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#122 Apr 28, 2008
The tvt prefyx is product from a company called Boston Scientific. So it's not about the company that is on this website (Gynecare by Johnson and Johnson). I feel good today (it's day three). I'm gonna keep logging in and posting. Saturday I stll had leakage, and alittle yesterday, but none during the night last night, and I slept all night, too, without having to get up. I'll post back in a day or two. I truely hope you all get better, and I hope and pray for me, too.

Portland, OR

#123 Apr 28, 2008
After the surgery 2 years ago, the SUI has returned and my partner refuses to have sex due to the 'chain link fence' effect. Revision surgery and additional 'trimming' of the mesh hasn't improved anything. Can anyone tell me about their results in having the mesh removed? How would I go about finding someone in Arizona to do it? Thanks

Cuyahoga Falls, OH

#124 Apr 29, 2008
my girlfriend is going through some pain,actually a great deal of pain. we cannot have sex without a great deal of pain, she cannot even get aroused without major pain for days. she had all but her ovaries removed, and had a mesh patch placed in as a sort of scaffold i dont know what else to do


#125 Apr 29, 2008
Well, this is day 4, I'm getting around alot better and planning to go back to work tomorrow. I'll keep posting.

Norfolk, VA

#126 Apr 30, 2008
I guess I must be sort of lucky. I went in for the sling proceduree and my GYN sliced my bladder and could not complete the procedure. A Urologist was called into the OR to repair the 2 cm cut to the bladder wall. I had to wear a catheter for two weeks. The GYN said there was too much scar tissue and the bladder was more prolapsed than expected. I am wondering what happened. The GYN said he would not preform the surgery again but would have urologist complete it due to my atypical anatomy. The GYN told me that he has done about 500 of these surgeries. Needless to say, I am steamed. Any suggestions?

Newport, PA

#127 Apr 30, 2008
I had this procedure done on 4/3/08. Was never able to empty my bladder. Rushed to the hospital where they removed a gallon of urine. Went home with the catheder for three weeks and could not go without it. I had the tape removed on 4/24 and was able to urinate the next day. So far so good. These stories scare the heck out of me - and I'm glad the tape is out. I would also like to join any class action suit out there. I can be reached at Thanks.

Timmins, Canada

#128 Apr 30, 2008
Missy ...just wonderning how you got on ,on monday and if you went to the Dr. or not.... Mom1965....

Timmins, Canada

#129 Apr 30, 2008
Bobbie glad you are feeling better

United States

#130 Apr 30, 2008
well, I went back to work today and did fine. I had a little spotting, very small amount, called the dr and he said it was from all that walking yesterday, I walked a couple of miles. Will post again later, thanks mom1965

United States

#131 Apr 30, 2008
This is in response to Melzy. Hi, was the removal of the tape a complicated surgery? I am also having a lot more pain. I had the Novasure and TVT procedure on 3/7/08 and when I went back for my 6 week checkup I found out that the mesh has protruded through the vaginal wall on the left side. I can feel it now when I sit up or in certain positions. I think that it has came through more and I just want it out! I go back to the dr on May 20 to see what we need to do. Any response would be GREAT!!!!, thanks Amanda

Timmins, Canada

#132 May 1, 2008
I was to the Dr. yesterday AGAIN I have been in so much pain. He told me from the specialists report that I have nerve damage from the surgery,Lord knows what else now I have to get nerve blocker injections waiting on this app.I had one about 3 weeks ago from the surgen but now the anastealogist has to do a serious of the blockers every because the surgen needs a specialty Dr. for them. oh boy just cant wait (LOL) they are very painful it seems every time I go back to my family Dr. I find out more and more whats actually wrong with me.All I know is that all week the pain is unreal I am at my wits end I cant sleep even though I am on sleeping pills, not from this ,just because I have insomnia.But the pain is awful I only slept about 2 hours wednesday nite I was on the couch hugging my heating pad and taking pain meds ...I wish to God that I never had this done and right now the pain is coming back again...I think after almost 8 months I should be better from my DAY SURGERY .....Mom1965

Newport, PA

#133 May 1, 2008
The removal was a piece of cake. BUT - if I had known last week what I know now - I would have been adament that he get all the mesh out of there, OR ELSE. I feel wonderful - am back to work - no problems so far...BUT Lana called me last night and I know I have to go to the Cleveland Clinic to a certain doctor so he can tell me if any mesh is left in there. I'm sure my doctor isn't going to admit anything. This entire thing scares the crap out of me. LESSON to anyone-if your doctor tells you you need a procedure - look it up on the internet before you decide - we are just too darn trusting.

Montverde, FL

#134 May 1, 2008
Deb wrote:
I had a tvt a year ago, and the last week I have persistant left groin pain. Nobody knows what it is. I am wondering if the tvt has erroded somehow and is sitting on a nerve or ligament. I have the urgency and frequency and have had it since the surgery. Has anyone had this? I am at my wits end. I am a nurse as well. I can;t live on painkillers forever.
I am going through the same thing right now - which is how I landed on this page - except my pain is on the right side. I thought it was a ruptured ovarian cyst, but while a pelvic ultrasound showed a cyst on the right ovary, it was in the process of resolving and shouldn't be causing pain. I just don't know what to do - the doctor doesn't seem that concerned, but has ordered an advanced pelvic ultrasound. I will have that on MOnday - so I am hoping it will show SOMETHING. I will write back if I get any news that might help you. But for now, please know that you are not alone.

Portimão, Portugal

#135 May 2, 2008
I've had TVT, two and a half weeks ago,(plus a bit of stiching in my vagina to tighten me up a bit 'designer vagina!!) I'm back at work in my office job seems to have worked but still getting leaks if I have a great big sneeze!!(hay fever)but it appears to be about 80% better. BUT I'm getting cramps at the top of my left leg, feels like a pulled muscle not in pain all the time more like spasms. Anybody else had this problem any advice for me? My post op is not until 24 May

Nanaimo, Canada

#136 May 2, 2008
Deb wrote:
I had a tvt a year ago, and the last week I have persistant left groin pain. Nobody knows what it is. I am wondering if the tvt has erroded somehow and is sitting on a nerve or ligament. I have the urgency and frequency and have had it since the surgery. Has anyone had this? I am at my wits end. I am a nurse as well. I can;t live on painkillers forever.
I found out I have a back injury with referred pain, it has nothing to do with the tvt.


#137 May 5, 2008
My Mother just turned 70 and had this mesh/TVT procedure performed last autumn and, like most everyone here, is reporting similar, daily discomforts and pain. But here's the question I can't seem to get a straight answer on:
I've been online looking for a while and articles I find all want $30-40 to view.
You can email me at

Thank you so much.

Lowell, MA

#138 May 6, 2008
What site did you go to that mentions "that reported 40% chance of insufficient voiding requiring self cathiteriztion on regular basis"
kevin wrote:
My wife is probably going to have this surgery. Her doctor has not informed her of any of these complications. In my mind this is not informed consent and God help him if one of these complications happen. Is there a 40% chance of urge incontinence? I also read a site that reported 40% chance of insufficient voiding requiring self cathiteriztion on regular basis. Is this true? Please let know so I can get this info to her. Do you know the incidence of the tape/mesh cutting organs or tissue? She is excited and under the impression you go in for a 60 minute procedure take it easy for six weeks and all the problems are solved.

Timmins, Canada

#139 May 7, 2008
Missy...I was wondering how you were doing I havent seen and postings by you in a while ...Mom1965

Lincolnton, NC

#140 May 8, 2008
I had the tvt sling operation about 4 years ago. I am having problems--loosing some urine and having a difficult time with bowel movements (getting it to happen). For the last cple of weeks I am having abdominal pain and now back pain. Just started looking on net and thought maybe there is a problem with the TVT sling. Feel a bit nauseated as well. Anyone with similiar problems, please advise.


#141 May 9, 2008
Well, it was 2 weeks today that I had the surgery...still doing very well, went walking, etc. Leakage is decreased by about 85%, and that is wonderful!!
Will keep posting.

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