Do NOT go to H & R Block
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Dayton, OH

#467 Jan 16, 2012
taxing problems wrote:
<quoted text>
Not everyone can file a 1040EZ. I suppose you think everyones's returns are as simple as yours.
EXACTLY!! The vast majority of people can't file a 1040 EZ because of dependents, itemizing, etc. I could do my own if it were still a 1040EZ but when you have children, own a business, own a home, itemize instead of taking the standard deduction etc, it gets more complicated.
Block Fooled

Tempe, AZ

#468 Jan 19, 2012
Just so that you know. I have a relatively simple tax filing requirement. I had done some independent consulting, have a mortgage, and a monthly salary. I used to do the forms myself, but was busy so thought I'd give the job to H&R. I spend more than 4 hrs with a nice old lady who was clueless not just about taxes but even basic computer operations. The supervisor was called upon several times when she got stuck on a screen. The supervisor also reviewed the final forms. They charged hundreds of dollars. The KICKER was that I got a letter from the IRS that I had OVERPAID and they sent me a $224 check!!! What is the point then of going to H&R?!! Total bull.
Do it yourself

United States

#469 Jan 21, 2012
Just do it yourself with turbotax then

Holyoke, MA

#470 Jan 22, 2012
henry b wrote:
h and r block is not just data entry,i teach th5e preparers in my district.i teach them tax theory,how to do returns by hand and in the computer.i also dont let first or second year tax preparers do complicated h and r block you are required to take 30 hours of continuing education and pass a test.we also have certification levels,that means you have to have so many hours and pass a certain amount of tests to move up a level.when you pass our course with an 80 or higher,you are a tax associate.the more advanced classes you take the higher your certification gets.theres tax associate,tax advisor 1,2,3,4,senior tax advisor 1,2,3,4,and master tax advisor.these certification levels are on the bottom of your preparers cards.someone who passes the basic test is capable of doing most normal everyday returns.if you are selfemployed(small business),you should take the time to schedule yourself an appointment with a tax preparer thats a tax advisor 3 or higher.if you have rental income and a larger business than you should talk to a senior tax my office we match our clients with the right preparer.i want the clients in my office to be tottally satisfied,i believe that if i can help my clients succeed i will succeed.i ask of all of you that you listen to everyone with an open mind.we cant be mistake free in anything we do,but we can admit when we are wrong and fix our problem.if theres anything else you would like to ask,please do,i take pride in helping people,its what h and r block has instilled in us from day 1.
H&R block is way to expensive.We always get our taxes done there but it is to much now.It"s the cost of a vacation!

United States

#471 Jan 23, 2012
Is it possible to put a hold on the completion of the filing process (still waiting on 1 more w2 and haven't paid yet) to decide to go elsewhere to have my taxes filed? I went to my appt. Today took 3 hrs. The guy that attempted to file my taxes was new (I was his very 1st customer) he didn't know how to use the printer and I have 2 choices either get my refund on the emerald card (which is a scam) or pay fee up front and wait a month for them to direct deposit the funds into my own account.
Block Employee

Dayton, OH

#472 Jan 24, 2012
stephanie wrote:
Is it possible to put a hold on the completion of the filing process (still waiting on 1 more w2 and haven't paid yet) to decide to go elsewhere to have my taxes filed? I went to my appt. Today took 3 hrs. The guy that attempted to file my taxes was new (I was his very 1st customer) he didn't know how to use the printer and I have 2 choices either get my refund on the emerald card (which is a scam) or pay fee up front and wait a month for them to direct deposit the funds into my own account.
First of all, you are under NO obligation. You can walk out the door with the documents that you came in with and not pay a dime and yes, go somewhere else. Just tell them you want your copies back. Second, the Emerald Card is not a scam, it's an option. Third, you have 4 options on how to get your money.(1)You have the option of having your refund, if you get a refund, direct deposited into your personal checking or savings account (which is only taking 7-14 days).(2)You also have the option of having a check printed in the office that you will pick up (available in 7-14 days).(3) You have the option of the Emerald Card.(4)You also have the option of not e-filing and sending in your return, which will take one month or longer to process that way. You will get an exact date on when your money will be available before you leave the office if you e-file, and no one is being told that it will be a month for the direct deposit or check. If you e-file your return and you are getting a refund you will not pay your fees out of pocket because it is withheld from your return. This is if you choose to use the Emerald Card, direct deposit or have a check printed in the office.

I know all of this because I work there. And, if you are unhappy with the person that started your return, please call in and have them switch you to a more experienced tax professional. You also have that option.

As for your tax pro not knowing how to use the printer? That is strange. If your return was put on hold then there was nothing to print out since it wasn't completed. The computer automatically generates the paperwork at the end of the tax interview so all he has to do is click the mouse. If you knew you had another W-2 coming in, why didn't you wait until you had ALL your documents before going in? Also, if you walk-in instead of setting an appointment, then you will have to wait so it is best to 1.) come prepared with ALL your information, and 2.) make an appointment so you have less of a wait time. We don't mind doing a jump-start on anyones taxes until all your information comes in but please don't blame us if YOU come in unprepared.

Syosset, NY

#473 Jan 25, 2012
I have been visiting H & R Block for years. Well, I went to the 920 3rd Avenue location and I have NEVER EVER EVER left an H&R location with so much steam coming out of my ears. They asked me to do a drop off b/c I could not stay, and I did. That was a HUGE mistake. I ended up going back there 3 times and the last time they were actually trying to ask me to come back again. NO BUENO!!!! NEVER AGAIN!!!! HORRIBLE SERVICE AND THEY DID NOT KNOW WHAT THEY WERE DOING!!!!

United States

#474 Jan 25, 2012
H&R B, Jackson Hewitt, all of those tax placex charge nearly $300 or more to file your taxes. Its free for a 1040 ez simple return, but 1040A or more complex returns, your coughn up the dough big time. , is free, turbo tax complex returns,around $66. I use turbo tax. Easy, fast and cheap. Hope this info helps. p.s. Takes 4 to 6 weeks papercheck in the mail. About 3 weeks direct deposit.

Dallas, TX

#475 Jan 26, 2012
Last year H&R block did my husband and I ok, but this year oh they tried to get over. Last year we didn't make as much money but with dependents we got back a nice refund through H&R, this year we mad very good money and they were only going to refund us 2,833. They stated that Obamha had taking away some EIC and that everyone was losing 800 off the top. No way I was going to be screwed, so we went to another tax place and we are getting almost 10,000. So we decided after this NO MORE H&R BLOCK. They don't have a clue as to what they are doing and they are complete screw ups.

Des Plaines, IL

#477 Jan 27, 2012
You can get your taxes done for free by going to . We've been doing taxes for free with efile for years. Only requirement.. family <50,000 income/ single <25,0000.

Pittsburgh, PA

#478 Jan 27, 2012
People H&R Block is not the same as it was years ago!!!! They no longer give u the money early...they have to wait til IRS pays them they pay u!!!! And they have raised their prices over the is no longer reasonable to go to them for simple forms or if u only have dependents!!!!! I paid 315 for them to do 1040 wit 3 dependents which any1 could have done themselves. Every city or community has help for those who can not. THIS YEAR IT IS TAKING WAY LONGER DUE TO IRS CHANGES!!!! BOUT 2-3 WEEKS EFILE on Emerald card!!!!!!! IM CURRENTLY ON MY 16TH DAY before the weekend now....IRS says FEB 3rd!!! FILED AT HR BLOCK ON JAN 13th!!! HR block will not disclose this with u so b prepared to wait longer than normal!!!!$315 for less than a hours time is ridiculous and ur not receiving the money any earlier than if u efile urself! Turbo Tax is the way to go...notice how HR Block now have the home edition cuz they know their offices will b closing!!! DO NOT USE HR BLOCK customer for many years and im fed up!!!! TOO EXPENSIVE FOR NOTHING!!!!!!
unhappy customer

Monroe, NC

#479 Jan 27, 2012
Do not go to h and r block! They tell you one thing while you are sitting there in front of them and then something totally different happens after you leave the office. Very misleading. They blame everything on the IRS
hendersonville NC

Hendersonville, NC

#480 Jan 27, 2012
H and R block is very misleading. They say you will get your money in 7-14 days. NOT!!!! going on 3 weeks now. then they say they can do nothing about it just keep calling and checking on the status, but yet they still get the fees you pay. it is not fair at all. I will never use h and r block again.
New to Block

Dayton, OH

#481 Jan 28, 2012
Right now the IRS is experiencing a serious delay in getting the refunds out. They are not coming out on the original projected dates. This is NOT H&R Block's fault. Yes, you still have to pay for your tax preparation fees regardless! Why should you get your tax prep fees refunded or reduced because the IRS (who is an entirely different entity from H&R Block) is experiencing problems?? PEOPLE! H&R BLOCK IS NOT THE IRS!!!

People are complaining about the prices. When you walk in the door, there is a Professional Services Board in front of your face. READ IT! This gives you a price RANGE based on the forms that you will need in order to process your return!! Each form that is REQUIRED has a price to prepare. If you feel you are being ripped off, I suggest you learn more about your own personal financial situation and become educated in the forms that are required for your own personal situation.

What you all don't understand is that in order to qualify to prepare these more in-depth forms for your specific situations, each H&R Block tax professional must pass training and certification in order to qualify to do that. Make sense?? H&R Block pays the IRS for each Tax Preparers individual tax prep number each year in addition to countless hours of training. We also have to spend time correcting the mistakes that our competitors screw up as well as the mistakes that individuals make when attempting to prepare their own taxes because they think they know what they are doing. NOTE TO ALL: before attempting to prepare your own taxes, please get some training. There is more to it than just popping some numbers in a box.
Dustin P

Albuquerque, NM

#482 Jan 30, 2012
H&R block charges based on a percentage. That means for it to cost you more they got you more. Used H&R Block to check my cpa's work and got more money back both times. After that i dismissed my CPA and went to h&R block.

Burlington, Canada

#483 Feb 1, 2012
Jim wrote:
<quoted text>
Well, I don't know how many years you are in the tax prep service, and I am not sure how good or bad you and your competitors are, but I am pretty confident that your punctuality in your comments are offsetting some people already. What? You are so busy that you can't type a capital to begin each sentense and just figure not to include the apostrophe where it should've been? You obviously has no respect for the people who will be reading this article and people can see your attitude in these comments already. I am not sure if H&R is as good as you say it is, but I can already tell that you are a somewhat hypocritical.

I believe the word you are looking for is "punctuation", not punctuality. The definition for those two words are completely different. Also the correct statement would be "You obviously have no respect..." not "has". Perhaps you should worry about your own grammar before you start blasting another for their mistakes. I think it is safe to state that...YOU are the hypocritical one!

Chandler, AZ

#484 Feb 1, 2012
H&R Block are a bunch of money hungry jerks.
I had been going for the passed 3 years and all they did was rape me this year with fees.
I'll NEVER go back.
just me

Muncie, IN

#485 Feb 1, 2012
Tricia wrote:
He's right! Come to Liberty Tax Service. If we quote you a price we stick to it and we wont try to sell you a bogus IRA either.
i went to h&r block 4 years ago and it took them over 2 hours just to give me some kind of number and i only had one W2 ! i can go on and on but my main thing is they advertise that they will stand behind you for a IRS audit that is all lies for one they make you pay them 200 dollars because its not even included into the 500 dollar fee and when i did get audited they where no were to be found. That place is nothing but lies ..Ive been going to Liberty tax for 3 years now and would never go any where different cause i know they get you max refund and will stand behind you.
jackie b

Wilmington, DE

#486 Feb 2, 2012
Just walked out of the H&R Block office. The guy talked down on me and treated me as some kind of untrustworthy person. I finally told him I wasn't comfortable talking to him and he got defensive and started writing comments on my file that I wasn't being honest. How to talk and treat people should be top priority and then to get us a good refund. I have to say though, this guy could only get me $1800, Jackson Hewitt got me $8000 - you chose the place you want to go. Plus was treated as a respectable person!
New to Block

Dayton, OH

#487 Feb 2, 2012
hendersonville NC wrote:
H and R block is very misleading. They say you will get your money in 7-14 days. NOT!!!! going on 3 weeks now. then they say they can do nothing about it just keep calling and checking on the status, but yet they still get the fees you pay. it is not fair at all. I will never use h and r block again.
When you had your taxes prepared by H&R Block, you were given a PROJECTED release date from the IRS- NOT one that H&R pulled out of the air. The IRS system crashed on January 17th due to the massive overload of returns that were dumped in one day. That is NOT H&R Block's fault. It is NOT H&R Block's fault that your return is going to be delayed due to a system malfunction within the IRS! And yes, H&R still does get the fees you pay because we are NOT the freaking IRS and it isn't our fault their system couldn't handle the overload. Also, we don't get our fees until you get your return so it isn't like we are raking in the cash at the public's expense. Check your facts and quit blaming H&R Block. I can guarantee you that no other tax prep business got funds released any sooner since this delay is affecting EVERYONE NATIONWIDE!!

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