This Informatica Resource Centre will help you learn more about the technical challenges, opportunities, and business potential of Big Data.

Find out more about the Big Data Resource Centre:

Big Data is the confluence of three technology trends: Big Transaction Data, Big Interaction Data, and Big Data Processing. Having to manage transactional data is nothing new. The greater challenge is the relentless stream of unstructured Big Data from social media interactions and device-generated interactions.

This Resource Centre provides a blueprint for extending your data integration strategy to support Big Data. You will learn about:

How to evaluate Big Data technologies and how they fit into your information architecture.
Best practices for designing an Enterprise Data Warehouse (EDW) to support business analytics in the era of Big Data.
How data integration enables your organisation to hit the Big Data sweet spot.
How to define the key steps in the journey from transactional data to Big Data analytics.
How to avoid the risks of managing Big Data.
How to harness the power of social media interaction data from Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn to better understand market behaviour and provide personalised customer service.
How Big Data can be used for effective brand management.

You may also find these 5 minute videos useful too (the videos are taken from the Informatica Big Data Roundtable in London):

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