Where is Hostess brands getting this ...

Where is Hostess brands getting this money?

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Naples, FL

#1 Jul 21, 2010
Sara Lee Corp. is seeking a buyer for its bread business, a move that could lead to the breakup or sale of the entire company.

Hostess Brands Inc. and Campbell Soup Co.'s Pepperidge Farm showed interest in the business in recent weeks after Downers Grove-based Sara Lee began soliciting bids, Crain's has learned. Other potential buyers include Grupo Bimbo S.A. de CV, Flowers Foods Inc. and private-equity firms.
Jimmy Wilson

United States

#2 Sep 8, 2010
Hostess Brands what a JOKE wanting to buy another another co. took thousand from there worker and we are suffing just getting by on this bullshit pay hope someone buys them out and the shitty UNION

Kansas City, MO

#3 Sep 26, 2010
Not when they supply the KC HR manager with a credit card thats used in casinos and personal trips and expenses

Waterloo, Canada

#4 Sep 28, 2010
Hostess brands going under, I'm a arnold/freihofer soon to be entemes guy!

Naples, FL

#5 Sep 28, 2010
You sold your soul to a foreign company. You trained your customers to shop your section only when you hold a BOGO. Have fun running your double BOGO's.
Ding Dong

Olathe, KS

#6 Sep 29, 2010
Money, we throw thousands away weekly in Kansas city. The Dsm's order tote after tote of branch stock. It sits there forever then either gets thrown out or they plus out the short coded product. Sometimes there's just a few days left on the product they plus out on the route guys. This is stuff we don't need, just so they cover their ass by hosing the rsr's. When you ask them what to do all of it . They tell you if you don't need it just put it back stock till it stales out. But of course the stales are our fault. We need real managers that want to work. The only thing our Kc Dsm's do is write people up and fire them to cover the good ol'boy network.
Retro twinkie

Baton Rouge, LA

#7 Mar 16, 2011
Ding Dong, I know exactly where your coming from, we have the same crap in Louisiana.Sometimes they have to empty our trash dumpsters twice to three times a day, Thats not including what gos to for hog feed. They just keep adding, and we (RSRs) dont know until it is behind the truck in the morning.Cake & bread we do sell Just does not show up half of the time, or we are loosing the space in resets which ours dsms are too busy to show up for.They know dam well why we have so many stales, but dont have the balls to tell upper managment...

It really looks like there trying to put this co. out of bussiness???? There Getting Close..

United States

#8 Apr 26, 2011
With the way this company is running, its no wonder its downgrading it performance as a whole...over loading products, then wondering way stale is high.. over producing and still asking the stupid question..with many bakery outlets , with the possibilty of closing..affecting many people and job security, and keeping people who do not perform to produce sells, because of. There senority, is wrong..good people who perform and make money for the company should be senority, and not based on how long you've. Been there. And to show no producing affect is an indication that they don't. Care, because if there store closes, they can just bump the
The other person from another store who making profit, just to have a paycheck..is the fair???
wonder Y

Powell, OH

#9 May 1, 2011
I just started with hostess 3 months ago. i was told that they were doing well. now the teamsters want MORE concessions? this company steps over a dollar to get to a dime. serving CVS, Walgreens, and mom and pops that do non-business. total waste of time and fuel. the HR woman screws people every chance she gets, and then wonders why she cant keep good people? i have 30 years of route experience, and she put a drag on my base pay until my probation was over? and now the company is in money problems again? they ought to look at the clowns in upper management pissing money away everyday, and clean house!

Lincoln, IL

#10 Jul 7, 2011
Well Purity baking gave up on smaller accounts and are struggling to stay in business, these smaller accounts are what built IBC in the first place and we made a profit, we need sales people that want to sale and not settle for just a paycheck, we too have alot of product not show up, if this is a problem in your area have your steward report it to corp loss & Prevention, as to the idiots in management?well we are told they will be replaced, we can only hope it happens in time to make a difference.
wonder man

United States

#11 Jul 19, 2011
Wonder has been great in the past and the teamsters union use to care about the little guys the last 6 yrs both only cares about one thing concession....We have had no rises in commision or base pay only take! take !take !IBC did this with millbrook over 20 yrs ago and than did them in...

Mobile, AL

#12 Jul 19, 2011
how much longer can hostess stay afloat?? when i see there rsr,s only filling a 12 high rack on saturdays at wal-mart while i am bringing in over 4 full transport racks and sometimes more i laugh all the way to the bank!!! what a joke whats their route avg ? i bet most of them struggle to do over 4000 in sales a week how can you live on that??
Captain Ding Dong

Chicago, IL

#13 Jul 21, 2011
What is going on with this loan repayment that may be in jeopardy ? I have seen a couple of places that the company made a profit last year. I'm sure it wasent enough for the investors but when was the last time we showed any profit? Also, if the loan isn't paid what does that mean?
Do they restructure the loan,close-up? What happens next? This crap is getting old. I'm close to retirement.

Olathe, KS

#14 Aug 8, 2011
Al Raphel, whom EVERYONE knows in the KC market has finally retired. He was the main person responsible for over ordering and staling out product. Then the scumbag would stick it to his RSR's. There is a special place in hell for that Cuban.
Everyone knew all about Al's stealing from customers when he was a RSR. He has/had something to hold against upper management. That was the only reason that scumbag wasn't fired and or charged with theft. The KC market not just people who worked in the bread business knew all about his issues, yet HR hid the truth.

Great company. Filled with losers ans nepitism (ers..sp?).

It is my hope that they fall back into the abyss that most of the loser management came from. Really, what company goes through the longest BK in Corporate history... and doesn't replace management? Bound for failure they are....HI HO!!!
Naturally Own

Naples, FL

#15 Aug 12, 2011
Bound for failure? Of course. With their private label looking bread filling up that 1- 2ft set in each store there is only one way they can go. So much turnover now the store managers don't show them any attention. Hostess Brands will never hold another "GOOD" RSR for any good period of time with the change they are paying these guys. How can anyone raise a family on what they are paying. I bet them money grubbing scumbags in corportate laugh every time they see how much they are paying. Its better then a good comedy film for them. I wish the best of luck to you guys that are still there.
na in Idaho

Star, ID

#16 Aug 15, 2011
what's going on with our insurance? I've been off on a workmans comp issue and heard there doing away with our insurance go figure what's next closure of hostess altogether.Why do we pay the price difference on company made deals I do all the work and don't get paid for the work huh?

Lincoln, IL

#17 Aug 16, 2011
We still have insurance and the company still provides insurance for retirees.
IS the company going to make it?They probably will but in 2014 when the contract expires the employees will have their say. Also this fall be sure to change the union line up by voting for a change, Let's get Hoffa out and people in that believe in taking care of the members.

Greenville, SC

#18 Aug 21, 2011
T/S Handhelds? Have you started using your handheld? How much training did you get?

United States

#19 Sep 2, 2011
I started almost 2 months ago and they did not tell me the whole truth. i risked my future because i thought the company was more financially sound. College next year for my kids?
Naturally Own

Naples, FL

#20 Sep 2, 2011
Hostess Brands almost files Chapter 22. On a lighter side they awarded 10,000 dollars to a lucky lady from Egg Harbor,NJ.

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