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White Plains, NY

#124 Apr 5, 2010
Fran wrote:
I think they are robbing people I went to do my taxes on 1-20-2010 and i applied to see if I could get the money in minutes and I was declined no reason given and then she told me I would get my money in 2 days so I called the number on the card she gave me and it told me that I was declined for the RAL aswell she told me at the office the money would be on the card she never told me that there could be achance that I would be declined for that aswell so I am waitung for the money because they said it would be 8-15 days and guess what there was no difference in waht they charged me to do my taxes it was over $336 dollars and when I went to the bank, the other day they charged me 1.5%of the toatal amount i wanted off the card it is not a 20 dollar fee they charged me $104 dallars to get my refund off the card they are scammers and liars and your right none of them no the right answer to any question you ask them, I now know why I didnt want to use them especially when I could have only paid $16.oo and got back allthe fee money they charged me by just doing it online myself they really take advantage of people who need there money right away because I normally have a lady do my taxes every yr and it takes her forever to get them done i couldnt wait this yr i should have. Its a damn shame.
How is HRB at falt if a bank of your choosing charges you a fee for transfering the money from the card. Yes H&R Block Bank charges fees so YOU can have the Convenience of not waiting for your money, If you were not aproved then you were not charged. Nobody is taking advantage of you, YOU came in and asked for this service. The service comes with a price.

Phoenix, AZ

#125 Sep 3, 2010
can anybody give me the number on the back of the card i have lost my card but can't get through on the 18663531266 number to cancel card

Beaver, PA

#126 Oct 7, 2010
Becky that is the number on the back of the card.

Lincolnton, NC

#127 Oct 13, 2010
This is just another scheme to get you to pay more fees. Your local CPA is cheaper and much more qualified and with e-file you can get your refud in 8 to 12 days - WITH NO EXTRA FEES. Also, at you prepare and file your taxes for only $39.90. The price never goes up for more than one state or because you have a more complex federal tax return. You also will get your refund in 8 to 12 days at NO EXTRA CHARGE. If you prepare your own tax return, try !!!

Lexington, KY

#128 Jan 26, 2011
All i can see is complaining bitches on this page ive been going threw H&R Block for years and i have my checks put on my card every week with no issues if you cant read and listen to the fine print then dont get the dam card its prob not the card its the user.. They tell you upfront that there will be a 20 dollar charge to put the money on your card for first time users same as if you do your taxes and repeat its gona be 20 dollars note to yourself nothings free in this world you always gona pay fees and shit so stop crying open a bank account and deposit in there.
You are stupid

United States

#129 Feb 2, 2011
Steven wrote:
All i can see is complaining bitches on this page ive been going threw H&R Block for years and i have my checks put on my card every week with no issues if you cant read and listen to the fine print then dont get the dam card its prob not the card its the user.. They tell you upfront that there will be a 20 dollar charge to put the money on your card for first time users same as if you do your taxes and repeat its gona be 20 dollars note to yourself nothings free in this world you always gona pay fees and shit so stop crying open a bank account and deposit in there.
You keep going to these crooks every year? You have been getting ripped off for years.

Wichita, KS

#130 Feb 8, 2011
For the life of me I can't seem to get my debit card to take when I log in to the card site.

I've tried everything I can possibly do, and natch.
it doesn't work,so do I order a replacement card,or,do I tell H & R BLOCK TO SEND ME PAPER.

Fort Wayne, IN

#131 Oct 7, 2011
I have had my card for 2 years now. I have had no problems from it. I wanted to find out if anyone knows how the 300 dollar loan works?

Dunlap, TN

#132 Nov 28, 2011
We got the Line of credit last year in Dec.$700. Had no problems. Filed our taxes in January and had them put it on the card. they took the loan amount out before we ever seen our tax return. Today 11/11 we went to HR Block applied for the LIne of credit loan and got denied cause "account closed with HR Block bank due to delinqunicy." My question is how can you be deliqunit when they take the money before you ever see it? my emerald card is still active and useable. this makeas no sense to me!

Brooklyn, NY

#133 Dec 22, 2011
Unemployment issue their own card though chase bank why would you put it to HR block card chase doesnt charge for withdrawal and such

Rochester, NY

#134 Jan 25, 2012
I'll never go to H&R Block again!!!
This card thing and customer service has been a VERY BAD experience.
This a big long story of nothing but problems.
No one at HnR even know how the card works,
even if you call the customer service number it seems they are all from Japan and don't really speak English and they can't help you, they don't even understand you.
MistahJ_at_HRBlo ck

Columbus, OH

#135 Feb 4, 2012
The Emerald Card is run by HRBlock bank, a subsidiary of HRBlock itself. For the most part, you are dealing with people that barely speak English.... I can't say this is my favorite service offered because of the low quality of the service.
There are, however, a couple of tricks for dealing with the Emerald Card.
First, avoid atms. You are looking at about $4.50 per use with the $2 Bank fee and the atm fees. Instead, go to the store and buy a candy bar or your favorite gum at a clerk assisted line. You can request your money that way for no more of a fee than that little snack.
Second, DO NOT CALL THE CUSTOMER SERVICE LINE! You only get 1 free call; all others start to cost you money. If you can avoid it, just don't do it. You can check the status of your card by yourself at anytime by phone or web. Everything you need to know is in the envelope your tax pro set up for you when you sat down with them.
Third, do not let them just get away with something. This in no way reflects on HR Block, but the bank subsidiary is not the best run organization and it is still new. They are trying to fix the problems and it is evident this year that they have been highly successful in that regard. However, if a mistake is made you need to follow through to completion. Do not let them treat you like the IRS treats you.
And finally, do not call them for straight answers EVER! I am a CSP (front desk guy) at HR Block, been there for about 2 weeks and already I know more and can get you more information than anyone you will talk to on that phone line. HR Block bank only communicates with the IRS by way of direct deposit. They no nothing more than the balance of their accounts. They cannot tell you the status of your return.
And I can get the balance on your account if I need to.
For help, call HR Block itself. If you need to throughout the year you can call a storefront office, but I would recommend the Kansas City headquarters. They have more phones and a lot more hands.....
Honestly, I would recommend just opening your own savings or checking and opting for direct deposit. There is no fee to withdraw your own money in that regard and no fee to call someone to call them to account for your funds not being where they belong.
I would ask that everyone posting keep this one bit in mind, something I already stated; HR Block Bank is a subsidiary, it is NOT HR Block itself. Their customer service is something we cannot directly affect. It is like having your brother squeeze in between you and your girl/boyfriend and make awkward comments that could make them break up with you.
In fact, it is a lot like that because I assume many who posted here will never return to HR Block because of the awkward brother we have to deal with.
I will say that in the last few years HR Block has FIRED the bad seeds. It is a whole new company now.
Same awkward brother though.
So, in closing, HR Block used to suck the big one, got fixed. HR Block Bank is NOT really a part of HR Block and as a result has not changed much other than working out the kinks. And finally, you really need to read that welcome packet if you decide to opt in to the Card. For real, it isn't that long....

Lawrence, MA

#137 Feb 8, 2012
Me and my wife got our refund check deposited into the emerald card, we were told the money would be available on the 6th, so on the 6th I go on the website & check the balance & we're 155 short, the website says the irs is having delays with refunds, so maybe that's the issue? I'm gonna give it a few days to see if those $155 show up or did we get ripped off with a hidden fee?
unhappy customer

Havertown, PA

#138 Feb 17, 2012
Ive used H&R Block for years, this will be the LAST year!! They told me my refund would be on my card in 7 days, it's now been 20 days and still NOTHING!! Called the customer service & H&R no one can tell me whats going on! NO HELP WHAT SO EVER!!!! Sorry but f--k H&R Block- one BIG RIP OFF!!!!!! Charged me 220.00 to do my taxes, think they'll give me some back?? Take my advice DO NOT GET THE FUCKING EMERALD CARD!!!!!!

Salt Lake City, UT

#139 Feb 20, 2012
I've been going through the process of finding a good tax preparer in this glorious tax season. I was going to use this card, but I've read a few negative reviews of it. I don't know what I will do about taxes now, because it seemed like a good deal to use this card for it, even. Maybe I'll just go here:

United States

#140 Sep 13, 2012
How do i set up my direct deposit
aaron autry

Ozark, AR

#141 Nov 24, 2012
I dont recall ever having such issues with money missing on my account. but something similar about irs messing up with account numbers and being really slow. but i agree with the bogus fees for atms and using other banks its ridiculous. but heres some advice. do what i do when i get money from atms. use the atms inside the walmart money center its only like a dollar 1.50 nationwide. thats right. i've done it in colorado, arkansas, oklahoma, north carolina, and west virginia It's all the same fee price for walmart money center atm's. Just draw some cash out and you're good. I don't use normal banks other than h&r block's "trust fund bank", simply because i dont trust them and their evil practices of making money they're greedy as hell. H&R block isn't so bad afterall if you know the loopholes and can play the "BS" game just as well.
aaron autry

Ozark, AR

#142 Nov 24, 2012
also like what mistahJ mentioned earlier. and this i also agree and almost always do is buy somethin at a local store and retrieve extra money out of that transaction therefore behold its FREE!!! not FEE!!! you can deFEEt this so called corruption or rip-off by be smart and using a little common sense. furthermore, if you have a family i deeply understand the importance of havin enough money readily upon request so why in the blue f**k would you trust something like the subsidary of h&r block or as mistahJ describes as that awkward brother? peace.

Auburn, CA

#145 Feb 11, 2014
How long did it take to receive the emerald card in the mail

United States

#146 Feb 27, 2014
Or just don't have 3 kids with a dead end job..might work
S-honey wrote:
i thought i should get one to have my unemployment insurance direct deposited to it, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mistake!!!!!! not only didn't they post it to my account, they told me it would take up to two - three week to post!!! now i'm late on my rent, phone's cut off, can't buy food and i have three children to feed. so - key words of advice "DON"T TRUST HRBLOCK BANK WITH YOU MONEY -YOU"LL NEVER GET IT!!!!!"

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