The word as come down from HDMC corporate headquarters to all the dealerships that they are not allowed to sell anything to any aftermarket retailers that offer service who is not in their "local market". Local market area is spelled out in zip codes that have been compiled by corporate. Each dealership has received their list of zip codes that are considered their local market.
As an independant motorcyle/retail/service shop we are stunned by this new policy. In America, we have a such a thing as "Freedom of Enterprise". We should be allowed to purchase from whomever we wish. Coporate doesn't care about the hd dealers that have acquired their aftermarket retailers through great customer service,reliability,and honesty because they will still get their share of the pie and it doesn't matter which dealership makes the initial sale. Many dealerships stand to lose over $400,00.00 yearly in sales.
Our shop offered a 10% discount to military (retired,active duty, etc.)Even if we got an initial discount we still paid shipping and sales tax so in the end we weren't making any profit.. We were only making it more affordable and convenient for our customers, especially with our current economy.
We will consult with our attorney and I'm sure we are not the only ones.