HR Block Bank Direct Deposit and Emer...

Fort Worth, TX

#735 Apr 15, 2009
Ive had my card over a year now,and have requested a replacement card.The card never came. I called again and was assured that the problem was corrected.I waited 10 days and still no card.I called again. This time they Fed Exed a card (supposedly)and still never received it. I called again. They Fed Exed it again, and I still never received the card! Meanwhile, i just found out that I was charged $45 each time they Fed Exed the card and keep getting charged $2 every time I have to call and tell them that I still havent got a card. They even charged me to call and get the Fed Ex tracking number. Calling customer service is a joke, so I tried to get answers online, the only response I got was "call customer service". Im so fed up with this that I'm now having to seek legal action to be refunded what they have charged me. DO NOT GET AN EMERALD CARD!!!
Julie - PA

Philadelphia, PA

#736 Apr 21, 2009
I signed up for the Emerald Card and have had no problems.. My direct deposit went onto the card the first time with no issue and since then (it has been about two months). i am sorry for all of you who have had problems. My experience has been great and I am glad I have it. 04/21/09
Julie - PA

Philadelphia, PA

#737 Apr 21, 2009
Again writing from PA - not sure why it is coming up Ringoes, NJ... Anyhow when i received my initial card without my name at tax time I used that for about a month and my direct deposit was going on this as well - no problems... I requested a card with my name and received it within 5 days. the number on the card is different than the first card i had but customer service assured me the cards are linked and i wouldn't have a problem with direct deposit and i haven't.

Jacksonville, FL

#738 May 7, 2009
I've had my card for a year now and I've had no problems. I've used direct deposit and I've used it to pay some bills. Now I can't pay all my bills with it but I can pay some of them.
For those of you who don't like the ATM fees, you can always ask for cash back at a grocery store like walmart etc and get the money you need without the added fee.
lizz barnes

Las Vegas, NV

#739 May 10, 2009
i got the card back in 08 for christmas.
it worked well then we signed up for direct deposit..
it gets declined at every chevron gas station and tonight is the second time its been deactivated.
ive called them numerous of times explaining that i havent received the personalized one..tonight i went to go buy milk because my daughter needed some i swiped the card for 1.89 and it got declined!!
i was like what is going on
turns out its not letting me hear my balance or..check it online...
i tried calling custemor service but guess what its closed!!
till fucking monday !
whooop de fucking doooo

Mount Airy, NC

#740 May 28, 2009
Cami wrote:
Yes on the 9th of December I had my card along with my wallet and all the cash I had stolen and I am still on the 22nd waiting patiently for my new card to arrive by mail. not that being robbed wasnt bad enough now i am just sitting her a single mother of two praying that i will have it before the fat man is suppose to come on the 25 which seems far more likely than me doing any more business with HR block OR MASTERCARD.
the same thing has happen to me twice about time i found out about the first time it did again and it to late for me to cancel my direct deposit but i will be canceling today.

United States

#741 Jul 20, 2009
lisa wrote:
i got the card and now i cannot make my house payment b/c the mortgage co. will not accept it!!!!!!
You should have checked with your mortgage company first. I have no problems paying my bills with mine. You can't blame the emerald card for what your mortgage company is doing. That is just silly.


#742 Oct 10, 2009
Ok, I'm sorry to see so many people are having problems. I can't say I'm a expert on the card or anything, but my past job taught me alot about it so maybe I can help alot of the problems everyone seems to be having. One important thing to remember is it is not like a regular credit card. The card will not let you over draw cash. So for instance you usually at most gas stations can not pay at the pump with it. You will have to prepay. You can use it at gas stations it just has to be inside and there has to be a cut off amount entered for the pump. You should know your exact balance on your card at all times. If you start to have a problem usually it is because you are trying to go a few cents over the limit. I have used my card for a few years. This is what I myself do. I only use this card as a holiday loan card. These loans usually start around the end of Oct or beginning of November. Yes the fees are high. I expect it every year. However for me it is not only money I know will be there every year it is just in time for Christmas and just in time for my gas bill to go up. What I do is get the loan which is added to my card within 15 mins and I go directly to a ATM and withdraw all of the money on it. I do this because it cuts down on the fees. You can withdraw 200 at a time. So you will get charged about 10 for doing this any remaining on the card I use at a grocery store line. Know your exact balance and type it in. You will get less fees to get rid of it all at once. I then put my card away till I need it next year. It is always here and ready to load. I also still have it incase I have a bank account problem and need to add money to it or do direct deposit. Here is the best way though really to do that. The payday loan places everyone hates offers a prepay credit card. Use this for direct deposit. If you go to one you do not have to get a loan. Just sign up. They will then offer you the card for free and wave your fees for the card which is usually a 5-10 dollar fee usually 10. When you set up the card they will then send you a card in the mail with your name on it and it will be your very own visa or master card. Now there is two ways to do it. You can make it so you pay 1-2 dollars per trans action, or 10 a month. My recomendation is to do the 10 a month. Your paycheck can then be added to it and you can then use it for paying bills, going grocery shopping etc. You can also add money to it anytime you want for a fee of 2-5 depending on the card. Now some places will not take prepay cards so here is what you do. Get a paypal card. I know if you do to ebay you can set up a account. You can list this card as your backup sorce on it. By doing this you can pay your bills using it and it will take the money from the prepay card. It's just my recomendation. You also recieve cash back anytime you use your paypal card. Paypal is free and you can pay all bills with it. I have one of my own. You can also link two paypal cards to the same source so you can have one for your spouse and you can have both pay checks directly deposited to the same prepay card then pull the money using paypal. You can also put money directly into your paypal account online. Pay pal is much better to use than prepay when you can. You can also dispute charges with them if there is a mistake and they will fix the problem after they investigate it. The one thing I don't know is if you can have a paycheck directly deposited to paypal with no other card or account, but you could check into it maybe you can. I have a bank account so I've had no reason to check on that. As a manager I have had training on these cards and have used them all myself. Link emerald to pay pal and tranfer your money there I bet it will solve your problems.
Joe M

Wood River, IL

#743 Jan 20, 2010
I have had my H&R Block Card for about two (2) years now and have had no problems. I have used it to go on vacations including ski, rental car, & hotel cost with no problem. I believe the individuals with issue's are caused by them and not so much H&R Block or Master Card. I have no affiliation to either company but understand this is a prepaid card so us it as such. I have reloaded my card several time and had monies put on it in other way with no trouble what so ever. I use this for business trips & it helps me keep track of expenses and purdeim. I recommend it if you are smart enough to read and use it correctly.

Marcus Hook, PA

#744 Jan 21, 2010
To make it short, I was to be claimed as head of household,and she did single,(which I didn't notice until I got home),I requested the instant emerald card,I was approved on the spot,funny I wasn't aware that on the spot ment 24hours,,with customer service reps.reading word for word instructions to help people,they new nothing !!! Never ever ever again,will I sign my name to a contract with the letter h&r block on it,my opinion is a class action lawsuit needs to be brought forth......

New York, NY

#745 Feb 8, 2010
no money in may card

Raleigh, NC

#746 Feb 11, 2010
I was unfortunate enough to us HRBlock, I got my refund on my emeral card. I went to spend my money only to find that my card had been compramised. Some one in India was charging on my card.Out sourcing cust serv work is not a good idea. Still waiting to speak to a live person at HR Block bank. Havent rec'd a dup card nor have I been refunded my 560.00 fraudulently stolen from my account. No one at HR Block has any ans and the ones that have ans. don't speak english very well. Class action suit waiting to happen.

Fort Collins, CO

#747 Mar 15, 2010
I had my card numbers stolen and then used online. I got my funds back from the dispute resolution center from H and R block. If you call the number on the back of your card and ask for the dispute resolution center then they will help you. However you have to call them at least every other day and keep on them or they will ignore you. Also my experience wasn't all good after they gave me money the debited my account for absolutely no reason and I now have a 1200 dollar negative balance on a prepaid card. How that happens I have no clue.
Kendall wrote:
I was unfortunate enough to us HRBlock, I got my refund on my emeral card. I went to spend my money only to find that my card had been compramised. Some one in India was charging on my card.Out sourcing cust serv work is not a good idea. Still waiting to speak to a live person at HR Block bank. Havent rec'd a dup card nor have I been refunded my 560.00 fraudulently stolen from my account. No one at HR Block has any ans and the ones that have ans. don't speak english very well. Class action suit waiting to happen.
crystal coleman

Camden, NJ

#748 Apr 7, 2010
how much left blance my account number 5111 6511 5597 9656

Since: Apr 10

United States

#749 Apr 7, 2010
crystal coleman wrote:
how much left blance my account number 5111 6511 5597 9656
You should call the number on the back of the card, They will require additional info from you. putting your card number out on the internet for every one to see is probably not the best way to go about this.

Cheyenne, WY

#750 Apr 19, 2010
I have had my emerald card since march, and just now am I having problems with it. I cannot find out where three hundred dollars of mine went and I am having NO LUCK tracking down the culprit. I know that having my paycheck direct deposited onto this card was risky by there is no way that I live in CHEYENNE WYOMING and my card was used for some fifty dollar purchase CLOSE TO DETROIT!!! I don't know what is going on with my card and I have hit up h&r block and mastercard. Let's see if they have any answers?????
Brandon W

Winter Garden, FL

#751 Apr 29, 2010
So on April 15th my wife and I went down to our local H&R Block and filed our taxes electronically, with a direct deposit scheduled to be placed onto an H&R Block Emerald Pre-paid Card in '8-15 days'.

The website's where's my refund service tells me that my refund is scheduled to be deposited today, April 30th.(15 days from when I filed with the Block.)

From extensive online reading I gathered that the IRS sends their direct deposits at midnight. Midnight rolls around and I am checking the status of my card and there seems to be no progress. I call the 866 customer service number, and not only is this snippy bitch completely rude, but she also told me that it could take up to three business days for my refund from the IRS to process in their system. This is a fact that I was never informed of in the tax office, as my representative repeatedly assured me that it would be there in no longer than 15 days, assuming the IRS finds no mistakes.

I was counting on this money for my family. Counting on it to be here by Friday afternoon latest. Fuck H&R Block.
Carole Brown

Tiverton, RI

#752 May 20, 2010
I have had my card for 2 years and have had no problems with it. I have my pay and social security monies put on it. I use it all the time to pay bills and to buy things that I need at any store. I even use it to rent cars and buy plane tickets. It you get the correct routing number and the correct account number (checking) you should have no problem.
Mark Tarr

Bradford, PA

#753 May 28, 2010
I have my check's go in my h&r block account and this afternoon. i went to go get money out and they had taking money out that they had no promisento take.
Lucia Santiago

Villa Park, IL

#754 Jun 19, 2010
I was enjoying my day until I notice my card activity there my card was charged twice for dinner at China Buffet hope they return my 54.00
other wise I'm takin action

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