Unfair Hiring Practices?
Katie Owens

United States

#1 May 6, 2008
Has anyone in this forum experienced or heard of cases of unfair hiring practices?

Royal Oak, MI

#2 Aug 1, 2008
[Yes, at the Savannah Gypsum facility a nephew of the a regional manager was hired with not interview, etc. His twin brother was hired by the Brunswick facility at the about the same time. Everyone else has to go throught the DOL>

Oakland, CA

#3 Aug 5, 2008
Define Unfair Hiring Practices? Unfair Hiring Practices is more about who is excluded rather than who gets hired. Companies can hire at-will and fire at-will. Employees can sue at-will.

Royal Oak, MI

#4 Aug 15, 2008
Just wanted to let you know that my husband made a call to the guideline with very serious allegations, including some concerning nepotism. Although the nephews were hired, other employees were told point-blank that their relatives would not be considered for employment. GP has "investigated" and determined that he is deliberately planting evidence to get the plant manager fired (?) and placed him on suspension. No one will listen or consider the HARD, WRITTEN evidence he has to the contrary.

The lead investigator waited two weeks to even come to the plant and before she came, she gave the plant manager the full complaint and time to fix items on it beforehand. This despite her assurances to my husband that the plant manager would not see the document beforehand. The outside attorney who ostensibly was supposed to just be "fact finding" has refused to interview employees whose statements would contradict those of the plant manager, HR manager, and safety manager who are named in his complaint. He will submit his report but without other pertinent facts and statements from employees. In short, they are covering up and refusing to hold the plant manager accountable for his deliberate, willful non-compliance with environmental, health and safety and HR issues.

My husband won the Environmental Excellence Award in 2006, his project was the 10,000% Compliance Inititative. It is currently being rolled out to the entire division. He is featured on the Corporate Social Responsibility Report as a "transforming voice". His integrity is impeccable, he has a reputation for being scrupulously honest. He is also on the corporate audit team. Charles Koch said to "yell until someone hears you". Apparently, when they hear you, you get fired.

We are stunned and disappointed that deliberate lies and deceptions are being used to fire him after CONSTANT reassurance that NO retaliation would be tolerated for having called the guideline. He started out sweeping floors at GP 20 years ago and has consistently worked his way up through hard work and excellence and a sincere devotion to "doing the right thing" for both GP and their employees. People jokingly tell him that if got cut he would bleed GP blue. We know the suspension will not be reversed. No one ever comes back after a suspension. No doubt the rest of the investigation will be scuttled and it will be business as usual for the Savannah Gypsum plant. How sad that the employees at that facility now know for a fact that they have no support and that MBM and 10,000% compliance is just a sham.

The plant manager has been "relocated" (read that as bailed out after messing up), and my husband was terminated on Tuesday, August 12.

I would encourage anyone who has experienced retaliation in any form after voicing complaints about safety to post here.

Lilburn, GA

#5 Feb 11, 2009
The story is familiar, I filled a complaint but they couldn't fire me. I filled a lawsuite with the EEOC and became injuried on the job and retired on disability.
They tried to fire me but their hands were tied by law.
Now they want to settle and want my to resign and release them from all libilities.
It's all about the money with GP/Koch and they same applies with me. Loyalty means nothing.
10,000% means nothing also.
In this market they are loosing market share daily.

Tulsa, OK

#6 Nov 19, 2009
I have worked at the Georgia Pacific Plant in Muskogee, Oklahoma for five years and have seen all types of racism and hate against all people of color. Whenever the EEOC is notified of the cases they are thrown out. There is very little representation of color in this mill at all. Somebody needs to do something about this. The employees need to be interviewed and the culprits fired. This is everyone including the manager in human resources to the contractors manager. It is very plain to see when you walk in the door that people of color are treated differently from whites. On their website all they talk about is diversity.
Failed EEOC

Bel Air, MD

#7 Jan 13, 2010
take your complaints and the facts to the local newspapers. Those venues are good to put stories like your's in the publc eye.

Watchung, NJ

#8 Feb 9, 2010
you may live in a fire and hire at will state...but companies and businesses are still required by law to follow some sort of affirmative action process.

Watchung, NJ

#9 Feb 9, 2010
Unfortunately, discrimination and racism is running rampart, once again, in this country- especially in the workplace!. Do we have to do the old civil rights marches again!! When do this country ever, ever pass racism!! It is a tired, old and played out state of being..not only that it is destructive to the progress, development and standard of living in this country!
The newspapers and the internet are means to fight racism...maybe one day it will finally stop!!
I work for a medical center in NYC where the chair of one of the departments, hires all his friends and acquaintences. He has total disregard for the hiring process - does not follow affirmative action what so ever. He makes a mockery of the process by going through the motion, but has already told his friend that they have a job and sent an offering letter to them. He has not hired one minority, but fired over three!!
EEOC is uneffective, as they do absolutely nothing! Have to develop a strategy to address this issue and stop this practice once and for all!
Lydia Pokrass

Ashburn, VA

#10 Aug 25, 2010
So this is how Koch Industries makes its 100 billion a year! No wonder it hates government that has an EEOC. Koch would like to be the dictator in the USA so making money would not be interfered with. This is American democracy???

Seattle, WA

#11 Jan 12, 2011
Do NOT ever get a job at Office depot. They are the biggest scam artists and treat employees like crap. They said I had a job there, after I did hours and hours of testing and interviews( for minimum wage) and then they "changed their mind" and decided there wasn't a job opening.It was cruel and frustrating. Managers are underqualified and no one cares. They have had to pay out millions in lawsuits. Crappy Company.

Toronto, Canada

#12 Feb 14, 2011
Im a twenty year accident free long haul trucker.
I am white and born in Canada.I have applied for
many companies and refused employment with no
reason as to why I cannot get the job.
I qualify in all areas all my points,never faild
a drug test can cross the border,know alot
about truck maintanance and have years of expierence.I recently had a codriver who just had three accidents in one month,two days later he got a job with a company that refused me.I can only get work with fly by night companies who most of the time short me on my wadges.I need to know who
is defamating my caracter,no one will say.
Donna in PA

Coatesville, PA

#14 Feb 16, 2011
Do you think I have a case against my employer if I was not hired for an internal position for someone with less education, credentials, certifications, and experience? When the only thing they had over me was seniority and nepotism with the supervisor.

Miami Beach, FL

#15 Jun 6, 2011
Let me tell you, I work at Koch Industries and it is so true that they discriminate against people of color. I have witnessed this at Corporate office.

Chicago, IL

#16 Jul 3, 2011
I worked at Koch Corporate office in Wichita. I am black and usually don't like to bring the race card. I have always worked hard and handled difficult situations at work very professionally. Koch always preach about 'no retaliation' policy. However, I was terminated the moment I spoke the truth about my boss. In my department, I always felt alone despite how hard I tried to get myself involved. I even asked for guidance from other colleagues. Funny thing is that, the upper management will take the risk to develop my peers but no one will give me that benefit even after reaching out to them. I was good at what I did and my customers were very satisfied with my work. I always tried to maintain a possitive attitude regardless of the situation. Most of my customers reached out to me after they learned that I was terminated.

I almost had a nervous breakdown from stress
caused by my boss a week before they let me go. I never felt so free and so light the day they let me go. Looking at the way they treatead me, I can not comprehend that they could do this to any of my other colleagues - whom all were white.
Paul Callaham

Killen, AL

#17 Dec 11, 2012
look im 23 years old i have been working fastfood since i was 16 i have a speech problem, i studder not from drugs not from any thing like that, well i just moved to a new area an i found out that the McDonalds up the street was hireing so i fill out an app online thn i call up there an i ask if the hireing manager was in she was so i went up there when i got up there i stumbled saying my name an the lady behind the counter looked at me like i was a freak of nature literally!!! then she goes back there an tells me that shes busy, ok i have worked at Mcdonalds in another state so i have experience in a Mcdonalds well the lady came back an told me she was busy that she would give her my information an the hireing manager was goin to contact me, well its been a week an i keep calling up there well now they tell me shes gone for the rest of the week.. now i just cant help but to think that its becuz of me studdering whn i said my name. yea i studder have all my life but im a great person i come from a military background im very respectful an polite!!! i have worked alot of fast food jobs an my speech never affected my work! PLZ SOME ONE HELP ME WITH THIS WHO DO I CALL WHO DO I TALK TO ABOUT THIS BECUZ ITS WRONG WHAT THEY ARE DOING TO ME!!
Paul Callaham

Killen, AL

#18 Dec 11, 2012
you can email me on my facebook if u have a solution an u wanna try to help me. plz i need it! my email address is pachino.livinlarge@facebook.co m

Christiansted, Virgin Islands, U.S.

#19 Jun 22, 2014
what about unfair hiring practices in education. principals send the same teachers over and over to professional development. their resume's grow and grow. they do not like teaching and have one goal, to become a principal.

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