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Butler, PA

#1 Mar 1, 2013
bob haller

Pittsburgh, PA

#2 Mar 1, 2013
Ron quit carrying most plus sized clothing ignoring the fact the over 1/2 of america is obese. Plus he decided he not only didnt want overweight people, he didnt want older people.

Ron johnson should be congragulated on firing most of his once loyal penneys customers. His fiancials prove his success

Hampton, VA

#3 Mar 1, 2013
Because of the high markup in the hip, floozie, size 6 market. This is what he isn't telling anyone, he palms JCP offf as some American Heartland store, it is not. It is thin, cheap Indian or Chinese made, fad clothing good for 3 or 4 washing, throw away, repeat, in size 6, gaudy clothing.

Take a close look at the designer clothes, many are "made for" JCP reason he can sell them, still pricey, but below what you expect, not the same quality, or a design from a designer that you will see say at Nordstrom, because they wouldn't accept it.

This is another reason he can add some $800 MSRP tag, charge $120.
He claims to be able to pull in more than $150 per sq foot over the old merchandise packed Penny's. Ask yourself how does one do this on a store that is empty square footage. Step back and look at it.

Clothing now, if you can find something is no value in terms of what you pay, the quality, the style, the lifespan, which includes the short fad time and cleaning. But when you thinking about it, cheap quality is fine if the fashion fad window is so short, the rub, your pocketbook from having to rebuy clothing at a higher rate, and a higher orofit margin because their products are over priced.

My guess when Ron loses that Macy's trial JCPs stocks will hit 5-7 mark.
bob haller

Pittsburgh, PA

#4 Mar 1, 2013
Prhaps once the lawsuit is decided ron will be fired, or allowed to resign with his golden parachute?

Clermont, FL

#5 May 25, 2013
ROE wrote:
Try looking here. There is a lot of every style and quality that you may be looking for.
Slim Pickens

Hampton, VA

#6 May 25, 2013
Linda wrote:
<quoted text> Try looking here. There is a lot of every style and quality that you may be looking for.
"In a push to make Penney into, as Mr. Johnson called it, Bloomingdale’s for Middle America, he ordered merchandising executives to move away from frumpy categories like maternity wear and toward slim-fit polos and European-cut suits — despite the fact that many shoppers went to Penney for figure-forgiving basics, according to two former executives."

Try just finding an E, EE or wide shoe at a Penny's, much less clothing. Why bother? I am shopping more than ever on-line, seems Ron did reinvent my shopping habits. Odd, at one time catalog shopping was the primary way of shopping if you lived outside of a large town/city, gee it was a 60 mile round trip to a Penny store growing up. When you think about online shopping it is the same thing, gee how old fashion, non chic. I buy all my shoes, sneakers on-line now, gee these are brand names, I know the fit, brand, why not. SAS shoes are the only thing I buy local since they are never discounted and never sold on-line and they carry fat feet size, unlike Clark's at a JCP. Jeans, dress pants, all on-line. Most of this stuff I use to buy from JCPenny, but over the years I have gotten bigger at 6 foot, 200 lbs. I not going to try to squeeze in a faux JCP European slim fit suit although I like a real Euro tailored suit in a man's size, not a pimple face 110lb dork. Real Euro suits have high arm holes, most, all US off rack suits don't. This is the reason US suits pull, pucker at the top when you raise your arms high. You used to be able, before this "there is a new suit in town" crap, buy a suit slightly larger on the sides and have a tailor, for about $100-$150 charge, correct the sleeves which are usually off and take in the arm holes to make them higher, you needed the extra material to fix the arm holes. The waist of the coat would need be taken in a bit, too. The only thing you can't fix is the shoulder fit, this has to be correct off the rack. I have moved on from JCP, we have 2 JCPs within 10 minutes of each other, there just isn't anything in them I want, I not searching for a token offer, if any, in my size. Last month i was looking for a coat, I went to Burlingtion Coat Factory, they, unlike JCPenny had a "sea of men's coats" in evey possible size. They are a hit a miss since they buy up dead lots and overstocks. Was looking for a candidate to have tailored, will have to go back, picked up a nice full lenght wool overcoat for winter. I think my problem with JCP is, I know what I want, JCP wants to tell me what I want, no thanks.

Since: Feb 13

West Lafayette, IN

#7 May 26, 2013
Newport seems to have an awfully large proportion of disgruntled customers against JCPenney (unless of course this is all coming from the same person who changes his name) Either way, what you say about men's suits is pretty spot on. However, as you fail to express, you are one man, one size and the variety of men's sizes is too numerous to count when it comes to buying a suit. Also, there are a great many men who can not afford to buy a suit that has to cost several hundreds of dollars from a specialty store but they want to look good or at least presentable for a funeral, wedding, whatever.

The company DID make errors in the suit department and they have been making efforts to correct the sizing options. I think they were down to one classic style suit and that was a HUGE mistake. Even with that one, they weren't sending stock to replace sizes. The notice that they were correcting that decision to go slim fit European suits almost exclusively was sent out at least a month ago. We still need the slim fit cut for those guys who CAN wear them and look fantastic in them. It can't be at the exclusion of the classic fit suits. Our store is going back to having a separate "suit department" and it will be staffed by employees just for that department. The classic style suits have been processing so we hope to have them again by mid to late summer at the latest.

As for on line shopping. I have increased that mode of shopping for personal use and that increase for a lot of shoppers has been noted several times in the national media. There are still quite a few shoppers who state that they prefer to touch and try on their clothes instead of "taking a chance" on an on line purchase. I have noticed that more people are willing to let me order other colors or sizes not in stock at the store - if they had liked something we had but not what they needed. That part has changed.

As for shoes, I can't say I ever was happy with shoes at JCPenney. I remember saying several times when my children were growing up that they never seemed to have the size the kids needed in stock. That happened more often then the store having the size. I don't see that many women buying those high heeled colorful heels in this part of the country. Our market just doesn't support that emphasis on those kinds of shoes. Even the women who could look great in those would have difficulty walking around at the office all day. Well, maybe they would feel like that red haired gal on Madmen - just a class of her own compared to the other women in the office. I personally sold dress shoes to men several times this last year and not one had ever owned a pair before in his life. I was impressed with their preferences and I thought the men's dress shoes had a nice stylish selection.

You are definitely entitled to your opinions for your personal dissatisfaction. I never understood this last year's statements that "The old JCPenney used to have everything anyone wanted" No, they didn't. No store can please everybody all the time no matter how hard it tries.

Since: Jun 12

United States

#8 May 27, 2013
JCPTM ....... Well said .......
Anony mouse

Lexington, MA

#9 Jun 14, 2013
JCP, Of course this is all coming from the same disgruntled person! For all the larger men out there, not to worry--I just read that Big & Tall is coming back "big-time" (pun intended) as
'Foundry'. Apparently, we have already begun to receive some. St. John's Bay is already doing well for the core customer base in missy/women's. I also read someplace that "Ambrielle" lingerie will be making a return. Much of Ambrielle was manufactured by the same huge global conglomerate that makes Victoria's Secret, Gap/Calvin Klein Body & a bunch of Euro-brands I'm unfamiliar with.( I worked on the Ambrielle launch years ago). JCP has just relaunched a NYC design center to reinvigorate house brands. They also need a dedicated lingerie staff. RJ killed all publicity re: bra fits, seasonal lingerie promos, etc. along with many tried & true products for larger busted women.
I just PRAY they skip the cheaply made, bag-lady looking "Cabin Creek" stuff. Their purses & shoes used to fall apart. People can get that stuff @ Walmart if they want it so badly. We need QUALITY & VALUE in these types of things. I'm also unimpressed with the quality of much of the "new" (RJ era) Arizona. Their khakis which many kids wear as part of school uniforms are NOT as good as they used to be.

Since: Feb 13

West Lafayette, IN

#10 Jun 14, 2013
Anony: I was taken aback this week when I found all the Big and Tall sizes in men's suits on the website. I was so excited. I ordered one portly size Stafford and a big size in another Stafford suit. Those sizes have been SORELY missed at our store for quite a while. We were an A store in the suit department and lost a lot of sales due to lack of choices and stock. The company acknowledged that error and is in the works for bringing in more classic sizes. We are not getting them soon enough with wedding season here and then the always funeral season. These big boys need suits, shirts (not all size 20 necks need 38-39 arms anymore), etc. Foundry is a nice addition (it has taken customers several months to buy into the brand after being such devoted SJB and Stafford fans), but they are being won over. We moved our B & T across from the Levi shop and that exposure has exploded into sales for B & T. Not only that but the employees who work in Levi can also assist customers in B & T, too. Customers who liked Stafford's premium heavy cotton underwear do not like the thinness of the Foundry t shirts. I hope they expand choices for that. We have had our Foundry for several months now. I remember when B & T consisted of one shelf with some VH dress shirts and a few polos. Now we have underwear, belts, socks, all sorts of shirts, jeans, dress pants, suits, etc. The big boys have had their selection increased for a long time now compared to what used to be available.

We never lost our bra fittings at our store and the woman who does those is an amazing woman. She is a grandma so no young gal but very caring and personable. We also just dropped our men's suit alterations a couple weeks ago. I think it was up to the individual store managers to decide what services to keep or not.
Anony mouse

Lexington, MA

#11 Jun 14, 2013
JCP....your store still had alterations?? Ours hasn't had them for many years! We still do plenty of bra fittings, but they no longer publicize that fact. Time was we had our photos up in the fitting room area & of course there were the bra-fit events which coincided with lingerie sales. It brought extra traffic into the store. Maybe they'll bring this back to some extent along with a better mix of product?

Since: Feb 13

West Lafayette, IN

#12 Jun 14, 2013
Anony: I don't have any clue as to what will go on with bra fit events. I would be surprised of those are not back eventually.

I was told that our store was one of the very few JCPenney's that still had alterations. They actually dropped it at our store due to the tailor not doing consistently good work.
Anony mouse

Lexington, MA

#13 Jun 15, 2013
JCPTM wrote:
Anony: I don't have any clue as to what will go on with bra fit events. I would be surprised of those are not back eventually.
I was told that our store was one of the very few JCPenney's that still had alterations. They actually dropped it at our store due to the tailor not doing consistently good work.
Geeze, that's a shame! We still have people ask about alterations. Our alterations person who has been with us since the store opened became a very good sales associate. I also hope that they bring back the bra-fit events along with more diversity in product. Cosmo & Cosmo & Cosa Bella don't sell that well. They had almost eliminated Underscore & Playtex boxed bras. They were consistent sellers for the more conservative customers.
Gypsy Ranch Boutique

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#14 Jun 17, 2013
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