Does the Aware Line record your call?

Edmond, OK

#41 Mar 17, 2012
I've had 2 different experiences with the alert line. I can't say if the calls are OR aren't recorded, but I can say without a doubt that the calls will come back to bite you in the ass! I made one call against a former DH & Asst. Mgr. while not giving my name. It probably wasn't a week later that i get called into the office by the store mgr. & HR person to get bitched at about it! They know regardless! The people with the alert line don't care either!
wind walker

Atlanta, GA

#42 May 1, 2012
most or all of this goes on in all stores,sad as it may that i have been here 20 years i am considered to be useless because the click is young.the target on my back is blinking orange to see from afar.lawyers cost to much as in another post thd has many of them to make your life hell.good luck to all.
iheartThd since 1996

Charleston, AR

#43 Aug 10, 2012
toomuch wrote:
I called the awareness line and I ask twice if calls are recorded and two different people say NO CALLS ARE NOT RECORDED , only documented all the concerns stated on the conversation that is why they give you a report # and pin # and date for follow up , for each concern you report to them. now if they do recorded then this will be a nice legal arbitration aganints them ,
They can not have retiliation againts the employee who called the awareness line , it got it be some point where Atlanta want to know what is happening and fixed the problem I do not think they are up for more legal trouble
I agree, I've called on many issues, & tips for issues I've seen & heard of. I think the real trick to it is,If or When your targeted, you've got to call it in again! Atlanta cares but the management teams in the stores realky think they're gods! You've got to get them dealt with!call and keep calling!!!

Phoenix, AZ

#44 Aug 28, 2012
Sorry to say but they are not required by any law to inform you that the conversation is recorded.

United States

#45 Jan 15, 2013
been there done that dated a woman who had slept with multiple people including a manager I got fired because she cheated on me with another associate she had time in I didn't I got fired she got a slap on the rist. oh and rumors are there is a rumor there is some at my store now that has partys at her house and sleeps with everyone she works with tami swain at 0226 asds who likes to tell us what we can do and not do but she can have drunk partys at her house but she is charge of our store what ever she says goes where is the mangr why is she so important why can she break the rules and not us she is special I guess she can have the partys at her house I know I have been there but I can't date who I want to this is bullshit she is the multiple felony but I get warned about it

United States

#46 Jan 15, 2013
so pretty much this woman tamI swain store 0226 will never get in trouble so why pay attention to through rules I can break them too it is not fair to me see someone I want to but she can fuck everyone she wants toI am sure this will never come about if you are actually ask Gary ask darren ask jay ask robbie her ex ask mike they all work at my sto except robbie he id not fired

United States

#47 Jan 16, 2013
lol no thoughts she get what she wants
corporate greed killer

Kansas City, MO

#48 Jan 16, 2013
carri ann piller wrote:
the aware line does record your call and they tell you how you are wrong to complain and they send all the info to your store manager and district hr. so they know its time to get rid of you! i did not go to work yesterday because i am afraid of what they wil do to me next. the store i work in 4878 new milford ct. my girlfriend was a favorite to be promioted to assistant store manager until she started complaining about the injustice in the store. she went on leave of absence to get away from the drama and they fired her! because i will not ignore their misconduct, i now am facing the bullet after 12 years of service to a company whose only concern now is money apparently. they've promoted two part-time associates to department head. and one pathetic department head to assistant manager in the same store!!! i feel like there is no recourse for those of us who strive to do whats right. what does one do? and is there any benefit from filing a lawsuit?
Yes i was a former dept head that at one time was on track to become asm. I know for a fact that these comments are real. I have heard names given when aware line calls come through. They know who made the call and you are eventually done. Home Depot wants the outside world to think they are a great place to work and shop. All they care about is their fat wallets. They take billions and offer their lifeblood hardwaorking employees nothing but greif and a small penance for reimbursment. Walmart gets bad reporting but from my experience 5 1/2 years with Home Depot and 2 years with Walmart. Home Depot is just as bad, if not worse. Try calling the aware line and talking to the aforementioned people telling you you should not be complaining, when you are actually calling about the district HR using their position to give their spouse unfair customer advantages (knowledge on how to work the system to get discounts that most customers don't get). I was fired through an investigation led by the district HR and the district HR documented lies about me, but it did not matter due to her position. I was fired for taking care of a customer and protecting the company assets but with position and ingenuity they were able to figure out a way that I had violated company policy. Home Depot is corrupt and evil. If you have worked there and no longer do, consider yourself fortunate. Move on to a better job. Shop at a better company. Carma will bite them eventually.

United States

#50 Jan 18, 2013
why can tami tell me when I have to be at work because I have a kid but she can go and come as she please is that fair no I don't think so I beg you to fire me because I have a kid she can get special treatment buy we can't

United States

#51 Jan 18, 2013
you don't believe us ask her ex boyfriend Robbie he knows she cheated on him

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#52 Jan 18, 2013
you don't believe me have someone watch when she comes to work and when she schedules herself cause she Is special she can do what and who she wants she Is the boss

Arvada, CO

#53 Jan 25, 2013
On a somewhat unrelated note, my store has been starting to harass us in the front end about getting consumer credit cards. Half of us have gotten a verbal "consultation" for not meeting or minimum required amount. The next step is to get written up. All of us feel that this is absolutely ludicrous, and that something should be done. I agree, but I don't know how to go about doing something, or who to go to. I have thought about using the aware line, but I don't know how safe that is. I'm thinking about quitting because this is so wrong, but I can't afford to stop working... Any suggestions out tips or help?

Newburgh, NY

#54 Jan 27, 2013
i've read all the complaints and i'm going to make my statement short. HomeDepot started as family orientented company, commited to that principal.I am about to lose mylife ue to medical conditio created by Home Deopt employees and staff even after reported and I'm still fighting. Each day I fight to get medicine and to keep my home for my familiy and I gave Home Depot 10 years of excellence. The only thing I did wron is not to fit in with the click that mattered because of my ethnicity. I won't let this end, as long as I have breath , some lawyer, judge, civil attorny, or media will hear this terrible story. Even a dog would be called an ambulance when having a heart attack on the job... why was I not!!

Rancho Cordova, CA

#55 Jan 27, 2013
Karl Von Bunnypants wrote:
This is for former HD management and HR.
A DH told me she went went upsairs and got to hear a complaint agenst her...
That makes me wonder, are the calls recorded? if they are, its easy to for management to pinpoint who the call is from.
The thing is they probably do. But if they don't. You want to treat it like you do, if you call....

Rancho Cordova, CA

#56 Jan 27, 2013
You should also treat the call as if they have caller ID. Whether they do or don't... Block your number, change your voice, that's if you don't want them to know. Who it is calling. I plan on calling on our store. Our store is corrupt, with so many things going on that's not supposed to be. Also have your wife or husband call blocking the phone number.... Good luck.

United States

#57 Jul 13, 2013
unethical wrote:
<quoted text>
so what? how are they going to resolve your IP address to you without a subpoena from the court?
and if you're worried about having your IP address recorded, just send it anonymously via TOR
Just would like to know: what is TOR?

Los Angeles, CA

#58 Jul 21, 2013
With the knowledge of the Awareline being a bad idea; I want to know how you would handle this...
Before leaving work yesterday from my HD in Southern Calif. I found out rather by accident that one of our ASM managers had garden workers block outside garden emergency exits with a full wrapped pallet of bark. The reason was a roll-out at a nearby store. I suggested the workers should unblock that exit at once, but they didn't due to being so fearful of this bully ASM. I almost stopped by the local fire station on my way home to report it. I have a pic of the blocked door in my phone.
If the awareline isn't the thing to do...what is?
Please give me some ideas?
Belinda Loux

New Caney, TX

#59 Jul 23, 2013
A class action law suit is necessary. I have been through HELL! I can't fight to keep my store running the way it needs to AND KEEP FIGHTING FOR MY JOB!!! One week it's do it this way, the next do it like this. then you get a documentation for not doing it the way they said the first time.
HD hates unions

San Jose, CA

#60 Jul 31, 2013
They don't have unions because 2/3 of employees are part time and can't joint them. That and there's an ENTIRE portion of the training called 'protecting your signature' that's a brainwashing video about why unions are evil and you shouldn't join them. I kid you not my friends.

I was about to call the aware line but after reading all of these it's a bad idea. My gf's corporate job had 2 people call their hot line, both were gone within a week.

And working at HD is a joke. They don't train you at all, and when you can FINALLY do some real learning by shadowing someone for 3 days (you know, like the 3 day checklist they make you print out/read during training says to do), they tell you that you're not going to do that. And you can't ask the MOD about it because there is NO MANAGER ON DUTY. Instead you'll be alone on the floor on the first day, not knowing where anything is or how to answer customer fix it questions, then blamed when people complain.

Also they'll make you close until 11pm 4 out of your 5 days even though when THEY asked about your availability you told them you'd prefer morning shift because your significant other also works nights and someone needs to be there for the kid during the day.

Point being it's not worth the pay for all the work they make you do. You're on your feet 8 hours a day, and walk a couple miles every shift. And whoever said the managers surround themselves with sycophants, you are correct. They can do no wrong and everything is the new guys fault somehow. Also if you're a senior employee technically no higher up than anyone else, you can ignore return carts and no manager will care.

And someone who said we complain about making $12/hr now, we don't even make that in a known-to-be-expensive area of California! Cheaps SOB's...

Denver, CO

#61 Aug 1, 2013
not orange blooded wrote:
you man our right of "free speech" has been taken away? crap. I should have been more selective in my words when I mentioned how the management at the stores are UNETHICAL, IMMORAL, LIARS, MANIPULATORS, BITCHES, and have live in relationships with their younger male department heads! i am in trouble!(tee hee)
I heard that the AWARE line was a bunch of horse shit. I ws curious to see what others had to say and it seems that everything is kind of agreeing with what I am saying. It is so wrong. I am currently there now and just miserable.. the things they make us do are kind of demoralizing. Its disturbing to see how people are treated just for money... I hope this company one day gets revealed....

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