Who will replace ron johnson?

Who will replace ron johnson?

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Since: Mar 13

Pittsburgh, PA

#1 Apr 4, 2013
I wonder who will be choosen to replace him when he fired?

JCP needs to go back to being called PENNEYS and go back to what worked for over a 100 years..
laura baltimore

Kingsville, MD

#2 Apr 4, 2013
i hope someone who knows retail and brings back the coupons and sales and cosmusters because that what we need right now make things like they were before so associates can sleep at night knowing we have a job fired music to my ears that sounds good and go back to what worked also get rid of the nonsennes and maddness and stop making all these misstakes boost up the associates faith and make them happy

Willmar, MN

#3 Apr 4, 2013
This company wll never make a comback. Lost too many customers already.If I was working there would take a hard look at getting out now! You may lose your pension and who is looking after your 401?
Is life worth working in this type of environment? Morale will not get any better and it's at an all time low is it not right now? Do you really think you'll get more help in he stores now.Work harder and get no raises!
laura baltimore

Kingsville, MD

#4 Apr 4, 2013
life cant get any worse with rotten apple johnson in charge making jcpenny look so poor now get rid of the rat now why are they dragging their feet to get rid of him he cant do anything right he already ruined a wonderful company it once was what a shame get rid of the clowns send them to the circus
laura baltimore

Kingsville, MD

#5 Apr 8, 2013
time is runinning out for jcpenny what is going to happen with this company scary situation with rotten apple johnson in charge things will get worse if anyone can save this company from this horrible man monster lets face it things hopefully will get better when they get rid of rotten apple johnson if its not too late already

Winston Salem, NC

#6 Apr 8, 2013
Ronnie "Crackpot" Johnson, you and all your rotten apple buddies need to pack your bags & go back to La La land Kaley-Fornya where you belong. I'm ashamed, along with all the employees at JCP what you have been able to get away with. Your'e living in a fantasy world, not the real world.

Everyday that your'e in charge, the worse things get. It's kay -odd-ick in our stores. And, take a look at the increase in the price of the merchandise. What customers we have left are gonna run & hide. What kind of sly fox are you??? They're gonna walk in the stores, see the inflated prices, and walk right back out. Our customers are not the stupid shoppers you think they are.

Why are you laying off alot of our most experienced employees, & hiring new ones that don't give a flying hoot about anything. We haven't had raises in 3 1/2 to 4 years. All that you care about is new credit apps, libby transactions, customer survey's.
Why don't you do the right thing and voluntarily resign. Your days are numbered.
laura baltimore

Kingsville, MD

#7 Apr 8, 2013
chris liked what you said his days are numbered like you said they want me to do pricing today to raise the prices what a joke this is i dont know who comes up with this stupid stuff i hate those dam libbys and trying to get credit apps is like pulling teeth no one wants a jcpenny credit card they need to pay their rent and their bills things are very bad in the usa right now

Since: Mar 13

Pittsburgh, PA

#8 Apr 8, 2013
I think ron already knows he is toast. Ackmans support has dropped, and they are probably waiting till the lawsuit is over before ron resigns or gets fired.

La Grange, IL

#9 Apr 8, 2013
Stock prices going up.....
laura baltimore

Kingsville, MD

#10 Apr 8, 2013
stock prices going up because rotten apple ron johnson is going bye bye hopefuly people finally coming to their senses they do need to fire the sob right now dont wait things are bad for jcpenny
ex- employee 2011

United States

#11 Apr 8, 2013
I am thinking that all the Long stock players are dumping their stocks right now and the Shorts are snagging them for quick sells. I still can't figure out why this stock isn't down in the single digits?
The RonJohnson experience

Hampton, VA

#12 Apr 8, 2013
laura baltimore wrote:
stock prices going up because rotten apple ron johnson is going bye bye hopefuly people finally coming to their senses they do need to fire the sob right now dont wait things are bad for jcpenny
Wait until Ronnie loses that JCP, old lady Stewart, Macy's trial, single digit number, JCP is going to flat line.

The end will be when they will have to sell off the high end real estate that has value, the lower end stores are already closing or are closed, what will be left will be bulk sold most likely becoming some bargin outlet disguised as a Penny's retailer, basically rape what is left so Ackman can recuperatesome of his loses.

This is a form of corporate raiding, you go in for greed, clearly have a fall back position so you will not take a total beating, just everyone else.

JCPenny's was a prime target, despite urban legend it was not a sinking ship. Here is why, Penny's was doing "fine", Ronnie said that word when directly asked in court, JCP was doing fine, he was hired/tasked with increasing sales, the stock value, more profit per sq foot,, can't remember his exact words. Penny's had a truck load of cash on hand, what was that a billion, this was the blood in the water. Then add in the huge high value real estate and this was the nails in the coffin. JCP was doing fine, meaning you didn't have to crawl up from low sales, you had an excellent starting point, the company had plenty of spare cash on hand to work your Apple Job and if it failed you could still raid/rape its highly prized real estate that your Apple Job wouldn't destroy. If it wasn't for that real estate I think Penny's would have just been left alone.

You should be real careful about investing in something that looks and smells like this. It is a double sided sword, it has a fallback plan but it is there because of the very high risk of failure, the one thing you can be sure off if things go to the backup plan the entity that was involved will be totally destroyed.

I am clueless why the other smaller investors don't band together and get Ackman out of the director's seat, get rid of him and Ronnie goes.
jcp employee

Tampa, FL

#13 Apr 8, 2013
CNBC is reporting Ron Johnson is out of JCP.

San Francisco, CA

#14 Apr 8, 2013
Confirmed. Ron Johnson is out as CEO.

La Grange, IL

#15 Apr 8, 2013
All I [email protected], about time but too late for 43000

San Francisco, CA

#16 Apr 8, 2013
I'm guessing the replacement is Mike Ullman.
Mike Williams

Grand Prairie, TX

#17 Apr 8, 2013
Ackman needs to accept his responsibility with the disaster now. Johnson was his hand-picked CEO. Ackman says big mistakes were made. Ackman made those mistakes. Own up to Ackman. A CEO institutes the Board's directive. Ackman is the board as the largest share holder. All share holders remember this next month when all board seats are up for election. They all nominated themselves to stay. Vote them out!!!!

Commerce, GA

#18 Apr 8, 2013
Ron Is Out as of today .Mike Ullman Back...Check Out The News!

Spring, TX

#19 Apr 8, 2013
Stupid customers and their stupid coupons. Jcp prices went down so low without the coupons, now they will have to go up again with the coupons. A company has to make money. Ron Jognson isn't stupid, customers are

Since: Feb 13

Westfield, IN

#20 Apr 8, 2013
Charl: I scanned a pair of Haggar Cool 18 dress slacks for a customer this afternoon and I couldn't believe the price -$65. I have been selling those for $35 since last year when the fair and square prices went into affect. When I didn't believe the price (they were changing the prices in mens all day today - which means going way up). I questioned the ticketing team and they the price was right. That was the price those pants sold before F & S prices went into affect. Many things will be going up $30-$50 now.

I agree totally with you. I don't think many people really realized how low the prices were. They sure will be in sticker shock now. Oh, no, they won't. They will have their COUPONS!!! I feel badly for those customers who got the idea on how the pricing was and loved it. Now, they have to get into the sales game again.

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