on Ded 31, 2010, since Aetna had increased their presdcription plan premium by 53%, I spent hours on the computer sifting through the Medicare site to find a different plan. I finally decided on Humana Prescription coverage. Humana enrolled me in their Advantage plan. I communicated with them and said I want prescription coverage only. I did get to talk with a nice lady who was helping me to enroll in Humana Enhanced prescription plan--until we were cut off. I never could get back to her, and since thenhave talked to several Humana employees who seemed to be doing their best to frustrate my efforts to switch plans. I never before in my life have been faced with such obstructionism and I'm disgusted with Humana. I will spread the word far and wide and advise everyone I know never to have anything to to with Humana. They should be put out of business.