Community and Family may be a winner in the Toy Business in the economy. How about Marbles as interpretation Golden Rice in China’s Popular Culture: a bowl of marbles on the makeshift Altar / Spiritual Wall?

With Hot Wheels etc, a new piece similar to Joss Paper Cardboard Cars can be permanent on your mantle of photos and altar-esque items: Joss Paper is symbolic currency (looks like-it (money) or are unique sheets of paper) that you burn to transcend to the other side and to be with our loved ones there in a funeral ritual. Some Joss Papers say words referencing biblical equity: I don’t know for sure, but I think those are used in a salvation exercise much like rhetoric in the Divine Plan in one laymen’s sub-theory. They are probably tools of priests etc.

How about Board Games? They are useful like a sanctuary: bringing our community together in truth and holy assembly of sanctuary and safety……. But they don’t do that, rather, they help in-house a time of connection and wholesome interactive experiences…. that are fun versus spiritual. A book of Hymns or Sutra Chants also seem to be interaction within and thus in some way without the community value but with a friends and family value, Board Games work to connect us.

Incense and Chia Pets may have a creative expression connect and Dolls and Statue Icons can correlate. Those T-Shirts with big animation images may be artistic members of ‘the walking statues’ type of storyboard.

Stickers can be place markers on an Altar Map in pop-exodus fictional constructions for example and be considered Para Map I.N.S Symbols. Place Golden Coins (Party Favors in Aluminum Metallic Like Polymer Coated Construction (at Dollar Tree)) and coordinate your journey of new freewill and living rivers of new beginnings to be closer to your spiritual strength or whatever. Like graffiti walls, a sub-theory on communication, a tag may represent a company in the area on its way to march the valleys of our life goals as we envision an entrance unto new partings of the Red Sea: a sticker can also be a tag of companies in our trench and help us convey the holy possibility at a correlater translator map in a movie.

Coloring Books may outline the new symbols ledgering that which will increase our altar items and be an accounting-tool i.e. these colors, or these images. And puzzles may also help in such register-use and be a visual accountant’s Quick-book that we mount on the wall versus leave on a bookshelf to pullout and open.

Anyway, I hope you sell more toys.


Hirotomo Nii