Santa Cruz Harley Davidson dealership...

Santa Cruz Harley Davidson dealership shuts its doors

There are 95 comments on the Santa Cruz Sentinel story from Nov 12, 2008, titled Santa Cruz Harley Davidson dealership shuts its doors. In it, Santa Cruz Sentinel reports that:

When Santa Cruz Harley-Davidson owner Mike James took out a magazine ad last month for the dealership's "The End of the World as We Know It" sale, he said it was meant to be irreverent and edgy.

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Tax payer

United States

#85 Dec 6, 2008
Boy there sure are a lot of cruel hearted judgmental folks in Santa Cruz these days. I am glad you are all so perfect. Can not wait to see how happy you are when more companies you all hate go under and your job base goes down while your taxes go up. Have fun when the city files bankruptcy. It must make your lives really suck to be so perfect and hate so much. I am going to thank God I do not have to know you. Hate is a lonely way to live. What happened to dont judge and love your neighbor. You get rid of all the peaple you hate and you will still be sad and alone.

San Francisco, CA

#86 Dec 6, 2008
Harry Balsonia wrote:
I think we should hold a rally there, and put all you "surf dudes" in ur place .... keep buying your honda's, toyota's, kawasaki's and bring down the economy some more .... i see the people walking around seabright, looks like they are homeless and most look like the cant wipe their ****... a holes
It takes a real brave man to swear and make fun of homeless people. Especially hiding behind a computer. You epitomize the dog crap we don't want to step in, or hear.
Rick and Linda


#87 Dec 10, 2008
We are really sorry to hear that the dealership closed. Even though we live in Southern California, we loved to shop there. We were wondering why we had not received any recent e-mails and decided to check. The people were awesome and the bikes were great. Good luck in your future. You will be missed!
Jeff Carter

Palo Alto, CA

#88 Feb 13, 2009
Just a follow-up to your article about SC Harley-Davidson closing their doors. In various quotes on the web and in Mike James web, he comes across as the victim but it should be noted that anyone who bought prepaid service programs and hadn't used them yet, were left high and dry with no communication from James for restitution. Some other local H-D dealerships offered to honor these services but it had a limited time attached and unfortunately, I didn't find out about the closing for close to a month after SCHD closed their doors. This type of ownership and really, robbery should be published rather than the woes of the owner.
Fat guy on a bike

Manteca, CA

#89 Mar 9, 2009
Just want to say ME and ABOUT 250 of MY FAT OLD FART BUDDYS will make sure that u dont miss out on are loud ass pipes! we will make it a point to go down soquel roasting tires and blasting the shit out of are pipes just for U.. and old time sakes..

Palo Alto, CA

#91 Mar 10, 2009
Yup wrote:
<quoted text>
And we'll make sure to spray a fine layer of diesel fuel at a curve on Hwy 9 or Skyline, also just for "U". That should be fun watching you lay it down and open up 'yur' skin on the asphalt. Look to see 'yur' video on YouTube!! Har har dee har!!
Careful there homer, you are proposing premeditated murder...

Not funny at all when you get convicted and are now bubba's butt buddy...

San Jose, CA

#92 Mar 10, 2009
Sanity_Rules wrote:
<quoted text>
Careful there homer, you are proposing premeditated murder...
Not funny at all when you get convicted and are now bubba's butt buddy...
Doubtful. First ya gotta die. They might just get some nasty raspberries. Second, vandalism or obstructing a roadway might be more fitting. Third, ya gotta catch someone and prove it was them!!

Windsor, Canada

#93 Mar 10, 2009
Yup wrote:
<quoted text>
Doubtful. First ya gotta die. They might just get some nasty raspberries. Second, vandalism or obstructing a roadway might be more fitting. Third, ya gotta catch someone and prove it was them!!
Doubtful. First ya gotta die. They might just get some nasty raspberries>

Or they just might die. If that happens, and you have stated here that you "might" just do such a thing, I imagine you "might" just have some explaining to do. Like "where were you on the night of...."

Greenock, UK

#94 Mar 28, 2009
It's quite sad to read all these negative comments about Harley riders.Here in Scotland the opposite is true of them,they raise a lot of money for charity and just enjoy riding their bikes WITHOUT attitude.The other sad thing is that with most of the guys it's their dream to ride Route 66 or just ANYWHERE in the land of the best bike in the world.
Reading all these negative comments leaves me to think we are better off here riding in the rain and on the occasional sunny day.Maybe too much sun IS bad for you.

Watsonville, CA

#95 May 1, 2009
Realist123 wrote:
You nimrods really think just because the local dealer went out of business that loyalists won't just get their motorcycles from somewhere else and ride down your o-so precious Soquel Street. Just wait until some how, some way this ecomony hits you. Karma baby...
Keep your Florida thoughts to yourself.

The fact is this: Harley people pay a premium for motorcycles with a shi**y mufflers. Why is this? The reason is that Harley riders, as a whole, have had broken family upbringings and need attention and a clan to call their own. Yes, there are exceptions here and there, like the I-like-to-make-believe-I'm-a-b ad-ass-biker gang who buy Harleys to fantasize on the weekends that they aren't ACTUALLY rich and emotionally well off. However, the big picture is that Harley riders overall come from broken families, and are looking for a replacement family, and get real offensive and defensive when they are with their Harley family. The noise that comes out of their mufflers at stop lights says to me, "PUTT-PUTT-INSECURE-INSEC URE-PUTT-PUTT!" Harley riders would be better off building good families to replace the broken families they grew up with, instead of wasting money on motorcycles with a broken mufflers.

United States

#96 Jul 3, 2009
Well, it's true... Sadly, a lot of Harley rides are a-holes. Not all, I ride a 2007 Heritage, quiet pipes, do my best to be courteous and respectful of others. I'm a motorcyclist, not a Harley Rider. I just liked the way the bike looked, that's all, screw the symbolism. To me, it's about the ride, not the bike.

As for one less dealership, well business is business, supply and demand. What goes under today will not affect how Harley makes or sells thier overpriced bikes.

We live in a boom and bust economy, in a few years someone else will start selling Harleys down in SC once we go into a boom cycle again, gaurenteed! Even if it's an a-hole... It's business!
Ghost Cat wrote:
So glad to see you go! In my opinion, the "Harley Rider" I'm so cool, I'm so bad, I'm so tough, I'm so free because I can roar my loud, obnoxious, I ride a "Harley" life style down your throat and if it bothers you, too bad because I'm a biker, and I don't care, so get out of my way, is such dead energy! Harley Davidson, the American status symbol that represents the "bully" mentality and the pack consciousness that supports it. Sure some nice people ride, but, in my opinion I have found that most of the personality types that embrace the Harley Rider lifestyle are usually the personality types that also embrace bullying others. I have known a lot of bikers in my life and most of them are power tripping, pro military, pro war, pro violence, racist ***holes.

Phoenix, AZ

#97 Jul 13, 2009
Buy american, support your country! If the bikers bother you maybe you should stay home, everywhere you go your complaining about something aren't you!

Bakersfield, CA

#98 Aug 23, 2009
I used to live in the area and everyone I met was pretty concerned about each other, I guess things change according to some of the posts here. When people get older and put on weight lets all make fun of them. Everyone has releases in life why knock someone for their desires. Look in a mirror and make fun of yourself first Iam sure there will bw more material there than on the street. Someone just lost their livly hood and al we have are smart remarks? No wonder this country is in the shape it is.........

Santa Cruz, CA

#99 Dec 4, 2011
I went through my Harley phase after a divorce. Got the Harley, a hot "hard belly", but not the tattoo. Got over it. Love to ride, but will buy a Honda next time. It is embarrassing to be associated with the aging, wannabe "bad boys". Even the Hell's Angels and their ilk have become clowns. Good riddance to an over-priced piece of loud junk.

Santa Cruz, CA

#100 Dec 4, 2011
Horst wrote:
Buy american, support your country! If the bikers bother you maybe you should stay home, everywhere you go your complaining about something aren't you!
It isn't the motorcycle. That is just a pile of overpriced, poorly-made machinery. It is the mental state of the people who buy them. If you want to ride because you enjoy riding, Harleys are the last thing you buy. If you want to pretend you are a bad-ass "biker", a one-percenter, a Hell's Angel wannabe, the Harley is for you. It doesn't bother anyone I know that you have a bunch of fat old clowns pretending to be pirates, it bothers us when they drive down the street with extra-loud pipes or go into one of our favorite bars and take over half the room. My son went up against two Ghost Riders a week ago that were hassling some girl. They couldn't get out of the bar fast enough. Let them play their games, but not in our backyard.

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