hrblock prepaid master card( emerald ...
Jo Cee

Miami, FL

#61 Mar 18, 2008
Can anyone tell me what the maximum is that they allow you to withdraw from the card in a day?

Seattle, WA

#62 Mar 19, 2008
This is my 2nd year with this debit card,last year I was able to view my account on line This year not able to just a money thing Im sure

Castleton On Hudson, NY

#63 Mar 22, 2008
shanta wrote:
this card is full of crap!! beware. Please watch for monies that disappear. God help you if you need to talk with a supervisor. I stayed on the line with the representive for 2 hours and spoke with ten different person's without any resolution. It's not worth the time. This card makes more money off the cardholder, than the cardholder spend I speak from experience. Do the MATH and watch you account. Oh! by the way you will never find the website you need to check you balance on line. When you use the automative system that another charge.
I am still waiting 8 weeks later for my state taxes to be deposited.... but here is the online card site for ya!

Milwaukee, WI

#64 Mar 28, 2008
If you have a bank account, why did you elect the card? They can direct deposit your refund straight to the bank skipping the card.
For those that don't have a bank account, the card works just like a traditional bank debit card. Very convenient, safe, and less expensive than cashing checks!

Washington, DC

#65 Mar 28, 2008
I received my emerald card, and a few days later I called to get a card with my name printed on. Needless to say, they never transfer all of my balance to the other card. I still have not yet received all my money and it has been over a month. I have filled out 2 transfer form faxed them in and still get the run around when I call customer service. I wish someone could tell me what to do because they are ripping people off and nothing is being done about it. Also, I requested a print out of each account and have not yet received that. What do you do about missing money that they are holding.
Kevin and Dawn


#66 Mar 28, 2008
They lost another two here. Same things as others described in getting the money loaded in the first place. We waited many days over the 1-2 days (14 total). I called and called. They told us that there must have been a hold on the money (ie: we owed someone who could tap it) which was not true. They gave us a song and dance everytime we called... it was NUTS. To top it ALL off, we got the money finally loaded, drove to PA immediately. It was 5 degrees out... and 2 am, we went to get a motel room, beat after driving 8 hours after working all day. The card stopped working. I went to the gas station... card still not working.... ATM... card NOT working. I dumped the 43 bucks of cash I had in the gas tank and we drove to northern PA. We ran out of gas. The kids were freezing. The cell phone was out of reception.
I walked to where the cell could get a single bar. Then I got put on hold... cell phone ran out of minutes after 35 minutes on hold.
Ok, so we are out of gas, its 2 degrees out, the kids are freezing, we are out in the middle of nowhere and WE HAVE NO MORE MONEY because the stupid card is "locked" er whatever.
I went back to the truck, and we all curled up under a blanket. I slept some. At 4 pm, I walked out to a gas station. Finally... the card started working.
Never EVER EVER again.

Buffalo, NY

#67 Apr 4, 2008
I have been going to H&R Block for several years. I haven't had any problems.You can check the balance on your card on the website printed on the back of your card.All fees were explained to me.I am still waiting for my state refund, it has been 11 weeks but that cannot be blamed on H&R Block as New York state just has no money !

Omaha, NE

#68 Apr 7, 2008
First off. I would like to say that I feel sorry for all the people whose comments I have read that have had bad experiences with the emerald card. I had my tax return placed on it on 2-4-2008 and all was going well.To be careful and responsible, I read all the necessary paper work. To my suprise I ended up just like everyone else. All was fine until 2 days ago when I went to the bank and had them deposit $500.00 off of my card and into my checking account. It worked. As I finished and left the bank it had closed, when I realized that I needed some more money. I swung through to the atm. I made 2 transactions of$140.00 each and was chaged a fee of $2.00 each time. Both reciepts read pending since I had withdrawn so much. Two days later I called the 800 number for my transactions and there was a $20.00 charge and it had said that I had withdrawn $160.00 two times ,but I had only withdrawn $140.00 each time. I had lost more than $100.00 in fees and charges that should not have occured. Now, I wil become victim to their rotten customer service and all it's fees to get my money back. I am angry! Won't do that again.
Bonnie westgate

Ozark, AR

#69 Apr 12, 2008
I had 26.00 put on my card ,same day Hand R Block took 6.00 no reason why 2.00 ervery time to talk to some one adds up .can,t pay bills on line like netflixs the card won,t let you, plus now i have 3.45 on there and they tellme declined, declined, WELL THEY CAND KEEP THERE CARD I<M GOING SOME WHERE ELSE NEXT YEAR

Newport News, VA

#70 Apr 14, 2008
this is my second year with the card last year was fine this year was lucky enough to not be one of the people who had there money stolen from there account but i did sit last week on my computer filling out the log in information for about a half an hour checked my account everything fine made some purchases now tried to check my balance says my user name is wrong password is wrong none of the security questions they give are any that i would know or picked maybe wrong info could be a mistake on my part until i tried to get my information by getting the card number and access number like they asked on my card now its saying that the card number is invalid so what now i have a useless card with a bunch of money on it i cant use till i file for a new card that i will more than likely have to pay for yeah right next year im paying 17.00 through taxact and have it returned in a week i would rather pay the 17.00 to file and the 5% to cash my check at a check place no 400.00 prep fees and card fees
jonathan from iowa city

United States

#71 Apr 14, 2008
Amazing!!!!!!!!!! i knew i wasn't the only one! I made a greendot money pack purchase that the operaters reconciled on their computers every time to confirm that the transaction exists but the balance did not change on the card, now they say "well do you have your greendot receipt?" "we have no records of any green dot purchase that was made" also an amount of 40.00 is also missing from after my last paycheck was deposited, another 40.00 was taken at the beginning of march that they said it was given to me, and no, it was not!!!!!!!!!! these people are ripping us the f..k off!!!!!!!!!! somebody give me the address to office where the operators themselves run us around, post it on this site, i'll get my money back the old fashioned way!!!!!!!!!!

Portland, OR

#72 May 2, 2008
S-honey wrote:
i thought i should get one to have my unemployment insurance direct deposited to it, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mistake!!!!!! not only didn't they post it to my account, they told me it would take up to two - three week to post!!! now i'm late on my rent, phone's cut off, can't buy food and i have three children to feed. so - key words of advice "DON"T TRUST HRBLOCK BANK WITH YOU MONEY -YOU"LL NEVER GET IT!!!!!"
Perhaps you should get a job.

Portland, OR

#73 May 2, 2008
Kevin and Dawn wrote:
They lost another two here. Same things as others described in getting the money loaded in the first place. We waited many days over the 1-2 days (14 total). I called and called. They told us that there must have been a hold on the money (ie: we owed someone who could tap it) which was not true.
Of course it's true that there was a hold.
Whether it was for a valid debt or due to an IRS error is irrelevant. Block has no way to determine this, and no control over it.
Blocks loses out on potential income every time this happens and they can't charge the Rapid Refund fees.

Are you saying that Block just lied to you so that they could forgo the fees - just for the hell of it?

Perhaps next time you shouldn't take your kids on a road trip in the middle of the night with no money and only a single card to rely on. This could (and does) happen with ANY card.

Portland, OR

#74 May 2, 2008
Fawn Shining Eyes wrote:
This will also be my last time with H&R Block. I received my emerald Card yesterday THINKING it was fREE! It was NOT!!!! To be issued a paper check would have cost me $20,00. Anyway, this morning I got up and the thought occurred to me that I would have to go to the bank and withdraw the money from the ATM. It was a sizable refund and I became concerned.. what if I was robbed??? and so I called H&R and requested a paper check and was told they could not do that and then I called my bank and was informed there was an ATM inside of the bank....better. OK, I went up and spoke to the teller and told her of my concern and she said they (the bank) could do a cash advance for me and so she did. I then did an additional one to have cash. I put the first one into my checking account. Knowing full well how much money i had left on the emerald Card, I went to another store intending to use it up. At the other store I was told that I only had $8.66 on my card instead of $48.66. I was angry and very curious. I went home and called my bank and asked if there was a cash advance fee and was told NO. then called H&R and asked them if there was a transaction fee to use the card and was transferred several times and finally told yes..a $20.00 fee for inside of the bank. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I work very hard for my money and now to top off the fact that I paid $160.00 to file my taxes I also paid $40.00 more for using the stupid card!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I am very angry and feel the word needs to get out about H&R Block and their emerald Card. I have written a message on the Ripoff site and intend to send a letter to the Editor of the newspaper and also a letter to H&R Block. They have lost a loyal customer!
The word is already out.
It's in all the materials you were given that fully disclose each and every charge.

Let me get this straight:

You should have gone with the check in the first place.

Your inability to make a damned decision causes inconvenience and needless work for others - it's right that you should pay.

Portland, OR

#75 May 2, 2008
bruce wrote:
i am short of cash to pay my rent and wanted another advance on my emerald card. i paid the previous balance in full. I called and said i have an emergency and need this money. i was told that pay the 13.00 fee and you can get this advance. So with my landlord and a deputy sheriff listening i get told that i dont get this advance and now my family is out. well it is below zero and my family got kicked out. boy you paid your loan and 3 weeks early you just needed a little help and you get told no after being told 8yr old child thanks you now what do you do????
If the Sheriff was standing there to forcibly evict you, you were more than a little late in your rent.

Basing the health of your children on a potential loan is downright irresponsible.

Hopefully, the state will remove them soon before you damage them permanently.

Long Beach, CA

#76 May 5, 2008
i havent had any problems yet' i got my refund in 5 days like they told me i would but now i'm afraid that like so many others money was missing from my card and noone seems to know why? do anyone no if our rebate checks will be sent to the card i hope not

Long Beach, CA

#77 May 5, 2008
i havent had any problems with the card yet will our rebate check be put on the card?
David R

United States

#78 May 7, 2008
"am an employee for H&R Block's customer care center. The reason most people are having issues with this card is because they don't read the terms and conditions that come with the product. You are the ultimately responsible for knowing your account details. All of the fees and account details are given to the clients when they file their taxes. ALL of the clients. When I set up my direct deposit I check it once and I check it again probably three times. If your direct deposit did not go through, either unemployment messed up or you did. The simple routing and account number was given to you in your tax preperation papers. Maybe the fact that you can't set up a simple direct deposit is the reason my tax dollars pay for you to live. Quit blaming my company that provides for me and my family for your error."
Someone as ignorant as you, makes me want to NOT use HR Block this year. I was going to let it sly, but after reading that, GOODBYE HR BLOCK, HELLO TURBO TAX. YOU AND YOUR COMPANY CAN KISS MY ASS.
michael lofton

Grand Bay, AL

#79 May 16, 2008
how much money do i have on my card
edith andres

Palm Coast, FL

#80 Jun 1, 2008
can i buy everything that i want with my emeral card savings?

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