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Rochester, MN

#608 Apr 19, 2013
I created a new Facebook with new email address due to my boyfriends jelousy problems, & I only have him & my best friend. On my people you may know list appears friends from both sides. But also people who arn't friends with any of them. A LOT of these are profiles of skanky girls, with skanky pictures. One of them is a girl who is a model, I know months ago my boyfriend used to have a girl as a friend who was a fake profile & had a billion of pictures of this model girl I mentioned (but you could obviously tell it wasn't the girls REAL facebook). But the girl who appears on my friends you might know sections IS the real one. & my boyfriend does NOT have her. I've read through a lot of forums & havn't found anyone commenting on this. But COULD IT BE POSSIBLE THAT ON YOUR PEOPLE YOU MAY KNOW LIST, ARE PEOPLE WHOM YOUR FRIENDS TALK TO? OR PEOPLE WHOM YOUR FRIENDS SPY ON THEIR PROFILE? If this is true that means my boyfriend slurps through all of these skanky girls profiles. & I'm pretty much 80% sure of that, because my boyfriend & my bestfriend are the only people I have, & I have NOT searched for any of these girls & my bestfriend & my boyfriend live in different countries.
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Darby, PA

#609 Apr 19, 2013
Your boyfriends profile is full of hot chicks making him feel real macho. What he doesntvknow is those pics are fake and some old man created the account. Then you have an account with your jealous boyfriend and your best"friend only". Sounds like your boyfriend is trying to get back at you by putting up hotgirl pics for you having your jumpoff sex friend on your page. Isnt facebook wonderful


#610 Apr 23, 2013
It is impossible for me to understand, what you guys mean by "friend". A "friend" is someone, who is a blood relative.
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Bayonne, NJ

#611 Apr 23, 2013
I had this happen once too when I first actually made a facebook account and looked up someone I knew but wasn't sure if I should friend request them (tend to be a bit shy when it comes to that, but lately I've just been going on ahead and adding). Anyway, next day I get a request from them and they told me that I was on their "People you may know" list. So yes, I started going under that impression too and I'm in hopes that with some people I looked up I don't end up on their people they may know list.:x
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Brooklyn, NY

#612 Apr 24, 2013
Just admitt you had sex with every person male/female on your faceboop and we leave you alone.

Stephenville, TX

#613 Apr 28, 2013
Anonymous wrote:
I believe Jonty is correct and it suggests people who are viewing your profile. After searching for a few people(people I had no intention of contacting) I noticed some odd "coincidences". I also think it ties in with the names that come up in the search box. I think every move you make is cached on their servers. Or maybe it's a glitch in the system. Very creepy.
I know further back in this thread someone said Facebook confirmed this isn't possible. Think about it though, why would FB admit to something that could result in a class action lawsuit against them. They aren't being truthful. It is a total invasion of privacy and it's very unsettling. If I wanted to contact these people I would have when I looked at their profiles. For those who say they created different accounts to test this and it didn't pan out, maybe it doesn't do it all the time, but I am convinced it does happen.
I have created a different account and it didn't pan out. I have still seen some weird stuff happen though. I think your right it just happens some of the time. It's irritating to not know for sure though. Their have been a few people that I was maybe interested in, so I went to their Facebook to see a little more about them, now I'm embarrassed and hoping I didn't show up anywhere on their Facebook.

Los Angeles, CA

#614 May 10, 2013
maicel jorge jaime
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Brooklyn, NY

#615 May 10, 2013
They shhould call is it facehole. Everyone on the site trying to put their face in a hole. Meanwhile gov using it as a tool. Congrats you have been punked.
Sam E

Canton, MI

#616 May 12, 2013
Why is it 'creepy' an ex-boyfriend/girlfriend might look you up online?(assuming the person isn't generally creepy) Isn't everyone curious about people they haven't seen every once in awhile. Hell if you believe Social Network a large purpose for the site existing is to be able to tell whether or not people are single.

Ashburn, VA

#617 May 16, 2013

Melrose Park, IL

#619 May 30, 2013
It's a combination of what's described here. The only thing that I see we all haven't considered is:
The people that we are connected to as friends-if they email, view profile, or search for them, since we are connected as friends, it shows up in my "People we may know" List as well.
If you are friends with Person A and Person A emails the random, and/or views profile, now this person essentially becomes someone I may know.
So you may not be doing anything, it could be the people you are friends with that is viewing the guys/girls page...Six degrees of Separation is a mutha!!!


#621 Jun 7, 2013
It is simple...Just like me - deny facebook as much information as possible; mind you anything you post on facebook is permanently stored on their database even when delete from your end.

Milton Keynes, UK

#622 Jun 9, 2013
I wanna know why its suggesting people I dont know from another country who are clearl not in my age range either. Its very suspect!

Wilmslow, UK

#623 Jun 10, 2013
Where the .... does facebook get it's info from?

I recently created a facebook account in order to test something at work; using a little used email account.

Once testing was complete I disabled the account.
I then re-enabled the account for the purpose of further testing.

I was asked to make "friends" with a number of people which included:
1) my brother
2) my nephew
3) my great niece
4) an ex manager (and friend)
5) an old friend from years ago

Given that I gave them minimal information and an email address that few of these people know (I don't even know what my great niece's email address is!)- how the .... do these evil bastards know so much about me?
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Dulwich, Australia

#624 Jun 11, 2013
Ok, I just started a NEW facebook account under an alias (musician) with a brand new gmail account. There is NO personal information about me at all in my email account or new facebook account.

I currently have 0 friends and 0 activity. I logged in today to discover facebook has suggested friends for me.

First suggestion was MY BROTHER! then basically 20 of my friends and associates! WTF?!?!

Can anyone tell me how facebook knows this? I am quite disturbed by this.

Croydon, UK

#625 Jun 13, 2013
I used a Yahoo email address and used it to create a new Facebook account. Bizarelly it knew all my contacts.

Croydon, UK

#626 Jun 13, 2013
Could previous Faceboook searches be stored by IP address or by cookies? Something pretty diabolical going on.

Melbourne, Australia

#627 Jun 13, 2013
Does the people l made on facebook know my full name and where l live. Can you answer me.

Chesapeake, VA

#628 Jun 26, 2013
I did a fresh install of OS X, made a fake email, then made a fake facebook and got suggested 50% of my friends on my real Facebook account.
I had another computer on, signed into my real Facebook. So I am guessing that Facebook has to be somehow connecting the network of computers in your house.

Bubuieci, Moldova

#629 Jun 27, 2013
Wait, that's more weird, I created an Anonymous account for facebook in a different browser... used a different mail... which doesn't have any mails of my friends... and he still suggests me my colleges and neighbors... WTF... Does he automatically connect accounts from the same IP?
This mean if I will login at an internet club, and then some other guy will create an account, my friends will be suggested to him?

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