When Globalstar was going bankrupt they started offering plans for $19.99 a month. Now that they are doing better--Sherry the managers words not mine--they started charging me an additional $4.95 a month for a maintenance charge. The first rep I talked to could not even tell me what that meant. Sherry finally told me that they launched more sattelites and therefore needed more money for maintanance. I told her that I had a contract for one year at $19.99 a month she told me in essence I needed to read the fine print of the contract. Just think if all companies operated like this. You buy a vehicle from Ford for $30,000 six months later Ford calls you and says we found out our cars are better than we thought so now you owe $35,000! Same thing here just less money--same principle. Sherry said she could wave the fee for six months and told me she was "bending over backwards for me"---you want to thank me for my patronage-HONOR THE CONTRACT!!! If I called Globalstar and told them that I now make less money then when I signed up and could not pay my bill I'll bet the contract would be honored then!!! There is a sattelite company out there that is more expensive but with much better service. I will be switching this next March and I will advertise for Globalstar every chance I get.