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Edmond, OK

#229 Mar 17, 2012
san diego rosecrans home wrote:
the LOss Prevention unfairly terminated me for a line item void on the register and acussed me of being a theive anyone else this happened to???????
I've also worked in loss prevention before. From my experience, we looked for all kinds of "loss" and determined what actions to take accordingly. I think that each company that has LP's on staff all have different ways of going about things. I can't speak as to what the stores LP's did OR didn't do in your case. I do know that in most casees they will look for for any and every small details if they believe that someone is "dirty." Even though that may not have been the issue here with you, they could've been looking into other details of your past performance history. Were there any other instances where this happened or had you given them any reasons otherwise that would cause them to be looking at you more closely?

United States

#230 Mar 28, 2012
Sue Home Depot Now wrote:
Lawyers representing former Home Depot Associates are investigating employment practices regarding age discrimination.
*Hi, I need to talk to any one lawyer to represent a home depot I know an a person wants money from your company call me any time at nine4ninefive33ninesix nineone.

United States

#231 Mar 28, 2012
Any lawyer from home depot I now a guy wants to get fraud to your company all he wants is easy money he made severals frauds LA.times etc.any lawyer from home depot can call me any time at nine4ninefive33ninesix nineone. Thanks.

Alpharetta, GA

#232 Apr 12, 2012
Forget for a moment all the crap we indured working for this company(H.D). Does anybody who worked in sales for RMA/H.D.remember the sales and installation manual and all the lies we were instructed to tell the customers.We all had the option to leave H.D.,but on many occasions I have felt myself feeling poorly and guilty for those stupidly trusting customers. Any thoughts. Thanks
jerry nisse

Erie, PA

#233 Apr 25, 2012
Iwas fired after 2 and a half years after a cashier sold me a three dollar lighter, at a discount that he gave me. With a year and a half a new manger that came to our store in branson mo. and fired over a hundred people within that time. Wheres a lawyer to sue these wrotten co.s

Alpharetta, GA

#234 Apr 26, 2012
Anyone been around since RMA days?

Santa Cruz, CA

#235 May 19, 2012
Imyaka wrote:
Anyone been around since RMA days?
23 years

Greensboro, NC

#236 Oct 26, 2012
After nearly 4 years, it came a firing for purchasing OOPS paint within the 24 hr limit. The interview was terrifying, three statements later the AP was satisfied as I shook with fright and tears. I signed it and was fired the next day. I stupidly signed that as well. Four other long term associated were fired within the last several weeks. WTF is going on? I have more.

Vicksburg, MS

#237 Dec 15, 2012
lots a sr employees and all over the age of 40 being terminated recently here, not to mention the nepotism in this area, as a black woman n new to the company I am shocked!! or was til I read these threads

Westborough, MA

#238 Feb 24, 2013
Bleedin Orange wrote:
<quoted text> In order for an associate with over 10 years of employment, the termination has to be approved by the regional VP. What this associate did is against company policy and is nothing new. It is not a major violation which leads me to believe that there is more to the story, that it may not be the first time or it is the final infraction in a long list of such.
10 year rule no longer applys

Westborough, MA

#239 Feb 24, 2013
10 year rule to be fired no longer applys
DiligentWorkerTo oOld

Van Nuys, CA

#240 Feb 25, 2013
Out here in CA it seems like FT/older workers hired before the economic slump/down-turn are being picked-at for things like time clock issues (a minute late punching in, not taking lunch at exact time scheduled by FAST computer)so that we quite and/or are being fired for "Attendance/Punctuallity " even though we've done well at customer service, etc.

It seems that the previous FT decent hourly waged folks are being replace by "Seasonal, termporary" part-time employees for less hourly wages and no benefits.

Also, in applying for a position with another major/national US corporation, there were a series of questions included in the online app pointing to Federal (and maybe state) tax credits for certain types of new-hires......persons hired from the unemployment rolls or thru federal or state job assistance programs.

Anyone else seeing this pattern in your area? Anyone approaching the lawyers who previously won a Class Action Suit here in CA?
17life years

Clermont, FL

#241 Mar 7, 2013
Thoughtful wrote:
Newbie your posts are very well stated and you seem to genuinely want information about the company. There used to be great things about Depot. It used to be a great place to work. Over time there was this eroding of the moral fiber of the company. What’s left is about 20 or so RVPs and 3 Div Presidents that run the company more like someone would run a social club. If you had the resumes of these 20 or so people you would find that these are people are so poorly suited to run a company (with possibly the exception of Marvin) that it is just shocking. But the big question you then may ask is why? Why put such incompetent people at the helm of one of the largest companies in the world. This is the central issue that you will find if you decide to work for Depot. It may not become immediately clear to you when you work for Depot but over time you can see the answer manifest itself based on the things that Home Depot does and does not do. Take the hiring practice of managers:
You can make a few calls in your area and simply get a sense of the Managers. One of the most shocking realities of this company is that in the company DNA is a deeply rooted idea about what it means to lead in Depot: White young male. This is represented by the national facts that Home Depot hires a disproportionately low number of managers that are female or minorities. This is in spite of the fact that almost all cashiers are women and the numbers of minority hourly workers are very very high. The reason this exists is because Depot is very careful to promote managers that often are not going to buck the system. This applies from ASM all the way to President. If you promote an ASM that is not likely going to find a comparable job working for another company making the same money than they do at Depot than you can talk that person into breaking almost any rules. These ASM’s become Store Managers, District Managers, RVP’s and Presidents. They become beholden to the people that promoted them and know they are committed to do as they are told. This is in spite of what is ethically, morally or legally right. But don’t take my word for it. Go into any Home Depot and ask the associates what they think of their managers in the store and district and you will find their answers very insightful.
I am a 17 year employee that they decided they had no better way to let me go other than an allegation that I damaged another associates vehicle by keying it. I went across the parking lot to get my vehicle that was being serviced and passed a vehicle they "say" they have a witness and video clips that show no proof of damage they filed a police report 24 hrs after the incident and the associate who's vehicle it was that was damaged didn't file the report.. You guessed it was the store manager and my name was not even listed on the report not to mention this all took place after I filed an ethics violation against this now I'm unemployed over 40 and you tell me where I'm going to get a job making this $$ I have kids and can loose everything because this company allows these managers to have the control to let you go without proper I wouldn't call Home Depot a good company at all Facebook all your friend shop somewhere else these mgrs are getting paid!! And we are loosing our jobs
17life years

Clermont, FL

#242 Mar 7, 2013
Home Depot managers if they have it out for you they will get you
Military vet termed

Holyoke, MA

#243 Mar 27, 2013
Associates have now become a disposable commodity. I was injured in DS and then that injury was made more severe when I got hurt on the job. They sent me a letter informing me to respond by a certain date or be terminated. Yes I was let go the letter came to me postal stamped 2 weeks after the respond by date. I have already had the state labor board fine home Depot for non-compliance. Eventually I plan on warning my vet peers to steer clear of this deteriorating working environment
Depot got me

Chicago, IL

#244 Nov 10, 2013
After many years with the company, I was told I no longer had the right leadership skills for the company. Mind you this is after I had trained many managers, and was the go to person for years. I guess onve you make more money than your boss you are done. and the kicker is because I can never work there again. Watch out long term associates... keep your head down... mouth shut... and do not make too much money.

Middleburg, FL

#245 Nov 11, 2013
Found all these comments today after coming home from being wrongfully terminated by Home Depot!! They had harassed me for months and cut my hours, but I stuck it out because of the economy. My manager witheld my gift card I was awarded for great customer service, and when I inquired about it began getting harassed. I was told never to ask about it again. Then they wouldn't let me use the bathroom because there was no one to cover for me, while she left for an hour lunch. Constant harassment then I was called in today and was told I had too many nice comments by customers and so I must have made them myself. I said that was rediculous and they spent 2 hours trying to force me to admit a false allegation and sign it. I was called a liar and they told me to stay in there closing me up in a room waiting. Finally when they came back I said there's no way we can resolve this, I won't sign and this is very insulting to my integrity and I just need to go. They had already cut my hours to nothing. They obviuosly just want to terminate or force people to quit. Any attorney who can help me please respond!!
Lurleen Townsend

Memphis, TN

#246 Nov 13, 2013
I was terminated 9-16-2011,for falsifying documents,it was not stated on my separation notice
I was give a right to sue,but I did not have the money,and later Home Depot,took it off my report,so until this day,I do not know "why"I was fired,and did not get my sick and personal time pay.I have proof that I did not falsify any documents

Middleburg, FL

#247 Nov 14, 2013
So to the last poster, since this happened awhile back have you gotten a bad reference from them or have you been able to find a job? I am still in shock. I was verbally abused and they tried to coerce me into signing a false statement against myself that they had made up. This came within a month of getting a great yearly evaluation and a small raise. So I guess getting a small raise puts a person into a bad category when it comes to them overhiring and saving money. We rarely had printer paper, register tape, staples, paper towels trash bags etc it was an attempt to meet theit numbers for bonus time. Big trips for our Store Manager!!!
How do they sleep at night? Anyone out there know of any current lawsuits in Fla?
Give up

Platte City, MO

#248 Nov 17, 2013
You were terminated due to a LP investigation. No lawyer will touch you. It's a waste of time. You will be lucky to even get unemployment.

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