BP lies, testimony abounds who made the call to rush the cement job

By Dwight Baker

BP has been in a fix since the blow out they had already had then when short cuts were made all their attempts back fired.

BP rushed to cement the last string of pipe through the zone that had been blowing out. Halliburton told BP that 18 to 25 centralizers were needed.
But again BP did not have that amount on the Deep Horizon. But a 2-hour flight to Houston BP could get the amount of centralizers needed to center the pipe and hold in place until the cement set.

Then the BP tool pusher in charge decided to run less of the centralizers needed and then when tripping out of the hole he decided again wrongly to displace the drilling mud used to hold back the down hole pressure with sea water. Then in an instant the pipe put in place to be held by the cement shot up out of the zone pushed the holding tool up and began to float as the high pressure gas and oil rushed into the hole.

That information is the facts. How does BP ever expect to change the FACTS?