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Can this be legal


#534 Jul 20, 2012
Okay same thing has happened to me, I deleted my old facebook a few months ago (yes deleted not removed, supposed to wipe all information). Then recently i decided to make a new facebook (fake name, DOB, new email address, i have 0 friends, did not fill out any information other than what is required to open and account. I used the account to create a Buy/Sell/Swap page for my local area).
It wasn't much of a surprise when i saw the friend suggestions for some of the people and business in the group.
What concerned me is the people that showed up when i clicked "see more suggestions".
There was people in that list that i had met on chatroullette and added to my old facebook,relatives, old friends from the other side of the country that i haven't seen in years again from my old facebook (it is not possible at all that they searched for me #fakenamedobemail and i definitely didn't search for them). And it is not possible that they were on the buy/sell/swap/page. Also i do not have any of these people in email contacts.
Scary thing is i have moved house and changed ISP since i deleted my old facebook so that rules out them tracking my IP address. Someone above mentioned MAC address tracking, i see this as a possibility because its the only possible link between the accounts. I made the account on my girlfriends laptop, but have since used mine (actively tracking them? or maybe cross referencing between mine and my girlfriends mac addresses, i used them both on old FB.
All this is getting me confused and a little worried. I want to know are they breaching privacy laws? And is this level of intelligence gathering and tracking of citizens even legal by a corporation?
Can some mega computer wizz enlighten us, i have a diploma in networking and i cant figure it out at all. Or is anyone interested in some legal action?

Bucharest, Romania

#536 Sep 6, 2012
As someone else has said, fb is datamining your PC/phone {especially cookies and temp files}. I, for example, logged in from a somebody else`s PC (not FB friend nor friend of friend) and, right after logging in again from my machine I have like 40% of the suggested persons people with 0 friends in common. It`s pretty obvious that fb datamined that person`s PC(not only the FB cookies, because amongst the new reccomandations there are many people that even he does`nt have on FB) and came up with all those suggestions.
I`ve also tested out: visiting someone else`s profile will put you in his "People You May Know" list and viceversa.
The IP(s) from which you log-in are also taken into the algorithm, and it is pretty possible that yahoo (and maybe even the other mail providers) are selling the old/unused accounts: a friend of mine received some spam FROM ONE OF HIS OWN OLD EMAILS. The only thing in common between the two is that his new email was in the contact list of the old. The funny part is that he can`t access that email anymore.

Rye, Australia

#537 Sep 7, 2012
I have an interesting story for you.

I'm from Australia and I moved to the UK. I am married now and have kids.

I left an ex girlfriend in Australia on bad terms an I wanted to make things right, so I made a fake Facebook profile, fake email address EVERYTHING. I uploaded no photos or profile information and it was a brand new hotmail account. I made the account with the sole intention of contacting the ex in AU and doing some apologising, which I did.

But then I log in to the account, and in my suggested friends is my wife's sister !


Brand new email address with fake details
Brand new Facebook account with fake details
NO mutual connection between my ex and my wife

And yet I get suggestions to become friends with HER SISTER. Also in the suggestions was my parents, my sister, aunts uncles and cousins and some of my friends.

Facebook had no access to my email contacts because it was a fake email address.

The only parameter in this is that I made and accessed the account on my iPhone from mercury web browser whilst simultaneously using my real Facebook account via the Facebook app.

I guess Facebook has accessed my iPhone's data to extract either contacts from my other Facebook, or contacts from my phone book. Either way it's absolute bull crap

Beaverton, OR

#538 Sep 9, 2012
When you send FB an email your "fake" email address has the IP address in the mail header. Just using FB, FB will record your IP address. All FB has to do is correlate the IP address to you and other FB users with the same IP address. Each time you log in to FB you give them your current IP address.
If you use the same computer for 2 FB accounts, FB knows it from the same IP address.
If you really want an anonymous FB account, you probably have to use a library computer etc with an IP address that you never use for anything else.

Sacramento, CA

#539 Oct 1, 2012
My 2 cents.
I know it is 3 years later... however one other way it finds people it thinks you know.

if you have installed facebook app on your smartphone (yes I did this in 2009)
it will search your contact list and if it finds numbers in there, it will look them up and suggest you be friends with them.
it has done this to me with 3 different people, one was one of my doctors, one was a girl I met in about 2006 and only talked for a short time, never really dated. lately (2012) it has been suggesting people that I have NO idea, and I'm sure it has some secret algorithm that found them because we did such and such at the same time, like college... funny thing is, that if you try to friend someone you don't know and they say they don't know you, you can have your account suspended or even be banned... I got a warning from this a year or so ago, and i have no idea who they were talking about. what I'm currently searching for an answer to, and why i found this thread, is that it is suggesting possible workplaces and universities for me now (i have never put that information in and don't plan on it) it is suggesting I work at Walmart of all places, and that I went to UC Davis. bizarre invasion of privacy.... Big Brother is Alive and Well.. I'm thinking of putting that I work for NASA, and possible changing it daily for a few months to screw them up.

Southampton, UK

#540 Oct 12, 2012
Ic stopped logging into my sites a couple of years ago. I regretted losing touch with friends, but online friendships caused me so much work I had no time for myself. I didn't delete my FB page, but I understood that it was inactive, no longer visible.
Despite this, I still receive FB friend requests - and now requests from a former partner (who has never phoned me), a local friend (who I'll contact about this) and an online acquaintance who I know definitely would NOT send me a friend request!
I've always loathed Facebook and now my worst suspicions appear to have been realized. They definitely should not be doing this.

San Bernardino, CA

#542 Oct 22, 2012
so yea i, for the first time today used my real name to have a page for my company..and in the sugested friendsbox i found my ex's friends name on the top of the list wtf! has she been trying to spy? face book sucked when i first signed up 5 years ago..gave it another chance today and wow i am dissapointed! talk about privacy breach
Fathoming Facebook

Hull, UK

#543 Oct 23, 2012
I'm wondering how this works too.
I've had what looks like a fake, completely blank profile (with no mutual friends) topping my find friends list for a while now. I did a bit of experimenting and know that when you click on a friend suggestion, it moves further up the list. Then if you leave it alone, it moves back down again. I've only clicked on this person once and yet they're continually ranked first.
Interesting, there is one person on Facebook whose profile I visit quite often.(An ex. We're not Facebook friends and never exchanged emails.)Recently I stopped visiting it and noticed that this unknown profile had dropped straight to the bottom of the list! So I decided to visit them again.. I checked 'find friends' straight away and it was back near the top! It's all very weird. Maybe they made a fake profile? And if so, how is Facebook making the link? I can't fathom why it would move in sync with my visits if it had nothing to do with them.

Indianapolis, IN

#544 Oct 23, 2012
I have had several blank profiles as suggested friends with no profile pic or info. Also came up in the find friend drop down box. Sometimes they move up in the drop down box even if I haven't looked at them. I even sent one a message telling them to b my friend if they wre gonna look but got no response and haven't seen them as a suggested friend since. I do believe it has something to do with who views your profile but also some other Facebook mechanism that
suggests friends.

Hull, UK

#545 Oct 24, 2012
I think you're right. My ex still sends me texts occasionally so I wouldn't be surprised if he's also looking.(Aren't people crackers..)
Facebook probably tries to match people who have searched for each other, then if they have other things in common like interests, school, workplace etc they're even more likely to become friend suggestions. Then again it could be completely one-sided too, since Facebook wants people to add as many friends as possible.
Just my two cents.

Albany, NY

#546 Nov 3, 2012
My theory wrote:
My guess is that those other people looked YOU up on Facebook first. I had a guy pop up who rents the apartment I used to live in. He probably looked up my name after getting a bunch my mail.
yea i agree. i think it's bc they looked *you* up, and that's why they show up as a suggestion. i had that happen to me. how embarrassing for the guy who was looking me up! busted. oops.

Thrissur, India

#547 Nov 16, 2012
its just only becoze ur partner have visited ur profile. i dont know how it comes.. but its a real fact.. whenever i visit some profiles. i use to get request soon after the visit.
God knows how


#548 Nov 28, 2012
I think its taking old searches of any fb account you have accessed from your computer. one of my friends created an account with not his own name.. but it was suggesting him most of my friends, and I guess the people who were trying to look for me, just try creating a new profile with a new email ID and use a your name something like .."Life shocked "or.. not a persons name.. and don't add any of your personal details.. and see the suggestions you get.. this is creepy.. i feel like fb is acting like a spyware..
Hey Baby

Easton, PA

#549 Dec 2, 2012
So I like this chick and when I type in K she pops up as #1. I think she wants my D#@# but Facebooks not telling the truth.....so I'll just get her some drinks and do her anyways. Cheers.

Mr. D

Trussville, AL

#550 Dec 4, 2012
Sorry for the necro. Half of you people mentioning IP address are making yourself look like idiots. Just because you know IP address has to do with computers doesn't mean you should use it to try to make arguments. IP addresses associate your computer with the network. It's your drivers license when you are on the Internet. Websites can identify what computer is attached to an IP address. It does not store any information of what websites you visited or what accounts you logged into. Other websites store that information. Facebook isn't tracing IP addresses to give you friend suggestions. Facebook also doesn't have access to look at these databases that hold your visiting information. What Facebook can do is read your cache from when you visit their website and login. They can see if you visited one of these people's Page that is showing in the suggestion list. However, it's not clear they use this. We know they search through your phone and associate numbers with registered profiles. We also know hey search the email you are using on Facebook. Also, they look for pages you liked, networks, and groups you belong too. I think they take people you search for or that that person searches for and mixes that in. If some pretty girl you recently chatted with shows up in that list then, add her. Chances are if you didn't search for her, she searched for you.
Steve S

Hamburg, Germany

#551 Dec 5, 2012
This has also been happening to me .I suggest deleting ALL references to any old acquaintances as a starting point. Do this from ALL email accounts you have and also switch off the auto fill feature for email addresses which saves email addresses too. Unfortunately - if the other party do not do this as well then you will likely still get suggestions for friends due to their lose connection through emails. This seems to have stopped the majority of unwanted friend suggestions for myself. I do suspect FB are trawling connections via other method too though.
Steve S

Hamburg, Germany

#552 Dec 5, 2012
Quite frankly - It is absolutely scandalous that FB has the cheek to throw up peoples pasts smack in their faces, with photographs we may not want to see, hear or even think about once we have moved on in life.....The day this site closes down or charges its users and force its addicts out there to use an alternative social network site will be a great day indeed.
Jeff S

Baldwin Park, CA

#553 Dec 6, 2012
I'm not easily blown away; however, FB did it for me today. My incident was similar to those of "Andy" "David" and "God Knows How." I've had FB for yrs - real name, alma mater, hometown, etc with privacy settings adjusted to a level I'm comfortable with (coupled with taking a bit of responsibility by not posting or letting people tag me in pictures/other postings that I wouldn't want be shown at my companies Christmas party hypothetically also attended by my grandmother, a kindergarten class, my priest and the NYPD). That said, I've never really felt overexposed or violated since joining in 2001.

Yesterday I created a profile using an alias completely different from my name, coupled with an email address consistent with that name, and used for same purpose (I'm dabbling in buying/selling on Craigslist and since anonymity is part of the site's foundation, i felt doing business with someone online (albeit it an alias) who has built a reputation of consistent responsibility/responsiveness was comforting to buyer and sellers alike - I just didn't want my name attached since, lets face it: Internet creeps + minimal security/privacy features on CL = Lifetime channel's next big Saturday afternoon thriller).

Anywayyy, at first the profile looked like I would expect - super basic with the bare minimum info (none remotely linkable to me - not even a picture), and similarly, there was no activity, friends, suggested friends, etc. Today i decided to add a few more basic info items (specifically alma mater, hometown and current city - again random choices do not tie back to me as my job has me temporarily living on opposite coast for three months). It was upon adding these items that I was flooded with friend suggestions, most of whom I knew, some I was FB friends with on real account, many I was not. Many were random people going as far back as high school whom I had no contact with.

This is already very long winded so ill stop short of trying to explain how I have at least one friend suggestion as a rebuttal to each theory (pointless - who cares lol); I think many of the suggested explanations have some extent of validity. I just wanted to contribute to help illustrate what everyone before me has - that this is so far-reaching it seems few can completely comprehend and/or provide the complete explanation other than the guys behind it. I'm far from a big brother conspiracy theorist, however this definitely caught me off guard, leaving me doing my "wtf?!" face for much longer than any grown adult should...ever

Birmingham, UK

#554 Dec 9, 2012
After much consideration, I have concluded that a DEFINITE factor is the people that have looked YOU up - a guy that I'm 90% sure likes me from university keeps appearing as the first name on my suggested friends list, even though we have only 2 mutual friends. I have never visited his profile, and we have never emailed each other - just spoken in person a few times. (Also, I keep getting random people from different countries being suggested to me who I have NO mutual friends with and have never contacted in my life - so it MUST be based on who's been perving on your profile)... Creepy indeed.

Sydney, Australia

#555 Dec 15, 2012
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