H&R Block Emerald card

Milton, FL

#123 Feb 4, 2009
By the way, you can go to www.hrblock.com/bank/emerald_advance and click on the emerald product help tab and it will give you info on all the fees and charges associated with the emerald card and the emerald advance line of credit. and for those of you who want to check your balance and card activity online, google hr block emerald card, click on the link that says hr block emerald enhanced security log in. You will have to register and set up user name and password, but once that is done you can login any time for free and check your balance and transaction history. It is very helpful

Houston, TX

#124 Feb 4, 2009
I have never used H&R before... I doubt I will again. They have sales people who are very good at deceiving you and letting you think you will have your money that night or at the latest by the next day. I have been calling the number given to me to check to see if it has been posted to my card. Of course I get the same answer "your card balance is $0" When I called H&R I found out the bank denied me the rapid refund so they gave me a number to call the bank for customer service to find out why I was denied. I called the number and have been given the run around there too. They say they can't tell me why I was denied. They have no record of me. This has been going on for 8 days. Not only have I been denied but I also paid for that service that I am not getting. H&R Block to me has found a legal way to scam its customers. I am at their mercy this year I can guarantee I will never go through them again!!!

By the way, they also have the rudest people there to help you. Once they get your money they are very uncaring and rude!!! Not to mention the customer service people at the bank being rude as well!!! Very poor customer service from both!!

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#125 Feb 4, 2009
How would you not have know while sitting in the office that you were denied. Which loan did they tell you you were getting. They are supposed to offer you three options same day, 1 to 2 day or 8-15 days. If you opt for the same day they submit your application and within two minutes you know whether or not you are approved for it and how much they will put on your card that day and how much will go on the next day. It sounds to me like the person who prepared your taxes was highly incompetent and I would take your complaint to the main office in your area. If that doesn't work then file a complaint with the better business bureau.

Fort Thomas, KY

#126 Feb 4, 2009

Fort Thomas, KY

#127 Feb 4, 2009
Stay away from this card . dont put your money on this EMERALD card!!! your money will end up missing ,and then you cant get any answers..RIPOFF , SCAM, wahtever you want to call it.....

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Since: Feb 09

Springfield MO

#128 Feb 4, 2009
Explain to me how they are charging you to take money off the card? Yes, they charge 1.95 for each ATM use, but WTF are you people talking about? Do you even know what the 20.00 fee was for? To withdraw cash? I doubt it. I guarantee you that most of the problems are with the user

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Since: Feb 09

Springfield MO

#129 Feb 4, 2009
See what the hell do you people expect? Its not a normal bank obviously. I decided to use the card full time and not open a normal checking account at a normal bank. I knew the pros and cons of the whole deal. But for me, it worked out just fine. If I wanted to sit around and bitch about how terrible it was I would have opened a real bank account to begin with. You people expect top notch banking customer service from a tax preparation company with an upstart banking division. Really, you didn't have to get the damn card did you? Like I said, the majority of the problems are with the person holding the card and not the card itself. Just affirms how many stupid people there really are out there.

Troy, NY

#130 Feb 6, 2009
I used taxcut myself it is easy to do but i have one concern now when asked for direct deposit info i used the same routing number and account number i used to get my payroll direct deposited will this work or is it different routing and account numbers that are used..i went to hr office last yr to file and when i looked at paper work i noticed it had different routing and account numbers than what they gave me for payroll D.D is that going to cause a prob lol i know i should have checked be4 submitting it

Idaville, IN

#131 Feb 7, 2009
I also got the emerald card in December when I did the lady did not tell me that when I file my taxes the amount I get back from my federal taxes will have to be put on my card. I filed my taxes in January and I am still waiting for my money. And with them putting my money on the card I will have to pay fees for my money I work hard all year for my money I do not beleive this is right

San Leandro, CA

#132 Feb 10, 2009
I do my taxes at H&R every year and have it deposited onto my emerald card.I did the same this year and come to find out my card expired after i had already done my taxes and so I had to call the bank and order a new card . My money is floating somewhere and the bank said it takes 6-8 weeks to recieve my new card. I called my tax lady at H&R and she never had the question arise so she asked her manager and they could not give me an answer.


#133 Feb 11, 2009
pingman37 wrote:
Explain to me how they are charging you to take money off the card? Yes, they charge 1.95 for each ATM use, but WTF are you people talking about? Do you even know what the 20.00 fee was for? To withdraw cash? I doubt it. I guarantee you that most of the problems are with the user
I asked about fees (extra) at the hr office and they said none except for atm and int'l. But when I came home and registered online it does talk about a $20 Fee to retrieve the cash from the bank. I spoke to an asscociate at Hrblock and they said I should have been told by my tax associate. This is my first time using the card and I chose the 8-15 day option. I can only hope they are on time.
Mark D

Arvada, CO

#134 Feb 11, 2009
hey everyone please sign up at this google site we are starting a movement to force hr block to deal with their problems. once there are enough people that have joined they will file a class action law suit against them on our behalf.
* Group home page:
* Group email address hr_block_sucks@googlegroups.co m

Pulaski, WI

#135 Feb 12, 2009
I have been robbed by h&r block bank from the so called emerald card. we did the advance last year no problems. this year either until i had my check direct deposited. which is still there with no help from the retards who work there. they stol $600 from me and argue with me over the phone everyday for the last 4 weeks. I am so mad and dont know what to do about it. and I even talked to the supervisor who is the biggest idiot of the whole operation. you see i was told if i started d.d. i would recive a new card with my name on it. so when time come for it to expire then they run you around till your money is impossible to get. i will never deal with them again and i tell everyone i know the same thing. so if you decide to keep the emerald card word to the wise plan on them ripping you off
ELYSE weeks

United States

#136 Feb 12, 2009
I just put my state income tax on my H&R Block emerald card,and I need to know when it will showup on the card
Lee Powers
#137 Feb 14, 2009
Why would you expect a local HR Block office to know how to help with the Tax Cut software online? They don't use that software and aren't trained on it. In fact, it competes with their independent offices. It's an "HR Block" product but only supported by the corporation and not the tax prep centers. It's not the "best" representation for a consumer but that's the way it is.

Gainesville, FL

#138 Feb 15, 2009
I file my taxs with h&r block January 19 and my refund were put on an emerald card and here it is Feb15 and no refund,I keep calling and they tell me the same thing it will be on later in the day, it is a rip off, never will I deal with them again

Buford, GA

#139 Feb 16, 2009
Gary, I'm having trouble understanding what exactly happened to you. You did your taxes online & received your refund via the Emerald Card last week; your refund was short $529. Since receiving your money you've used the card & paid the fees(what fees?). You're late on your payment & 'they'(who is 'they', H&R Block?; if so why are you having to make a payment to them?)want $476 by tommorrow, right? I have put some more of my questions below. I know there is a lot, but I'm just asking them so that I can better understand what's going on, and in turn, try to help you with your issue.

Have you double checked to see exactly how much H&R Block charged you for doing your taxes to make sure that they did not make a mistake & charge you too much? Did you get a rapid refund, or did you e-file, or what? When you call H&R Block's local office & Emerald, what are they telling you about your situation? What is the $476 for? I hope you get this straightened out soon.

Gary wrote:
I am still on hold trying to reach someone at HR Block Bank. I got my Emerald Card, used it and paid all the fees. I did my taxes on line and received my refund last week. My refund was short $529. I know some of this was fees kept by Block and I am cool with that. However, those fees are only around $50. The other money should be for my Emerald Card, but after a week I still show no payment applied to the card. I called Emerald and they were no help. I called the local office and was blown off there as well. I know at this point I am not sending any money to Block for the card and will not pay any fees for being late on my payment. They want $476 by tomorow. They already have the money, apply it.
james fraley

Chesterfield, MO

#140 Feb 16, 2009
i have an emerald card my available credit is 500 dollars i need to put the money on my card
Kristi Rathmann

United States

#141 Feb 17, 2009
I was needing to bring over my line of credit and it will not let me. I talked to someone on saturday and she told me to call back on the 15th and I would be able to do so but I haven't been able to I want to know why because I have some bills that need to be paid now or I will be shut off and I have little kids at home.
Emerald card SUCKS

Reading, PA

#142 Feb 17, 2009
I got my return and was told that I could deposit the money into my bank account by having them do a transfer. The transfer was declined until only $1,000 was able to be taken out. Then I couldn't get the rest out of an atm. NO WHERE IN THE ARGEEMENT DOES IT STATE THAT THERE IS A $20.00 charge to do this. So it took me an hour on the phone yelling a people about getting the money out. THEN I was told about the $20.00.
H&R Block SUCKS I ended up paying 120.00 bucks for this Bullshit card.

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