Just hired as a temp.

Denver, CO

#1 Mar 28, 2012
Hey everyone. I was just recently hired as a part time temp employee. I was under the impression that I was going to be a "Part time" employee, instead, I've noticed that I'm working more near 40 hours per week. No one told me a computer did the scheduling either.I also have other obligations and take some set days off per week. We're horribly understaffed, I'm constantly being left in the dept by myself, only a few weeks into working at THD, and expected to know the product and give answers on things I don't know. The computer training is helpful but isn't a substitute from actually using the products. I'm in college and thought this was going to be a part time gig. Instead I think they're trying to work me until I decide to leave after my 90 days. I didn't go to University of Home Depot and I don't appreciate the lack of consideration from my fellow employees or management. I'm starting to hate THD. Is this how the company is ran everywhere?.
unlawful HD

Tucson, AZ

#2 Mar 29, 2012
Carl wrote:
Is this how the company is ran everywhere?.

Denver, CO

#3 Mar 29, 2012
I should probably just find a different job then haha. I'm sorry I didn't know one was to make THD their life if they work there. Screewww that.

La Mesa, CA

#4 Mar 30, 2012
HD has gone down the tubes (as far as a mainly full-time, happy work force is concerned), and it began in December of 2000. The Curse of Bob Nardelli continues...

Roseville, MI

#5 Mar 31, 2012
Run Carl, Run!

Salt Lake City, UT

#6 Mar 31, 2012
I will be soon. This place is a dead end glorified wall mart.

“What happened to self reliance”

Since: Jul 11

Los Altos Hills, CA

#7 Apr 1, 2012
Welcome to the world of retail. If you work in it for a living, prepare for a living hell where you're forced to smile. If it's temp thing, be glad you have a job.

Salt Lake City, UT

#8 Apr 1, 2012
And screw the Fast system. I'm out.
not orange blooded

Medina, OH

#9 Apr 6, 2012
carl-LEAVE NOW before HD takes away your integrity, your morals, and your brains. They WILL suck the life out of you. This company is NOT WORTH IT

Cathedral City, CA

#10 Apr 29, 2012
It wasn't like that for me...I keep a close relationship with my managers...never talk to them unless it's just hi and bye...so they never mess with me and scheduling sucks because the fast system here though I only get 20 hrs and have to figure out how to snake 15 hrs every week just to make a decent check

Lake Stevens, WA

#11 May 3, 2012
Carl, for some, they live off of the HOme Depot, and are dang thankful for the hours, and even to be working.

You're whining over 30+ hours of work? Really?

I hope you're studying for a very high paying degree that's actually in demand.(Engineering or Medical Field) or you're pretty much going to be looking at Home Depot again.

So far, I'm loving Home Depot. Your job as an Associate, is so simple, it's almost rediculous.

Just do what you're instructed to do. Read item information that is presented above or below the products, and any basics you need to know are written.

If you don't have experience using the products, go to the classroom sessions that they host in-store. Seriously.

My worse retail experience was Target, they fire you for "being too helpful" and "Spending more time then needed to assist Guests" (Customers=Guests in Target lingo)

Home Depot so far, has been incredible for me. Co-Workers are amazing. Management is amazing. If you're doing what you're supposed to do, you wont have issues.

If hours are an issue, then put into preferences on your apron account the days/hours you're available.

If your department is undermanned, radio for help.

If you have more customers than you can take care of, radio for more associates to come and help those customers.

It really is that simple.

Pacoima, CA

#12 May 18, 2013
carl wrote:
I will be soon. This place is a dead end glorified wall mart.
Carl I just got hired at HD and I'm experiencing the same thing its ridiculous and I never get a break because I'm the only one who's ever in my department and management only favors the ones who kiss ass and want to be apart of the little click all I want to do my job and go home? With the help of fellow employees! Anyways I understand what you are saying Carl..

Irwin, PA

#13 May 22, 2013
thats odd. i am a manager at a homedepot and we are told no part timers will get more than 29 hours do to obama care. No joke thats what our store manager said.

United States

#14 May 27, 2013
Now you know why the HD don't want unions!
Temp David

San Francisco, CA

#15 Jun 4, 2013
Actually, I am quite amazed by the business model. Never Have I seen so many, happily work so hard for so little.

Lakewood, CA

#16 Jul 11, 2013
I pretty much guessed thats why HD is starting o screw with the schedules of full time associates. They want them all to quit.

United States

#17 Aug 2, 2013
I was hired as a temp in March of this year. Not my First choice, want thrilled about going back to retail. So I was told when I was hired that it was temp/seasonal but that after the 90 day"contract" period, that usually half or more were offered full time permanent. So I agreed even tho the idea of temp didn't thrill me either. Nut unfortunately, a lot of employers are going to the temp model to avoid paying benefits, including unemployment.

As of the end of this month I am at 120 days so I figured I'd bring it up since no one had brought it up with me. I am 47 with a mortgage and banking background. But after being unemployed for quite some time, I had to take what I could find. So I asked one of the head cashiers about it and they informed me that they had changed the temp timeframe to 180 says ---- that's 6 months!! U thought that couldn't be right. Everyone told me what a great company they were to work for, it had to be a misunderstanding. So the next time I worked, I asked the asst manager. I told him that I had been told there was a 90 day temp period thinking that surely they would grandfather in those that had been told differently. But no, he confirmed it!!! I am furious!! I would've never agreed that! So I am supposed to just hang out for another two months, which puts me at the beginning of winter, and MAYBE I'll be offered a permanent job??? So sorry but it's about pRincipal now. You lied to me in order to give s few extra dollars to your shareholders. You didn't live up to your end of the contract so why the fuck should I???

Cottonwood, AZ

#18 Aug 6, 2013
Obamacare is what there hiding behind, and there a cheap company that is loving off the past...get out and find a better company to work for.

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