BIG GUNS hired for the shoot out that was
By Dwight Baker
March 7, 2012


BP settlement architects hope to win over skeptics
Associated Press


The deal is all but done. Now it's time to sell it. Days after they announced a multibillion-dollar settlement, BP PLC and a committee of plaintiffs’ attorneys is working out details of an agreement to resolve more than 100,000 claims spawned by the 2010 oil spill in the Gulf of Mexico.
They must persuade a federal judge that the settlement is fair and equitable, but the sales job doesn't end there because the deal already has its critics.

Trial no way it was never to be that is the way the SEE SAW YAW of LAW is practiced today. WHY? That is a cleaner way to do business today keep as much as one can out of print.
The way most cases go today is Arbritration. That means the little kid on the block gets a royal screwing and the ones most guilty that can afford the best lying lawyers walk free and may times that occurs on a technically.

So what happens now to the over 100,000 tort claims filed?

Write to Rex Tillerson CEO Exxon Mobil in Dallas ask him ---- he will tell you. Exxon Mobil has still yet to pay billions from the Valdez running aground. See the bigger back pockets knows how to screw the short big and tall and all in between that is just the way things are done around the entire crooked as hell world order.

And never forget the crooked lawyers despite what they purport are ALL in on the kill to cut up the raw meat and leave little if nothing at all for the suffering other tribe members to eat.

Now, how do I know? Ask me I might tell. I know more about that BP blow out than any other.