I see that Gaiam just acquired SPRI Products. My son just lost part of his vision and has permanent eye damage from a SPRI Xertube Resistance Band. The band hit him directly in the eye, giving him an Opercullated Hole. I see that SPRI claims no responsibility because, I quote "We sell hundreds of thousands of these things a year". Now I was told that came from Corporate, which Corporate? SPRI or GAIAM that prides themselves on their code of Ethics. My son has eye damage, vision loss, medical bills, headaches, along with the potential for Retinal Detachment and they tell me, Sorry, but we dont feel we have any responsibility. If you look at the Original Xertube, there is no warning for potential eye or head injury. The other companies that produce these products place a Warning, Wear Safety Goggles, may cause severe head or eye injury. I contacted SPRI, not to sue for Millions. Just to have my sons Medical Bills paid and a little extra for his future checkups. Just because he is just one person who was injured does not mean we will not warn the Public of his products safety issue.