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#111 Oct 12, 2012
Sorry Guys wrote:
Left GC corporate after 13 years... Everything that has been said here is true. Its sad and I would not let my own children work in a GC store. In & Out burger employees make more money than you do and enjoy a much better working environment. "Lifers" on the store level are generally thought of as someone that is probably scamming the company because there is no other way to explain why a rational person would stay. Although, we wouldnt say it out loud. The cheerleading that goes on in Green Screen was painful to see at times. If you are young and need a job by all means work at GC until you find something better. Working as a GC employee at the store level should not be a career but a stepping stone and if you are working there, don't stop looking for better employment. That type of job is and was never meant for someone to support someone especially if you have a family.
Take whatever knowledge you may have gained and go out and better yourself.
THANK YOU for your honesty.
There you have it guys, that pretty much says it all.

/End of thread
Current Employee

Minneapolis, MN

#112 Oct 21, 2012
Work here and LOVE IT wrote:
I don't know what everyone is complaining about. I've worked here as a salesman about a year now and my pay check is pretty sweet.
All you d0uches complaining about your jobs should just quit and go work at Target or something.
GC is awesome. I get to be amongst thousands of guitars and even play for a couple of hours when the store is empty. The minute someone walks in, I get to engage in conversation with a person who enjoys jamming as much as I do!
Also, I get laid here more than any other job I've ever had. Beginner/wannabe guitar chicks go nuts for a shredder!
I agree that I work my ass off at GC but I also agree that I get paid ok to do it, if you are a good salesman you can do well. Stop being a bunch of whiney bitches and work on your sales chops. Pro Coverage is also bomb as shit, I have used it myself and it has saved me alot of money, so don't run your mouth and make excuses cause you suck at life. Most of you are obviously lazy or really shitty sales people.
Gc guy

Suwanee, GA

#113 Nov 3, 2012
I've been working for g/c for a little while now and maybe your stores are different but I gotta say I'm only part time and my last paycheck was well over a grand.. If your a good salesman you do make money here.. As far as how they treat their people? I wish I could say that I understand what you all are saying.. These guys have been great to me! And everyone else in my store for that matter.. There's a HUGELY positive vibe here and we DO absolutely care about our customers! Maybe things will change for me, idk but it seems to me that the people who cry about this sort of stuff are the guys we don't want anyways.. I've had my share of crappy jobs but this is CERTAINLY NOT one of them.. I know what it's like to be treated like a number in a job and ahh.. nope.. Not at all.. My STM would go to the ends of the earth for us sales guys and we would do the same for him! Anyhow.. That's how I feel about this, take it for what you will..
Gc guy

Suwanee, GA

#114 Nov 3, 2012
Oh and btw, there is NOBODY who actually worked for gc corporate would EVER post something like that publicly. That's just asking for a lawsuit.. It's slanderous and seemingly just plain spiteful.. I'd believe that they may have been a store manager or the equivalent at best!. That post was b.s.

Houston, TX

#115 Nov 4, 2012
i dont get why theres so much to complain about money wise you couldnt have planned to be the even more pretentious guitar center employee who makes considerably more than the guy working at mcdonalds honestly with the mantality id rather work at mcdonalds they do all the labor that you do and only make more by getting promoted to "manager" the lot of you guys sound like seriously shallow people who couldnt help a customer if you wanted to i dont really believe that because you found a profession close to your hobby actually not that close because retail sales go to musicians who are most likely starting out oh kudos to the ass who knows how to distinguish a budget guitar from a higher end mass produced one or their setting themselves up for failure in an industry that doesnt depend on your commision or high end gear it depends on the love you put into that instrument or that starter out recording package real nice people who think nothing of others but the small commision on their paychecks i cant imagine your job much harder but sitting behind that desk all day like i see everytime i go in there if you have a douche manager well that sucks ive had that but chances are hes not suppose to be there cause hes creating negative energy sitting behind his desk all day hope i never have to work with the mysognist the guy with the sales ethic of a prostitute or the guy with an ego bigger than a horse but self esteem small enough to fit into the great guitar center mechanism of corperate "greed" and if you so please i dont think its greedy to live comfortably but youve stumbled upon the wrong path so please become the douchebag you were meant to be either way id rather your customer at guitar centet because your idea of aesthetics is highly depended upon money and thats not my friend my music or my salesman thank you
Bout see for myself

Denton, TX

#116 Nov 6, 2012
Robert Raine wrote:
Well i think it all depends on the management how your treated as a employee or customer like for example: I started working at Guitar Center 3 months ago in refurbishing i get paid descent my partner gets paid well also i love what i do and I've made friends with my boss and his boss to all the customers I've had are ALWAYS very happy with me and only once have i had one whom was rude and my boss Kenny salved it with ease and made me and him look good too :3 I'm 16 and I'm a master Guitar builder, refurbish-er and player and i believe my talents are being put to good use there has been some hard fixes but with help from my best friend and partner I've worked through it i make $8.25/hr i'ts not BAD but i'ts not the best either its a good pay if all you need is food and a cheap place to live so i recommend either getting a second job or finding a new job wile working there for example: i sell the guitar's i build most definitely legal i got my permit :) and working at Guitar Centers a Awesome job if your going to college which I'm doing I'm going to college to be a Audio Technician. so i hoped i helped clear ANYTHING up for you thank you, Robert Raine
Did you say you are 16?
Rob Q Public

Bronx, NY

#118 Nov 15, 2012
I gave them too many years of great service. I just recently left after 10 yrs and knew it was the right move to make. There is only so many times you can help somebody who is looking for a beginner guitar, and then try to haggle you on the price. I'm sorry for the guys I left behind, something wicked comes your way leave, seek other employment.
To the potential customer please shop independent. Don't even waste your time with the cult that calls themselves "guitar center"
Aa in Az

Phoenix, AZ

#119 Jan 28, 2013
I am trying to make some business cards for Guitar Sales, but am wondering where I find the required specs for the card. Can anyone help?

Chandler, AZ

#120 Jan 30, 2013
College Student

Oakland, CA

#121 Feb 2, 2013
As a part time job for a college student, would you guys recommend working at GC?
guywhoworked there

Denver, CO

#122 Feb 12, 2013
I worked at GC for 3 years and made a decent amount of money, Not great but enough to pay rent and other things. That being said I discovered Im really good at sales so I quit GC and took a high level corporate sales job that started at 100K.(I have a college degree in stats and marketing) The bottom line is if you are good enough to make money at GC (fade every month top of you store) You can make a shit ton of money in the real sales world. If you cant hack it you'll know in your first week. Side complaints f*ck the green screen . <enter> . <enter> And fuck all the customers with money and their shitty playing. The bottom line is if your having an in depth conversation about "shredding" with a GC salesman they are trying to sell you something and are probably thinking in the back of their head "f*ck this self entitled fu*ck and is shredding war story from 20 years ago just buy the god damn pedal."
you got it bad

Boulder, CO

#123 Mar 23, 2013
You work at a music shop and you are complaining? Are you nuts?? boo frickin hoo. If you want to work, oh my back hurts from all that merchin. give me a break. People get paid there for doing what they love - being involved with music - doofuss.
That guy

Chagrin Falls, OH

#124 Apr 15, 2013
So I would like to start by saying I love parts of my job. Where els will I get paid to sit and talk about gear all day? But the expectations are f*cking out of control. For minimum dollars an hour I am
A salesmen
A secretary
A janitor
A clinician
A telemarketer
A technician
An Educator
Not to mention a punching bag for every sap that thinks he's the next Hendrix or Buddy rich in the area. Hell every job I mentioned above gets an average of at lest 5 dollars more than I do an hour. Then on top of all those tasks I've go some jack wagon who runs my store from his office telling me how I should deal with customers. "How the [email protected] would you know ? You don't deal with them!!!" Here is what I'm saying GC Corp. I know you guys take care of us with our discount. And yes my rig is sick but in all honesty most of it came from Craigslist because I can't afford to both shop at your store and pay my bills and that's fricking sad because I'm a full time employee who is getting over time. Heck I probably put In more hours than you a week. Look you guys take care of us and we will take care of you plain and simple. You treat us like we're only worth min wage then that's what kind of effort you get and forums like this happen. I use to push carts for a living and I made 9 dollars an hour doing that. So why do I only make min wage for a job that requires me to study and use my skills and mind ? Just sayin
That guy

Chagrin Falls, OH

#125 Apr 15, 2013
"you got it bad"You work at a music shop and you are complaining? Are you nuts?? boo frickin hoo. If you want to work, oh my back hurts from all that merchin. give me a break. People get paid there for doing what they love - being involved with music - doofuss.

Yes we WORK at a music shop we are complaining because we are not compensated for the AMOUNT of WORK we do. dummy
That guy

Chagrin Falls, OH

#126 Apr 15, 2013
Current Employee wrote:
<quoted text>
I agree that I work my ass off at GC but I also agree that I get paid ok to do it, if you are a good salesman you can do well. Stop being a bunch of whiney bitches and work on your sales chops. Pro Coverage is also bomb as shit, I have used it myself and it has saved me alot of money, so don't run your mouth and make excuses cause you suck at life. Most of you are obviously lazy or really shitty sales people.
I'm one of the top sales men in the company. Not my district not my region THE CHAIN. Which means I'm most likely a better sales man then both of you. How ever I agree with what these people are talking about. It should not be a min wage job with the expectations that are placed on us. But then again youre probably good with your little checks because you live with mommy and daddy and don't have rent or mouths to feed

Boom toasted
Whats My Price

Eugene, OR

#127 May 2, 2013
Too that guy, you are probably top dog in the chain because you take every deal in the ass and drop your drawers for every customer. I bet you steal deals from others as well. You must work at a large store with a bigger inventory than the other 130 stores. The demographics in your area also have a lot to do with your income and also you are the only one left. I bet you let the new guys pick up your slack while you take the deals. Let them merch while you take the calls etc. You didn't take the AM job because it was less money more responsibility or you have bad credit. I bet you have your employee number tattooed on your arm. DICK!!
A Happy Ex Employee

Simi Valley, CA

#128 May 17, 2013
I was hired at the Guitar Center Corporate office in the accounting dept last year. They hired me to do a job that I had no experience in but I was willing to learn. They had the person doing the job, at the time, teach me (he was doing it for a month). He was not a good teacher and my immediate supervisor had absolutely no clue how to do my job...she was NO help at all! So it was pretty much my job to figure everything out. Her solution to everything was to, "work longer and harder, including weekends." I worked 7 days a week. I would work from 9 in the morning until, sometimes, 11pm at night. That place ended up being a preschool. Everyone blamed me for not doing my job correctly...back stabbing co workers, the whole kindergarten playground. They wouldn't let the guy that did my job for 7 years help me. They wanted me gone. So they let me go with no reason at all. It has been almost 5 months now and people are still talking about me to new employees about how "horrible" I was. A "supervisor" that sat in my cubicle with me was on Facebook all day and would sneak out early (yes, you, Ryan C.) I would never ever recommend anyone work there. It was the most awful time of my life. It was pure chaos. I am now happily employed by wonderful people that actually train me and I can do my job with competence. I finally realized it wasn't me the whole time! It was them!!!! Think twice if you're considering working in that dept.
Rock Lobster

Denver, CO

#129 Jun 4, 2013
UPDATE: It was a year ago that I go hired to work a Guitar Center. I learned so much, made decent money, and made friends and good connection, but quickly realized that selling gear wasn't cutting it. I will ALWAYS continue shopping there and loving the people that work there. Sorry guys, but I strongly Guitar Center is where it's at for the best new and used gear! I have now been working at my current job in real estate marketing for three months now and I love it. I must admit that it's nice to have a real weekend now and not having to cover anyone's closing shifts all the time. Sometimes you gotta try and learn things before getting what you want.

"Never settle."
I have seen it happen

Westlake Village, CA

#130 Jun 25, 2013
Nunya Fckin Business wrote:
<quoted text>
They can't fire you for contributing to a forum, for one. And everyone is anonymous, so how can they know who is who? I'm not worried about it. As terrifying as losing my minimum wage job sounds..........
Yes, they can, and have.
It is in the employee handbook. You can't speak poorly of GC, its employees, etc.
In general (in my experience) GC has the same issues that any job has, especially in a retail environment. Overall, I love working at GC because I love music, gear and the people I work with... for the most part. I have complaints, of course, but I have never worked anywhere that I had no complaints about.
GC Doorman

Houston, TX

#131 Jul 7, 2013
Used to be training for OMIT, now I am stuck on the door due to GC firing our previous door guy. GC will not give you even the pettiest of raises. if you decide to work for GC do it to get all the gear you need at cost, then get out.

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