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Gadsden, AL

#62 Jun 27, 2009
I had something very odd happen recently.

The back story:
I was on a loooong flight from Egypt to the U.S. and the person next to me was a nice girl my age, and we exchanged e-mail addresses, and I gave her some advice on living in the U.S., etc.

A few years later, we became Facebook friends, but then later on I guess she deleted her account or I may have accidentally deleted her in a big purge I did a year or two back.

Now suddenly she's popping up on "people you may know." Kind of creepy. We have absolutely no friends in common, and I've never e-mailed her through either e-mail address that Facebook has.

New York, NY

#63 Jun 27, 2009
My theory wrote:
My guess is that those other people looked YOU up on Facebook first. I had a guy pop up who rents the apartment I used to live in. He probably looked up my name after getting a bunch my mail.
I think this is exactly the answer. I can see the same pattern in my friend suggestions as well.

South Africa

#64 Jun 28, 2009
I just signed up to facebook with a ficticious name age etc no details for school uni etc and a gmail email address and after the sign in process (I did not validate my address - gmail account), FB suggested people I might know and I do know them, what I'd like to know is how the hell does FB know?- thats freaky!!! Either FB are getting the details off Gmail or my local machine.
Not Impressed.

Castle Rock, CO

#65 Jun 28, 2009
I too had an ex appear in my suggestions. I have my profile set to private, I no longer have his email address, and when I signed up for FB I used my new married name, my maiden name is no where in my profile. My question now is do I show up in his suggestions with my picture and new married name? Weird!

Coweta, OK

#66 Jun 28, 2009
I just searched this because I changed the email that I had used to sign up to facebook (a yahoo) to the one that I more normally use and started getting wierd familiar suggestions. Then I realized they were all people I had emailed a few times with. I do not keep a contact book, rather I keep old emails as sometimes I'll forget who the person is and it's easier to have the email for reference. HOWEVER each of the people suggested uses a yahoo email and would have had reason to put me in their contact list.

Santa Ana, CA

#67 Jun 29, 2009
Perhaps facebook was able to get into people's email address folders if you have ever used the program "find friends" on facebook where ya enter your email and password into facebook then it finds who also have an account...perhaps it kept a record of everyone's email address and shows you who has joined from your email account? Seems odd that they would keep such information...

Santa Ana, CA

#68 Jun 29, 2009
Found it: here is the answer I was right


it is through any email contacts uploaded and doesnt have to be by you...if your email is in someone elses contact list it remembers

this however can be removed

Orlando, FL

#69 Jun 30, 2009
So this is really wierd, my attorney who represented me for my DUI case 2 years ago, was just suggested to me as a friend, didn't state any reason, and I have no other connection with him other than because he was my attorney.
I did exchange a few emails with this guy, through the same email address that's used for my facebook so to me that seems like the only way that FB could've drawn the connection, but that is really weird

Colorado Springs, CO

#70 Jun 30, 2009
Chachi wrote:
Scott (and other posters here), you are forgetting the possibility that the other person used the "find friends on your email contacts" feature, and that *you* were on *their* email contacts list that they willfully submitted to facebook at some point. This is much more likely than facebook hacking into your account info or buying it from Yahoo without your knowledge. Yes, I don't like the changes and consider them creepy as well, but I don't think anyone hacked into my info.
Chachi, I read all the posts up to your with some skepticism, but I really think you nailed it. I think those other users linked to their email contacts (and if they use Gmail, then everyone they've ever emailed is automatically added) and now FaceBook is suggesting in reverse. I.E, they didn't add you so now it offers that you may want to add them.

Much less dangerous than "hacking" anyone's account.
Paul _S

Great Falls, VA

#71 Jul 1, 2009
I still think if you've searched someone multiple times or if you've searched them, they'll show up in suggestions. That's why so many exes are showing up -- they're seeing how you're doing!(Or e-stalking!) Old girlfriends that I've looked up here are showing up in suggestions. They were never in any of my e-mail contact lists, but I have looked at their pages from time to time. I don't know if I'm in their contacts lists or not, but probably not.

Norwalk, CA

#72 Jul 1, 2009
I didnt see this posted.

My wife and I went on our honeymoon last May and I just had a suggested friend request to be a fan of the bed & breakfast we stayed at. So creepy. I know they didn't search for me.

Canton, OH

#73 Jul 2, 2009
You all think your friend suggestions are creepy? I am getting a suggestion for someone I went to grade school with 47 years ago and have had no contact with since! I did register last year at some site for old school mates.(This school no longer exists.)

I can only presume she registered there as well. It's possible she posted something on her FB page about it, but I definitely did not. FB would have to go to that school alumni site from her link and use names registered there that match those on FB.

So yes, I am getting more and more uncomfortable with FB's tentacled reach for information on the web and matching people up that way.

United States

#74 Jul 2, 2009
ive been wondering that too! its so weird cuz its showing me people i talked to years ago that ive never even searched for on facebook but had talked to or known years back. its kinda creepy

Hong Kong

#75 Jul 3, 2009
there's a feature on facebook where you can allow facebook to look through your emails to find contacts -- you must initiate this, facebook does not do this automatically....

I'm guessing that for those of us who haven't done this and yet are getting weird suggestions: what's happened is that facebook got the suggestion from the other party...

The person facebook has suggested as your friend at some point possibly allowed facebook to look through his/her emails and found your email address...
thus the friend suggestion

Minneapolis, MN

#76 Jul 4, 2009
I just got the strangest of all. A girl I stayed with in a hostel two years ago. No exchange of emails, no common friends, no common networks. In fact, we were only on a first named basis. Has anyone looked into whether or not it has anything to do with the actual networks used to view facebook pages. In other words, If I were to use a hostels network and look at my page, then get up and leave and someone else used that same machine/network, does facebook know that? I am utterly perplexed as to how else this could happen.

Waterford, MI

#77 Jul 7, 2009
Three people have popped up in my "suggested friend" box. They are people that I don't personally know, I have never sent an e-mail to them but I have posted comments on their blogs where I must input my e-mail address, the same e-mail that I use on facebook. It is very creepy.

Coventry, UK

#78 Jul 7, 2009
How do I get rid of a suggestion without it appearing again,. (I don't want to use the block feature.

Edmond, OK

#79 Jul 8, 2009
A creepy little guy I used to work with two years ago popped up in mine. Freaked me out a little because the dude blames me and another guy for getting him fired. Most likely FB crawled through his address book.

Sloatsburg, NY

#80 Jul 8, 2009
An ex I haven't talked to in 3 years showed up on my list. We haven't exchanged any e-mails (I have a new e-mail address and so does she) and have no mutual friends. The only thing that connects us now is our LinkedIn accounts. Is it possible that facebook hacked into our LinkedIn?
this is messed up

Lake Worth, FL

#81 Jul 8, 2009
today I got a friend suggestion of the daughter of someone I am in litigation with..........I have no clue as to why she would be suggested. We do not know the same people at all. She is not a yahoo account holder so the theory about yahoo accounts does not work. Baffled and this is messed up. 1 day after I told her dad to shove it up his........and there she is. Can it be that she looked me up and that is why she was suggested? She looked and browsed through my profile for a certain amount of time and click?????

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