance we all deserve.


Richard in Montrose Co

Boulder, CO

#115 Feb 8, 2011
Dear Ladies....mesh is affecting men and women alike. I had Prolene mesh installed after a small simple hernia in Nov. of 2006. I have had 5 surgeries now and am in 24/7 pain from mesh. I live in a small town in Colorado that has 15,000 people. I know of at least 4-5 other people in town that have been damaged by mesh. This is not an isolated occurence. If you haven't already done it...please file an ADVERSE REACTION report to the FDA site. The more the merrier they always say! Anyway....mesh in all its forms is devistating many men women and children. Its an abomination that it is still allowed to be inserted into people and then we have no recourse. I am going to contact aunt [email protected] and hope that her legal contact will follow through.......but I doubt it. I am on 5 years of this stuff. I have a DVD from Ethicon that proves they have known and do know what this product does and is doing to people..........but I CAN'T GET A LAWYER TO GO UP AGAINST A PHARMECUTICAL GIANT. Good Luck to you all.


Since: Apr 09

Maben, MS

#116 Feb 8, 2011
Make sure you put the underscore _ between the t and the s, or I more than likely will not get your email.

Belding, MI

#117 Feb 11, 2011
This is a nightmare! Doctors are under no obligation to tell you that they are inserting a device that has a FDA warning. It makes me sick. I had Gynecare tvto (according to my Dr.) mesh sling inserted on Sept 3, 2010. I've had 5 months of living a very bad dream that I can't wake up from. High blood pressure, lost 25 pounds, have purple legs, infections, trigger point injections, and am on 7 new medications to help me get used to a foreign object that has no business being in my body. Funny thing, the Doctors that are supposed to help you, suddenly see YOU as a problem, and stop taking your calls while a razor blade is poking through your body. This is NOT RIGHT. Patients NEED to be informed of the risks, and certainly of a FDA warning! I really can't believe that this is the TRUTH in the United States of America.


Since: Apr 09

Maben, MS

#118 Feb 11, 2011
Dear Khensch,

I couldn't have said it better myself. You may want to find a urogynecologist with experience in mesh removal.

You too should file an adverse event report with the FDA,(form 3500) after you get a copy of your doctor's records and the hospital records. Within the hospital records, you should find a page that has the product label on it, and will tell you exactly what device was implanted in you, including the manufacturer, model and serial/lot number.

Once you get confirmation from a doctor that the mesh is causing your problems, I recommend seeking counsel immediately. In Michigan the statute of limitations for personal injury or product liability is 3 years. This usually commences from the first date you had confirmation that you were injured.

I know of a law firm that is now accepting mesh cases, on a case by case basis, and they would be happy to speak with you once you have this confirmation. If you want more information on what firm and whom you would need to speak with, please email me at: [email protected]

P.S. Don't forget the underscore between the words aunt and sanner

I hope you soon find relief.



Since: Aug 08

Carrollton, OH

#119 Feb 15, 2011
Had a hernia fixed 10/22/10, worst mistake of my life, wish it would have killed me on the table. Got infected, went to er with infection so bad that you could feel heat from the redness on my chest, they sent me home after giving me 1 bag of IV antibiotics. Went to doctors appointment, 11/04/10, he had given me before the followup appointment on 11/10, he seen how red it was and told me to go to addmitting, even though I was in so much pain they couldn't do this in my room. Had surgery 11/5/10 and woke up with football sized hole, because mesh got infected and they removed everything attached to mesh along with the infected muscle and insides, with sponge and VAC unit attached. The next day had to have that changed, was like pulling my skin off my internal organs, not very fun!!! I got relased 11/10/10 and was told that I have to have this changed 3x's a week, oh god what pain!@!@@! I had this for 6 weeks. Carried a personal VAC unit around for this long and had to have my guts ripped out 18 times.
I hurt as much as I did when I left the hospital, every time I look down at my chest and see this bulging thing under my brest, which is bigger, I tear up. I have to look in a mirror to button my pants or put on a belt. I am bigger than I was when I had my kids. I am not obeise, 5'8" and weigh around 150, and have this 52" under my rib cage, with a waist that is a 7-8 junior, that hurts alot when I move, skin, insides burn, and are tender to touch, some new skin is numb. Have good plastic surgeon, says that he doesn't know what to do to fix problem.
Want to find lawyer for both mesh and pain/suffering (which is more than 1 person could deal with) and the REPAIR of ME back the way I was!!(which isn't going to be easy.
Please get this mesh off the market before anyone else has to deal with this PAIN!!!


Since: Apr 09

Maben, MS

#120 Feb 15, 2011
Dear Woman with a clue:

That is a horrible tragedy, and I truly feel for you. I myself were injured by J&J Transvaginal mesh. I know of some firms taking mesh cases, at least Transvaginal, and I strongly recommend you speak with a lawyer, and soon. The statute of limitation in the State of Ohio is 2 years for personal injury.

Email me if you'd like and I will give you the names of a couple firms taking mesh cases, and if they are not dealing directly with the hernia mesh variety, perhaps they could refer you to a reputable firm that is.

My email address is: [email protected]

I also recommend you file an adverse event complaint with the FDA on form #3500. You will first need to get a copy of your hospital records and look for the page that has the manufacturer's label on it. This will list the manufacturer, model number and lot number.

I wish you the very best in your long road to recovery.




#121 Feb 16, 2011
I had the surgery too. I was lied to by the doctor.

The surgery did not work, I feel it seems like wires inside sticking out, my bladder is worse and cannot keep down infections, unrinary tract. it has took a tow on my health. I have suffered for 2 years now, much worse than before the mesh was put in.

i do not trust doctors now at all. I went to one doctor afterwards for urinary tract infection, for 3 months and she all that she gave me did no good. what is it? does infection stay on the mesh someway?

I haven't been back to a doctor, I got aggravated because I though she was not giving me the right medications and then I fuond out other women having problems too with infections.

i have been using home remedies to help, but know the infection relief is just a temorarily thing that I use. it is a daily , home remedy, because I don't want to go back to a doctor. neither go through another surgery. Looks like I am going to have to, it is not going to stop.

I have 2 places that you feel the mesh quite a bit and it feels like wire, not soft.

you can't have a relationship, the infection and wire up inside.


Since: Apr 09

Maben, MS

#122 Feb 16, 2011
Dear Trust,

It sound like the mesh is eroding through in your vaginal vault. You really need to find a doctor that you trust, and I highly recommend a urogynecologist. They are doctors that specialize both in urology and gynecology. If, as I suspect it has eroded, you may have to have a partial to full extraction. It will not likely get better or go away on its own.

I am sorry you are having these problems, and sorry to hear of yet another mesh victim.

I don't know where you live, but have heard of a doctor who has experience in mesh extraction in the Dallas area. His name is Dr. Philippe Zimmern. I also know of a doctor in MS. You may want to consult with one or both of them if you live in the Southern region.

If you need further information, please feel free to email me at: [email protected]
If you do, please refer to mesh in the subject line, as I get a lot of spam.

I hope you will work on finding a good doctor to help you.



Sumter, SC

#123 Feb 19, 2011
I feel for all of you - I have gone thru hell after 5 surgeries since Feb 2006 abdominal and TVT sling and some removed - the worst is the tiredness and awful pain -I believe from injured nerves into my left side and legs. I still had severe bladder leakage and got some relief after a doctor in Charleston SC, Dr. Rames, injected material (collegen?) into my urethra. I would have given him a million dollars - it was such a relief- I could not go anywhere without changing pads every hour sometimes less. I poured. He told me the material would erode after 6 to 18 months. I am coming up on 12 months and the leakage is getting worse now but I did have complete relief for a while.I wear heavy pads again now all the time. A lawyer would not take my case and if there is a Class Action count me in. I think my meshs were Prolene type. I hope for mental and physical relief for us all.


Since: Apr 09

Maben, MS

#124 Feb 20, 2011
Hi Jeanette,

I feel for you, and all the others as well. It might be that you can't find legal counsel because the statute of limitations has run on your case. In SC, the statute is three years on personal liability, malpractice or products liability. This usually commences when you first find out that you were injured. You mentioned 2006, but didn't say if that was the implant or revisions.

I highly recommend that you continue trying to find an attorney. I know of a firm that is taking cases in regards to TVT slings. Please email me for the name of the firm and who to contact.

You should also get your doctor and hospital records for anything associated with this situation. Once you have your hospital records, you will have the information on the exact product that was implanted in you, and can file an accurate adverse event report with the FDA on form #3500.

Let me know if you want the name of the firm taking cases. I can be reached at:

[email protected]

Best of luck to you through this ordeal.

susie jean

Montgomery, IL

#126 Mar 13, 2011
i too had slight stress incontinence. had a perfect, healthy life-, i was walking/jogging with my dogs,5-10 miles per day for years, and started training for chicago marathon. i was told vaginal vault repair needed with mesh pubovaginal sling,
my bladder had fallen. went thru with surgery.
first was told-wouldn't wake up and they cldnt get my temperature to rise. while in hospital,24 hrs after surgery,the suprapubic catheter loosened inside of me and my belly filled with fluids, of what i dont know-it was all bloody and they had to remove it immediately. i then couldnt urinate at all. after an intense short stay in the hospital,
i went home and proceeded to develop some sort of infection-my neck swelled up 3x's normal size,they put me on steriods, antibiotics-it took a month to go away. then within a couple months the "fun" began. i could no longer have sexual relations with my husband. too much pain. i also out of nowhere developed severe pain in all my joints,especially my hips/pelvic area and my hands.
i developed rashes on my body that i never had before and have been told that i am now allergic to water. i have been told i have lupus. this is an autoimmune disease and the drs. told me that perhaps the surgery "awoke" a sleeping disease. i felt too intimidated to go back to the dr. that did the surgery.i have severe pain in my entire pelvic area, all bones and joints making up the pelvic throb with pain on a daily basis. the dr that diagnosed me with lupus is a patient, caring
dr.who has tried very hard to help me the past 7 years. i was never on any meds in my life-had no health issues at all, now i am disabled, taking morphine and 7 other drugs everyday including dangerous immunosuppressive drugs just to keep
"going". and i still feel the pain 24/7. someone asked me if i knew what they used for the sling-and wasn't that considered a "foreign body" and i was like- gosh-why didnt someone, even me, think of that before now. it started to make sense so i asked the dr. office tht performed the surgery for my records and they produced a very short outline of my surgery, sure enough, it is "prolene" mesh
pubovaginal sling. then i looked it up and found all of you.
please, please, let's help each other out with this ladies. look what they ae doing to us woman and obviously some gentlemen too. this is so wrong.
we must find lawyers to help us with this and to stop this from happening to others.
please-i will help anyway i can someone just tell me what i need to do. i will help. i cry everyday from the pain and i am so depressed. maybe i would feel the need to wake up everyday if i knew i could help someone else with this too.
my dad just died in june at 92 yrs old-he moved in with my mom 2 yrs ago, i helped them and they tried to help me. he always said he wished he could take my pain away from me if he could.
he would be so proud of me if i could help someone
not have to go through what i am.
God be with you all.
my e-mail is
[email protected]

South Africa

#127 Mar 24, 2011
I live in South Africa and have had the TVT mesh inserted in me when I had a Hysterectomy in 2006, I had a absess 12x15cm in the Pouch of Douglas, landed up with septecemia and 4 pints of blood and ICU in 7 days. since 2006 I have had the mesh removed on 3 attempts and have had approx. 15 operations. I am in the process of suing Johnston & Johnston in South Africa as well as my doctors who where sent by J&J to France for a 2 day training course on the procedure. I would REALLY appreciate help on my court case as J&J are throwing every bit of money they can to make our life including the attorneys as difficult as possible (as they have the money to do it) Please can anybody let me know if they have a law suit against J&J or have won against J&J in the US as this would most definatly secure a win, and if we can win here we can sue J&J in the US. ANY HELP would be appreciated and I am sure if we win here this could also help all of you who have suffered as I have in your cases in the US... Dont give up I was only 37 when this happened to me, but thanks to Lana who has been of great help I will carry on the fight... ANY information or help I really need.. my email is [email protected]

South Africa

#128 Mar 24, 2011
Suzanne McClain wrote:
Letter I just sent to a law firm in San Francisco: If interested in becoming a part of a class action lawsuit (provided I secure a lawyer to take on the case) against Johnson & Johnson/Ethicon/Gynecare, in regards to the TVT device, please respond to this post with your email address, and I will contact you.
(See Previous Post)
Suzanne, please could you let me know how far you are with your litigation as this would really help me in South Africa.

Many thanks

Mississippi State, MS

#129 Mar 24, 2011
Hi Gayle,

So sorry to hear that you are going through all these problems; so many of us are.

I have found a law firm that will take INTERNATIONAL cases on an individual basis, meaning they would be willing to review your case, and if they feel you have a viable case, they would take it on.

Email me at [email protected] and I will provide you the name and contact information for this law firm.

Right now, they are taking individual cases, not class action, which is better.



Since: Mar 11

South Africa

#130 Mar 24, 2011
Gayle wrote:
<quoted text>Suzanne, please could you let me know how far you are with your litigation as this would really help me in South Africa.
Many thanks
My email address is [email protected]
Ellenin virginia

Salem, VA

#131 Apr 6, 2011
I had the TVT - Ethican procedure back in July 2009. I was 48 and experienced pain, infection, and the mesh protruded my vaginal wall within six months. My GYN removed the TVT in 2010. I still feel pain with intercoure and I get a yeast infection after everytime. Any word on what I can do about it here in the state of Virginia? Thanks

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