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Does Home Depot need a union?

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Carson City, NV

#517 Mar 29, 2011
They show up at Costco & grocery stores do they not?
WayToGo HD

Lebanon, TN

#518 Mar 30, 2011
HD needs a union and fast. I was an associate for 16 years, making what I consider good money. I decided to move from my home state of Florida to Tennessee, when I ran into a buzz saw. Everything that could go wrong, went wrong. I was a safety captain, employee committee head, forklift trainer, etc, etc. When I got to my new store, I was stripped of all duties and had to start all over. I had training in Millwork (certified), lumber/bldg mtrls(supervisor), inside/outside garden(supervisor), tool rental(supervisor),hardware and yet, my training went to waste......I finally landed at the pro desk where everyone previous to me had been FIRED for "stealing". They apparently were giving 10% discounts to match Lowes contractor discounts, with the blessing of the pro desk supervisor, who still works for the HD as an asst mgr now.(Hmm, pattern here?) Well, guess what, I no longer work there either. I was "laid off" due to a "slowdown) or some other bullsh**. So don't tell me that associates are their at the wim and will of the asst mgrs who can hire/fire at will, with no explanation.....





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Bleedin Orange

United States

#519 Mar 31, 2011
HD needs a union and QUICK. There is too much BS going on with the way things are run in the stores. Most of us are not paid fairly and some of the rest of us are paid way too much. It's time we take a stand against the BS that runs rampant in our company and make our voices heard.
WayToGo HD

Lebanon, TN

#520 Mar 31, 2011
Give me the days of Bernie and Arthur and everyone would be a happy camper! Now it's all for corporate and nothing local! You can whitewash all you want, but the bottom line is that corporate runs the show, the store managers are puppets, albeit highly-paid puppets, and the asst managers (most of them, not all) are nothing but show and go! It's the associates who are in the trenches, getting yelled at for not having the "right stock, being out of stock, broken merchandise, taking too long to check out, etc, etc". Union is the only wat!
WayToGo HD

Lebanon, TN

#521 Mar 31, 2011
way, sorry!
jc mulberry

Carson City, NV

#523 Apr 19, 2011
Mindy wrote:
And the winner is ....DING DING....yes...most people think that hell hole known as home depot should organize its 320,000 hourly workers so they can start to live a bit better than being able to be fired for nothing and make a living wage, not the $10-11 hour that is the national average. Here is an idea: how about a structured system to transfer between stores. What a nice idea. Collective bargaining is just around the corner brothers and sisters. Our eyes are open. We are here.:-)
Not only do they pay $10 -11 dollars an hour for the national average, when you get a little above these wages the cheap bastards start using phony excuses to fire workers,just so the greedy managers can earn their bonuses for saving their store money! Blood money simply blood money...
buck wheat

Cartersville, GA

#524 Jan 26, 2012
I work at THD in the southeast. Where can you work and do endless amounts of training, including numerous fork lift vehicle licenses and not receive one penny of compensation. Yes and even cross training in other departments to make you more valuable for THD without any increased compensation. Yes in a fair work place all of this would have been rewarded with a pay increase. I think it's time that employees start getting what they would receive at any normal employment.

Pflugerville, TX

#525 Jan 28, 2012
I'm a DS now and though my numbers are good I feel the deck is stacked. My work load is overwhelming and if management want's to take you out all they have to do is write you up a few times for what you didn't (couldn't) do

Moral is horrible at my store folks (especially the DS get pushed and pushed while the salaried guys talk football in the office.

Yeah unions would be an improvement despite my agreement that they are crooks.





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Since: Mar 12

Oklahoma City, OK

#526 Mar 17, 2012
It's a touch subject, for sure. At one time there was talk about unions in our store. In fact, we did have one of the older associates even go so far as to call a union delegate. Whatever came from that I don't know? We had heard that there were a couple of stores (1 in Canada) that were closed after HD got wind of the stores trying to organize a union. "Correct me if I'm wrong here."

I can understand the views of people here that say "most want more money for less work." I suppose for the lazy ones that don't do anything, that's true. For the most part however I'd say that we're all tired of being run into the ground and not getting paid for it. HD operates on the principle of "more work for less pay." IMO... I'd say that the average starting wage for our store was between $8-$10 (if even that much). I worked there 3 years and left not even making $10 an hour. There are many (including myself) that are well under paid for all of the experience that we have. It's about time we got our fair share!

On a side note;
Back during Christmas a couple of years ago, a group of us were working during the blizzard and got stuck at work. One of the many topics being discussed were pay scales, moral etc.. An older associate made the remark that she thought it was so awesome to see all of these CEO's with other companies give up their salaries so that the "regular" people could make more money. That and no one would get laid off. My response was "if all these CEO's REALLY cared, then lets see them give up their bonuses also!" As long as they're getting those, they could care less!





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Jim B

Reading, PA

#527 Apr 8, 2012
Net Guru wrote:
Do you like your jobs? Hire a union and you won't have one. Stop complaining and be thankful you have a job.
How pathetic and foolish. Non union drones benefit from union gains. Show me where the HD actually provides an advancement path for associates. No they keep workers down by not providing benefits and keeping them just below 40 hours not to mention HD schedules it's 5 trillion part timers for any shift without notice. You obviously don't have a skill or even the ability to stand up for yourself and fellow workers.





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Tulsa, OK

#528 Apr 15, 2012
several assoc in my store were discussing unions at work yesterday i feel there is a need as if something doesn't change soon we will be training even more new assoc because we cant seem to keep people and most who dont get fired leave for better paying jobs sometimes just 50 cents more an hour. Corporate needs a real wake up call for sure or maybe even undercover boss.





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Jackson, GA

#529 May 8, 2012
georgia is ripe for a union i have never seen a better time for a union to get started here assoc. are at an all time (im fed up with mgt. bullshit attitude)since working with HD in 6 years,pay sucks , raises 25 cents a year no reviews given,abusive scheduling,i am not talking about kids being hired but valuable,smart,knowledgeable people being hired because of the depression giving them a great pool of hires to choose from.this will be dangerous for HD to treat this class of people badly because they have a brain and can strike back.yes,it's time for a union at this dying company and the big wigs know it.moral is at an all time low-teamsters we welcome you .

Jackson, GA

#530 May 8, 2012





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wind walker

Powder Springs, GA

#531 May 12, 2012
as a tenured employee for over twenty years I see how they want to get rid of us and if we are old and now have some disabilities.there is pressure to go part time so they cancut you hours and get rid of youand get younger people to just say yes on any thing they want. we do need a union

Lynnwood, WA

#532 May 25, 2012
F%*+ # yes they need one or someone to stand up for the Employees. Buying a cake to celebrate everyone's Bday for that month is not going to help boost morale.
SpecialServiceDe sk

Las Vegas, NV

#533 Jul 26, 2012
It is time - IT IS TIME. Home Depot needs a union like yesteryear. After reading through all these previous posts and from my own personal experience - we need to get a Union in to Home Depot as soon as possible.
My question to any of you is how do we go about getting a Union to represent us?
HD police force

Tucson, AZ

#534 Jul 26, 2012
SpecialServiceDesk wrote:
My question to any of you is how do we go about getting a Union to represent us?
that's something you could probably answer yourself using an internet search engine of your choosing.
Home Depot worker
#535 Aug 16, 2012
True ...but it will NEVER happen.

Little Ferry, NJ

#542 Feb 18, 2013
At one time I was a supervisor at HD and I am here t let all of you know what the HD policy is if a union is formed. First off HD corporate will cloe the store. From there even if you did not support unionizing you are still "tainted" which means you will never ever be allowed to work at ANY HD.

I remember my orientation from 10 years ago when the ASM told us all outright: Don't even think about forminga union..Home Depot policy is wre will close the store!!!

Let's face it their so called open door policy is a joke! Forget the aware line! I have heard stories of SM playing the tape in front of his ASM to see if anyone can recognize the voice.

Good Luck to one and all!!!!!!
employeed with THD

Lake Worth, FL

#543 Feb 25, 2013
Net Guru wrote:
Do you like your jobs? Hire a union and you won't have one. Stop complaining and be thankful you have a job.
Go to Mexico

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