Hi my name is Allen from Alcom Business Solutions. I am currently the director of our contractor licensing school in Wildomar CA. You can see the school at www.contractorschoolnow.com Beside the school we offer a full service business package to help construction companies. 80% of all contracting companies fail or go bankrupt in the state of California. We want to put an end to this statistic by offering our services at unbeatable prices. Our passion is your success. We offer everything from Web design and development, bookkeeping, payroll serving, Sales training, Leadership training, Contract presentation, Construction math classes, Lien filing, internal logistics and much more. Why do we do this? After running several large companies and writing multiple large construction contracts my family and I planted a church in Wildomar CA called In The Light Church. After seeing so many companies go down the tubes, rocked by the 2008 economic downturn, my wife and I were heart broken. We have a strong passion to help small business grow and thrive. If you or anybody you know would have use of our service please send us an email or better yet, come visit us in church. www.inthelightchurch.com . You can reach me at info@contractorlicensenow.com.