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A little argument over light bulbs that broke out in Ohio provides some early lessons in meeting the tough, new energy efficiency requirements that are sweeping the nation. Full Story
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Big Hank

Columbus, OH

#1 Dec 1, 2009
How about this - where I grew up, you could pay a nominal monthly fee on your electric bill, and use your bill to go into about any store that carried bulbs, and pick up 4 bulbs of your choice, any wattage. Add @$3/month to a bill and do the same thing - the bill is your "voucher".

Since: Jul 09


#2 Dec 1, 2009
The whole thing is sour grapes.

1. Don't force light bulbs down our throats and try to act all chummy about it. I am an adult and pay my bills on time every month. If I choose to run a server farm in my house and pay my bill every month, it is none of the electric company's business.

2. Don't try to act like this was a "great thing" when you were charging over $20 for a $2 light bulb. It was a terrible smoke and mirrors trick that failed miserabley.

3. When my bills go up, I can't shuffle off the charge to someone else. Man up and take charge of your company. Don't try to make it seem like it is the consumer's fault or that they are blind to the fine print.

4. I do my part. I turn my lights off in rooms not used, don't leave equipment on, use natural light as much as possible, etc. I believe energy audits would help the owners become more aware of waste or their actual usage. I bought a Kill-A-Watt meter to measure my electric usage on different items in the house. It is interesting and educational to see the difference in costs over a time period for each electrical item.

Dublin, OH

#3 Dec 1, 2009
Isn't anybody going to ask the question: "Why is any of this stuff being forced down our throats?" We now know that the CRU people have lied about global warming. We also know that this whole thing is really about forcing all of us into a Global Government. People are so easily distracted by the intentional distractors. Hey, people, just "throw away your fears" of Big Brother and learn to love Big Brother. Just "gradually come around." The utilities are controlled by the elites like the media and everything else. Stand up to them or learn to love your servitude.
John Blutarsky

Columbus, OH

#4 Dec 1, 2009
Welcome to Hope and Change.
Big Hank

Columbus, OH

#5 Dec 1, 2009
John Blutarsky wrote:
Welcome to Hope and Change.
haha - 3 more years.........

Columbus, OH

#6 Dec 1, 2009
Lesson No. 1 is: Butt out. The state of Ohio does not need a bloated, growing, inefficient, all-encompassing federal government telling it how to make its energy!

Energy companies, with the support of the people, should stand up to the fascists and remind them that THEY are the ones who make the lights go on--while the government makes nothing at all. Except for, of course, further impediments to the free market and freedom as a whole.

And the whole "Consumers are willing to do their part" is complete foolishness! Economically speaking, consumerism is never a give-and-take or a matter of concessions. It is a business transaction where goods and services are sold at market value. Our part in what? Kowtowing to the gods of Earth Day? Yielding to a government who has discovered the holy grail of tax revenue?

REGULAR LIGHT BULBS ARE NOT HURTING ANYONE. If the economy is convinced that "energy efficient" bulbs are a better choice, then the economy will embrace them over time. Wake up, America. How many more decisions are you willing to leave to politicians and statists?

walter reeve

Dayton, OH

#9 Dec 1, 2009
Just another case of someone with a little authority puting their boot on the neck of the people. everyone wants to be a dictator, no one wants to respect others, and do their part to respect those they think under them.

Since: Oct 09

Columbus, OH

#10 Dec 1, 2009
John Blutarsky wrote:
Welcome to Hope and Change.
Downhill from here

Columbus, OH

#11 Dec 1, 2009
"FirstEnergy and other Ohio utilities must find ways to reduce energy consumption by 22 percent by 2025. "

You don't need more efficient lightbulbs to accomplish this. Just drive out 22 percent of the businesses in the state, then 22 percent of the jobs will go, then 22 percent of the people will go. Problem solved.
environmental Mom

Columbus, OH

#12 Dec 1, 2009
first, I can buy my own lightbulbs. Second, how much energy is being wasted by packing and mailing lightbulbs? And how will broken lightbulbs be replaced? Bad idea

Columbus, OH

#13 Dec 1, 2009
So... the electric company wanted to charge extra to make up for the revenue lost by the energy conservation? The SAY they want us to save energy, but they really don't because of the revenue they will lose.

Oh. Mr. Big Hank & Blutarsky, what does this have to do with Hope & Change? This initiative was started during the Bush administration.
John Blutarsky

Columbus, OH

#14 Dec 1, 2009
environmental Mom wrote:
first, I can buy my own lightbulbs. Second, how much energy is being wasted by packing and mailing lightbulbs? And how will broken lightbulbs be replaced? Bad idea
I've used compact fluorescent bulbs for years but I object to the company trying to force all their customers to purchase them through the company for absurd prices. What's next? The phone company telling everybody they have to purchase a $200 phone from them? The gas company making everybody install a fancy La Cornue $7000 stove?

United States

#15 Dec 1, 2009
I think the point of article is being missed entirely. The ultility FAILED to COMMUNICATE clearly what it's intent was in distributing the bulbs and it FAILED to understand its customers and how they would react. They also FAILED to understand that consumers will only go for those things that they see real and immediate benefit from, or are forced to use because the marketplace has eliminated the products that are out moded. But if they wanted a sure fire way to get consumers to switch to compact flourescent bulbs and LED technology, they need to pull incandescent bulbs out of the market and off the shelfs.

Columbus, OH

#16 Dec 1, 2009
The bulbs cost less than $1 each at Meijer. Why anyone would rely on vouchers to buy them is beyond me unless you're talking about the flood lights or specialty sizes / dimmable fluorescents. But even then you can score them on the cheap at IKEA, Amazon and Ebay.

I spent less than $30 and outfitted my entire townhouse fluorescents. I even found 3 fluorescent flood lights for less than $10.

I'm a lights person and at night my townhouse is lit up like a christmas tree, inside and out. Front and rear porch lights are on from 6PM till 6AM.

My electric bill for October ?(no a/c running; pc's on all the time)

$26 !!!

Dublin, OH

#17 Dec 1, 2009
You can buy 6 packs of these light bulbs at Home Depot for $1.85. They have worked out a deal with AEP to sell them at this cost.
However, they sure don't last as long as they tell you that they do, I've found no longer than a "regular" bulb.
common sense

Belle Center, OH

#18 Dec 1, 2009
John Blutarsky wrote:
Welcome to Hope and Change.
hate to throw water on your parade, but the regulations requiring the phasing out of traditional light bulbs came under the Bush administration. But then I wouldn't expect you to be aware of that. In your conservative, feeble mind all problems started in January. Guess what? No one political party created the mess were in and no one political party is going to get us out, whether it's Iraq, Afghanistan or energy consumption.

Columbus, OH

#19 Dec 1, 2009
cld wrote:
You can buy 6 packs of these light bulbs at Home Depot for $1.85. They have worked out a deal with AEP to sell them at this cost.
However, they sure don't last as long as they tell you that they do, I've found no longer than a "regular" bulb.
That's for sure. I buy the GE "daylight" ones because I like the whiter light, but they don't even live up to half their claimed lifetime and that's for ones used such as in bathrooms, bedrooms, etc, that aren't on that many hours a day.
Bright Idea-Pun Intended

Middletown, OH

#20 Dec 1, 2009
Go to http://www.energystar.gov/ia/partners/promoti... to learn the in's and out's of CFL bulbs. While there may be far less mercury in a CFL bulb than a mercury thermometer the average household will certainly contain many more bulbs than they do thermometers. I rather doubt that many people will be aware of, much less follow, all the cleanup procedures outlined in the above referenced fact sheet.
I bought a number of CFL's a few years ago and two of them didn't last as long as a typical incandescent bulb (less than two years). At least they have made strides in the appearance of the bulbs and dimming/multi-brightness options.
Balls Deep

Columbus, OH

#21 Dec 1, 2009
What about those of us who already have CFL bulbs throughout our homes?!? They should've included an easy opt out for anyone not interested in being ripped off because they're forced to buy these overpriced bulbs.
Co-op Member

Satellite Provider

#22 Dec 1, 2009
We electric consumers all over America are being asked to change our light-bulbs. Are cities being required to change? Las Vegas comes to mind -- lights there are never out -- are they going to be required to change to energy-saving bulbs?

Are the street lights going to change? Maybe they have already and we haven't been informed.

I can't help thinking that the biggest users aren't being asked to make the changes.

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