merchandising execution team
not orange blooded

Tarrytown, NY

#21 Apr 6, 2010
StickyMonkey wrote:
How many MET associates does it take to ACTUALLY finish a job?
a. 10
b. 20
c. 30
d. unknown because they've never finished anything!!!
That would be a big ol' D in my store too! I can't tell you all how many times I've given these nimrods my IMS cart and come back after lunch to find they either hadn't done a damn thing, OR (and this is the one that REALLY chaps my hide!) they've priced the bay WRONG!!! OR, even more fun, when you discover that they've only moved the facing products around and six inches back you find what used to be in the home, still sitting there!!! I especially like that they get to spend their first couple of hours every morning gossiping or making up new rap songs. It's almost as if they're know where one person kinda works and the other nine are on their "break". Hey wait, I wanna be a Teamster too! No fair!!!.....grumble grumble grumble
love it! and what about all the clearance stuff that you knew was there, but all of a sudden after MET comes in, you can't find it??!!

Somerset, NJ

#22 Apr 6, 2010
Really. Easy? Try working out here. Their supervisor is with them and they still cant get it right. I walk in and met is at every computer in store printing pogs for and hr at a time. We have enough to do than to babysit someone elses team.
Oris wrote:
I have never had any problem with the MET team. I am a Dept. Sup and I welcome their help when they come in. I get with the other supervisors over my depts and use them to help me reset bays and do specific tasks. I use them as extra aprons. Stop complaining...the Met teams are just like any other sales associate on the floor. If they have no directions then they do nothing. If you have problems with specific MET associates get with thier supervisor or manager. Easy...
The Mess Up Team

Hanover, PA

#23 Apr 7, 2010
How the HD thought giving these goof-balls the job of executing anything is beyond me. They all come strolling in at 6am laughing and whistling like it is party time. Then they talk about what bar they went to last night, or what they are going to be selling on ebay from the stuff that suddenly disappears when they go out to their cars every hour. But my favorite story is when 10 of them are "working" and they have a planogram and still screw it up so bad, its a joke. Way to go Home Depot!

New Bedford, MA

#24 Apr 11, 2010
Met team rocks Cuz..
MET is worthless

Englewood, OH

#25 Apr 22, 2010
They only cover the same few bays per department every other week. We have resets needed a month ago and they are still not done. MET just stands around talking, doing nothing. They only started talking to customers when they recently had to wear name badges.. What a bad idea...I miss the vendors and beam team.

Nazareth, PA

#26 Apr 30, 2010
I read the two pages of MET hate tonight and honestly I am taken back. I have been with Home Depot, working with the met team for 8 mo.s now and I am getting the same response from the aprons I work with in my stores. I wanted to get on here and blast you guys, but all i am going to say is that it goes both ways. I see store associates doing nothing too. There are aprons who don't have a clue what their talking about, and who demonstrate horrible customer service. There are times my teammates and I will be working on a project and the associates just stand there and stare at us not wanting to lift a finger to do anything. They know when we are coming in and they leave all kinds of crap for us to do, that they just didn't feel like doing. Are all you guys this way? No absolutely not. I am just saying it goes both ways. If you don't have the guts to say something to someone higher up then yourself, or to someone's face, I suggest just stop whining, go to work. Collect your check and go home. It pretty easy to rant and rave online where no one can look you in the eye.
Spoken like a true MET

Hanover, PA

#27 May 5, 2010
When the MET comes in our store they outnumber associates 5 to 1. When we cover at least 2 depts at a time, why would we do anything to help when after you guys leave, we are fixing all your mistakes! Telling management about it and they say they do not want to hear anything negative about MET,because no one is perfect. Doesn't MET stand for Merchandising-Execution-Team or does is it mean Mistakes-Every-Time?

Nazareth, PA

#28 May 7, 2010
Wah Waah Waaah
So i guess you are going to have to get over it if management is on board. Don't you think?

Tarrytown, NY

#29 May 7, 2010 all need to walk in others shoes...I came from a store after many many years..and MET is an awsome opportunity..if the stores offered some support in numerous ways bussiness would strive. Almost everytime i myself walk into a store (TO ADD SUPPORT) i recieve no cooporation i find this very disappointing..and maybe this is why MET can not execute the plan for the day,and complete the goals we set for ourselves..again coming from a store i find this to be a a disgrace..i would like to think that we all seek the same goal....excellence...maybe if the stores worked with the MET and vise versa we would truly show that we are in fact part of a great company..THINK ABOUT IT>>

Tarrytown, NY

#30 May 7, 2010
O.K let's get real people... MET.. you know when you walk into a store..the asociates disapear..and here we are doing all their customer service...they can take off their aprons ..and become invisable... and he we are with our bright orange shirts...who do you think the customer expects the undivided time and attention from... YES here we are doing the job the associates should be doing... while tring to do ours ...imposssable if you ask me...I think the associates should be held accountable on the floor, and not be sent home to cut hours...maybe the vendors should reconsider the shirt color a MET member i personally do not need to be wearing orange to help another person ..that is part of being a good person and part of the home depot and the values..

Köln, Germany

#31 May 7, 2010
ok first of all, saying the phrase "MET team" is redundant. it's not a Merchandising Execution Team team, it's the MET. do you call a MOD a "MOD on duty"? lol c'mon now.. And second, the branch of the MET that services my department rarely gets stuff done and we're left having to clean it up. also, the one guy from the MET is a jerk and doesn't want anything to do with customers and always speaks with irritation. they seemed to have rounded up a bunch of new hires and part timers and freight team people and gave them a position on the merchandising team. now THAT is a joke...
MET is saving HD

United States

#32 May 8, 2010
The fact is that our apron associates just suck. We were discouraged from hiring store associates because many are just over paid jerks waiting for time to go by. We have to change our culture to keep up with the competition, and MET is forcing that to happen.
met is the truth

Renton, WA

#33 May 13, 2010
MET is saving HD wrote:
The fact is that our apron associates just suck. We were discouraged from hiring store associates because many are just over paid jerks waiting for time to go by. We have to change our culture to keep up with the competition, and MET is forcing that to happen.
I don't know whats going on in other districst but here in Washington State we have a great MET!

1. Cashiers that wanted out of the box.
2. ISS vendors from previous contracts.(Mainly the good ones, with a few exceptions, happens.)
3. Outside hires that are paid bunk.

Too all the people saying that met team doesn't do anything, take a look around,

too the openers: What do you do when MET is around?; NOTHING.(and if you do congratulations you're in the minority)
too the closers: Do you bitch this much when your openers leave pallets on the floor, YES, sometimes it happens right? Maybe they had an abnormal amount of customers.
too the DHs: Why not do your paperwork when MET is in the house?, shoot maybe MET will do your paper work for you, they do everything else!
too the ASMs: Get your DHs and Associates too give MET anything they need to get their jobs done, communicate, extra tools, HELP THE CUSTOMERS that we cant. Also: if you want better work done, compliment a Merch Assoc. when you notice them doing an exceptional job.

Basically what I see this as is a huge BITCH session too people that didn't get hired onto the MET.

The only people working in the stores that knew the job of a merchandiser are now working on the MET.

And for all of you that think that MET is stealing your job, you're right!, But lucky for you Home Depot isn't paying a dime for any of it. 2% off the top of every vendors sales (minus some paint, power-tool, and plant vendors), per department, pays for the met team.

Too the people that think the MET team is too big and should split up. Does this mean more management? you cant have people without management, and frankly, letting the stores manage the merchandisers is a horrible horrible idea.

HORRAY FOR MET TAKING OVER C-MAP,, besides a few; most cross merchandisers didn't do jack shit. MET completed quarter 2's C-MAP in ONE DAY, all clip strips, shadow boxes, all new tags, fully stocked, and sequenced. How can you beat that?

Summary: help MET anyway you can and cut the jealous bullshit out, cheers.

Palatine, IL

#34 May 13, 2010
Met team is just a bunch of shelf stockers that work off of planagrams as well as doing misc. clean up jobs. No customers to worry about, no asm's and store managers micro managing and attempting to fire them every second of every day. Not a bad job for a bunch of high energy young people that don't know anything about the home improvement business.
Unionize Home Depot

Wilmington, DE

#35 May 14, 2010
More examples of some flavor of the month selling this idea to the clean suites. Now we have the met team. give it 2 years and there will be another bad idea replacing this.

Atlanta, GA

#36 May 26, 2010
Thank you for your support.
MET manager

Atlanta, GA

#37 May 26, 2010
Wow! i am glad that people know how to address their issues in an adult manner. We as MET work as hard as we can every day. Do we have bad days? Do we make mistakes? Of course! we are people. I know that some of the things we do frustrate the store and sometimes frustrate us but if we judged all store assosiates by picking out the worst or all stores by the worst then we should all just close up shop and go home. I have said several times that it would be great for all MET to work as assosiates and see how tough that is and for all asosiates to do the MET for a week or so and see the other side. I have worked in stores, as a vendor and as MET. We all are just doing the job that we are told to. Some better than others but that is life.

Nazareth, PA

#38 May 26, 2010
Quick impression. WAAH WAAH i'm and associate and I am jealous of MET's hours and free spirited ways of thinking. I'm gonna complain because I'm miserable 24/7.
no more secrets

Palatine, IL

#39 May 27, 2010
Met team members I meant no disrespect with my earlier post. I was responding to a complaint about pay for met team members vs associates, We both have functions and generally do one heck of a job fulfilling those functions. Both equally disrespected by home deep hole management!

West Covina, CA

#40 May 28, 2010
not orange blooded wrote:
<quoted text> More aprons on the floor, MY ASS. that's a big ass lie. one associate to cover three department some days! tell the lazy asm's and manager to get their aprons on the floor!
Talk to your store about this. MET has no controll over store coverage, but we do help with customers as much as possible if time permits.

Plain and simple, the question really is: Do you want the previous OUTSIDE vendors to come back to the stores?...Think about this for a second. Not only does MET's payroll NOT effect the store WHAT SO EVER, but you get a larger workforce because we cut out the middle man.

Do any of you know how things used to work? How those guys in the green, blue, fake orange, got paid? How much money the company simply WASTED using outside InStore Service reps?

The suppliers (the people who send HD stuff to sell in the store) paid Home Depot BIG dollars to hire In Store Service Reps, Home Depot then contracted the jobs to Out of House service companies at a rediculous rate. Those Out of House service companies then would use that money run their business. At the end of the day how many QUALITY employees do you think they were able to hire for the peanuts they were offering? A a handfull...the rest would screw around and do nothing.

When I was in the store, before joining MET, I saw several reps come up to the service desk where they would "clock in", make their little PDA beep, then walk right back out the door to "go on break" for ONE HOUR...This SAME situation happened again after joining MET, this time the Store Manager saw this and TIMED these guys...she was so pissed off, told my manager to do something about it, which he did. He called their manager, and then his manager, and so on and so on...No one from the company was going to do anything about these guys that were WASTING company time!

I know this was NOT the only example any one of us could give, there is plenty more out there and that is why the HD decided to cut out the middle man, and make the company money racther than waste it on Out side service groups. We do NOT want this way of life to come back to the HD!

You have to look at the big picture here guys! Yes, your MET may suck...I'm sorry about that, but what are you doing about it? Complaining on here wont do you any good aside from just venting frustrations. Which is all well and good, but the problem will still be there when they come back to your store.

The best way to make things turn around for you and your MET is to start with the bottom, get to know and work with the associates, most of them are great people just like you store associates and you just gotta get to know them and see what they are about. Plus they will get to see what youre about and how you work and appreciate what you guys go thru everyday.

After awhile, you will REALLY see a difference! I'm experiancing it every day in my district and it is a wonderfull and awesome turn around! I love my stores and they love our team! We work together, not against one another.
Anthony, the SM at 6663 has been a huge part of this change as well as Sherwana, our DM who made Anthony the Captain of MET & Store relations- yes our district was THAT bad, that we needed a captain of this. I love working for District 26, and MOST of the store associates that work there. TEAM WORK! LOVE IT!

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