"TOLEDO, Ohio (AP)-- Utility regulators say the closings of six coal-burning power plants could end up bringing higher electricity rates to much of northern Ohio."

This is EXACTLY the problem with power deregulation. If you do not have at least a 25% generation capacity over the power generation that is needed, then there is NO competition to keep prices down. Now the energy will have to be imported from "other" generation resources, perhaps in other States that don't have deregulation. These generation sources will see an opportunity to get more per generated KWh by selling out of State. If the decision is made to replace the plants with something like a couple of nuclear plants, then your talking almost a decade from start to finish and the ratepayer will still have to pay for the several billion dollars each plant takes to build. Prices are going up, no matter what. Put a grid tied solar PV system on your home and isolate yourself from the storm that is coming. www.dsireusa.org