hrblock prepaid master card( emerald ...

Springfield, MA

#21 Jan 31, 2008
god bless u thanks 4 the warning

San Francisco, CA

#22 Jan 31, 2008
I have filed my taxes with H&R Block for the last several years... I won't be using them EVER AGAIN after the terrible experience I have had with the Emerald card! I received the card 1/25/08 and my tax refund was available the next day. I went to an ATM to get $ but it did not work so I went in to my bank and asked them to give me $500 with it... It did NOT work so the teller tried to void the transaction & then my card had a $1040.00 "pending transaction" on it. As of today almost 7 days later it still has a $1040.00 "pending transaction"... I tried going to my bank they said they had voided it and to talk to H&R Block so today I spent 2 hours at H&R block with the manager trying to call their "customer service" #, I was transferred numerous times to different people NONE of them offered any resolution, then I was transferred to a lady in "Supportability" she told me I needed to three way call her back with the bank to resolve the hold on my money. The manager at the H&R block branch was embarrassed by the run around service... BE WARNED!!! I would NEVER recommend this card to ANYONE... Also, watch out for the charges... They charge $2.00 for every customer service call and it takes thirty minutes or more to get a person to pick up & then when they do get on the phone they don't help with anything!

San Francisco, CA

#23 Jan 31, 2008
ashley allen wrote:
here is the cardholder site.... i didnt have any trouble finding it
<quoted text>
The cardholder site does NOTHING for you just like the customer service # on the card... NOTHING!!! Its a rip off
Jody Miller

United States

#24 Feb 1, 2008
Scam Scam Scam! I have used H&R Block for 18 years. I will NOT go back again! I realized quickly that money was missing from my emerald card so I tried to access my account online to see where the $300 went.The sight asks for a user ID which I don't have so I called the customer assistance # on the back of the card, I waited 30 minutes to talk with a rep.,The rep said she would email me the info in 15 minutes, The email never came , so my wife called , again 30 minutes on the phone ..The rep ,said the info couldn't be given and she hung up on my wife! So I called again 30 minutes later I get another lady , she says she'll talk with her supervisor , she comes back to the phone and says her supervisor said she can't give us any info , so ask her if I could talk with her supervisor and she say's there is no supervisor on duty? Then she hangs up ! Scam Scam Scam!

Charlottesville, VA

#25 Feb 2, 2008
I am sorry, Fawn, but in your case nobody to blame but yourself. All fees related to this card were disclosed by Block. Look inside the big envelop.

Clay Center, KS

#26 Feb 3, 2008
shanta wrote:
this card is full of crap!! beware. Please watch for monies that disappear. God help you if you need to talk with a supervisor. I stayed on the line with the representive for 2 hours and spoke with ten different person's without any resolution. It's not worth the time. This card makes more money off the cardholder, than the cardholder spend I speak from experience. Do the MATH and watch you account. Oh! by the way you will never find the website you need to check you balance on line. When you use the automative system that another charge.
The website for the card is
Also if you look at the fine print for atm withdrawals the hrb charges like 1.75/ transaction on top of the atm machines charge.

Clay Center, KS

#27 Feb 3, 2008
I have been using the card for over a year now with direct deposits and everything, with absolutely no problems. Until today I want to make an online purchase and my card was declined. I called cust serv. and he told me that the account has been closed by the bank. Now tell me why would a bank shut down an account that has been VERY MUCH active for over a year. I also Have around 600 in there right now.
youdonotneedmyna me

Mount Liberty, OH

#28 Feb 4, 2008
i had no problems with my emerald card last year and i intend to get one this year. They only problem I had was that my employer wouldn't do direct deposit on it because company policy is you must have a voided check. They're willing to give it a try this year though
Amber Miller

Buffalo, WY

#29 Feb 7, 2008
I think that it is awful that people are having problems, so far I have not but I will keep my fingers crossed. I do however think that those who are mad need to stop and think. My HR Bolck representative explained EVERYTHING to me. Which ATM to use, the cost of $20.00 to go inside a bank, places like walmart that can give you cash back for nothing. Plus all of this is in your paperwork. With everything today there are hidden fees. Maybe we all just need to stop and read or here is an idea ask questions before you sign any type of paper work. If there is anything that you do not understand, then do not sign it.

Minneapolis, MN

#30 Feb 8, 2008
I just got my card should I put money on it? Fresno Ca.

Summerville, SC

#31 Feb 11, 2008

Atlanta, GA

#32 Feb 11, 2008
Kristina wrote:
I just got the card today and now i see that there might be a problem with the card. Did I do the right thing getting this card?
First, read the basic info included in the envelope your card came in. Second, keep a detailed record of your expenditures, just like you would with a bank account - don't rely on anyone else to tell you your balance. Third, if you only use the card to get cash back with a purchase at most grocery and drug stores, you will not have to pay fees. Fourth, if you use the card for anything other than purchases with or without cash back, then be sure to read the detailed listing of fees in the printout you received with your tax return. They are listed in columnar fashion so they shouldn't be too hard to find.

Atlanta, GA

#33 Feb 11, 2008
John wrote:
<quoted text>
The website for the card is
Also if you look at the fine print for atm withdrawals the hrb charges like 1.75/ transaction on top of the atm machines charge.
Don't use an ATM to get cash. Use the card at a grocery or drug store. Buy a pack of gum or candy bar and get cash back. Therefore, you get no ATM fees.
Ray Darrell

Mission, KS

#34 Feb 11, 2008
Fawn Shining Eyes wrote:
This will also be my last time with H&R Block. I received my emerald Card yesterday THINKING it was fREE! It was NOT!!!! To be issued a paper check would have cost me $20,00. Anyway, this morning I got up and the thought occurred to me that I would have to go to the bank and withdraw the money from the ATM. It was a sizable refund and I became concerned.. what if I was robbed??? and so I called H&R and requested a paper check and was told they could not do that and then I called my bank and was informed there was an ATM inside of the bank....better. OK, I went up and spoke to the teller and told her of my concern and she said they (the bank) could do a cash advance for me and so she did. I then did an additional one to have cash. I put the first one into my checking account. Knowing full well how much money i had left on the emerald Card, I went to another store intending to use it up. At the other store I was told that I only had $8.66 on my card instead of $48.66. I was angry and very curious. I went home and called my bank and asked if there was a cash advance fee and was told NO. then called H&R and asked them if there was a transaction fee to use the card and was transferred several times and finally told yes..a $20.00 fee for inside of the bank. GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I work very hard for my money and now to top off the fact that I paid $160.00 to file my taxes I also paid $40.00 more for using the stupid card!!!!!!!!!! GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR I am very angry and feel the word needs to get out about H&R Block and their emerald Card. I have written a message on the Ripoff site and intend to send a letter to the Editor of the newspaper and also a letter to H&R Block. They have lost a loyal customer!
The absolute best choice for you would have been Direct Deposit into your checking acct. for free. You would have had your money in 8-15 days. The Emerald Card is designed for people who have no relationship with a bank. The APR for a bank "loan" of your refund amount on the Emerald Card, or at H&R Block in general is 36% vs 150+% at other tax prep places. The prupose of the card is to 1: Save clients the 2-3% they pay in refund check cashing fees. 2: Keep clients from walking around with large sums of cash and getting robbed/killed for it. The $20 charges were charged to you by the bank that did the withdrawal, not HRBlock. Your Tax Prep fees are not related to any fees you paid to the bank where you did the withdrawal. How much would you have paid (at 2-3%) if you had to cash a paper check at a liquor store/check cashing place? I admit the card is not perfect but for some who do not have a bank acct. it is a lifesaver. I have the card and pay no fees to get cash. I simply get extra cash for free at the store where I shop IF I decide to have money at all. Everything else I buy is just debited off the card for free.


#35 Feb 13, 2008
we wanted our money for a weekend, and got one of these AWFUL cards!! what a disaster. the hr block lady typed in wrong phone number, they denied the 2 day refund but we had no idea. then 8 days later when refund was applied to card, it is dang near impossible to use! we have called over and over waited on hold for 1/2 hour and you still get nowhere!!DON'T DO IT.USE TAXACT FOR FREE. same amount of time

Cocoa, FL

#36 Feb 13, 2008
i was issued a emerald card on 2-01-08.All of my money was put on my card as promised but, my state has not. They told me it would be 5 to 7 working days. I've been calling everyday this week,i've seen nothing yet

Chesterfield, MO

#37 Feb 13, 2008
Well this is our second year using the emerald bank card. We had NO problems the first year, BUT this second year....whoa a whole different story. I tried to purchase some items online, well the website messed up ( ) and cancelled the transaction. So I called walmart, I was then told to call the number on the back of the card, well once I called them they told me to call walmart and get a paper faxed in to the merchant removal dept. which I did twice. This purchase was made and cancelled on 2/5/08. I was told that it would take UP to 48hrs for the money to be released back to my card, well it is NOW 2/13/08 well OVER 48hrs. Today I called the number on the back and like many of you was given the run around...I was then told that I would have to wait till the 26th of this month, so I hung up and called back, and spoke with a very nice lady who said that the funds would be available at midnight....crossing my fingers....also I noticed that it wanted to charge me $2.00 for the customer service, I didn't pay it, I hung up and called back and it never said anything about the $2.00 fee. If you get that message just try hanging up and calling right back. There has to be something that we as consumers can do....maybe visit the website, and file a compliant, but I don't know. I'm just really fed up with this, I mean just realease my money so that I can use it. After all it is mine. I also think that they should do something to better their customer service dept. When I called yesterday I was giving my info to a woman but a man kept intercepting wanting my info, so I was even more confused than what I had been.

United States

#38 Feb 14, 2008
I too have gone to H&R Block for years but will never return... I am having the same issues with my Emerald Card that everyone else is talking about. It's been a nightmare. And by the way, if you call card services and press the option to speak with someone and hang up the phone (after waiting in excess of 20 mintes) YOU WILL STILL BE CHARGED THE $2.00 FEE. I did not receive my refund for two weeks after being told that I was approved for the IRAL. Noone at the H&R Block offices knows what they are talking about and even worse the so called card services is an absolute joke- I called four different times and got four different reasons why my card was not working. And to get charged a fee just to go to my bank and deposit some of the money into my checking account is an absolute atrocity... I will NEVER EVER go back to H&R Block again.
mel in georgia

Jacksonville, FL

#39 Feb 15, 2008
I've read all of your comments and honestly I must say that I really like my card. I haven't had any problems with my card until today:

Apparently the whole system is down this morning. So when I attempted to pay my bills online (as I normally do) everything was declined. Luckily I'm caught up on my bills today so one day won't hurt me too bad. But still... this is a bad sign.
Watching and Waiting,

East Stroudsburg, PA

#40 Feb 16, 2008
I had my paycheck direct deposited into one their prepaid cards last night and thet are saying the money IS there but there systmes crashed i can not get my money..have been waiting 24hours and still no money! Im taking all of my money off this card and never using it again!
S-honey wrote:
i thought i should get one to have my unemployment insurance direct deposited to it, biiiiiiiiiiiiiiiig mistake!!!!!! not only didn't they post it to my account, they told me it would take up to two - three week to post!!! now i'm late on my rent, phone's cut off, can't buy food and i have three children to feed. so - key words of advice "DON"T TRUST HRBLOCK BANK WITH YOU MONEY -YOU"LL NEVER GET IT!!!!!"

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