Facebook friend suggestions - how doe...

Carrollton, GA

#22 Jun 20, 2009
It suggested my REALTOR to me. There are absolutely no mutual friends involved. Also suggested an old online friend of mine with no mutual friends. What are the chances both of them searched for me?
Manny Goldstein

Waalre, Netherlands

#23 Jun 20, 2009
"Contract scraping"!

This is a new phrase for me, and here is the NY Times article where I learnt it;


It might be that Facebook also uses a similar method to look at our email contacts list and uses that as a basis to propose Friends?


#24 Jun 21, 2009
So today I traveled onto my friend suggestions page to find random people I had never met but spoken to on msn.
I do have a yahoo email account, but none of these contacts had any contact with that account.

This is soo strange.
Potential Answer

Bayonne, NJ

#25 Jun 21, 2009
Here's the closest thing to an answer that I could find:

Very Concerned

Minneapolis, MN

#26 Jun 21, 2009
I have had 4 of this type of friend suggestions in the past few weeks. One of them was a guy who I chatted with online after meeting him on a dating site for all of 2 weeks. He lives thousands of miles away, and we have no friends in common. I never even met him in person.

The next was a guy who I went out with on one date 4 years ago. We emailed several times before and after our date. He now lives in a different state and we share no friends in common.

The third was a guy I also dated for a short time. Same story: He lives out of state and we have no friends or networks in common.

The fourth was a woman who is a friend of a friend in reality, but not on facebook, as our friend in common does not even have a facebook account. The extent of our connection is that our mutual friend has sent us both a few emails on political topics, etc. We have never emailed directly. She also lives our of state and we have no networks in common.

I am EXTREMELY concerned about this. I know for a fact that not all of these people would have bothered to look me up on facebook, particularly the woman who only ever ended up on the same email list as I did. I have a sense that facebook has accessed my email account. I use mac email, and I have never uploaded my contacts, nor do any of these people exist in my contact list. The ONLY way that facebook could know that I have any connection to these people is through my email. So.damn.scary. I am going to try to contact them, but without a sufficient explanation, I plan to delete my account.
K thoughts

Orangevale, CA

#27 Jun 21, 2009
purple wrote:
I think this is the most logical answer. This was my first thought.
<quoted text>
Actually I've seen people I am only associated with outside of work show up on my boss's suggestions list when he got a new account, so they would never have looked him up, they don't even know his name. And I'm not on his list - he had not invited any friends to his page yet.
K thoughts

Orangevale, CA

#28 Jun 21, 2009
Oh -BTW - I am referring to the big list of friend suggestions - I know FB has added a feature where people can suggest friends for other friends and hook them up - that isn't what we're talking about here though.
K thoughts

Orangevale, CA

#29 Jun 21, 2009
Facebook has a search option you can select to find people by your email account - so they will find anyone you have had email contact with that is a member.
I think the suggested friend list is generated by Facebook running your email address ( unprompted!)and then showing the friends of your email members.(But not the email contact you actually know) You are getting introduced to friends of friends by Facebook automatically, without your accquiantences knowing.

New York, NY

#30 Jun 21, 2009
Same problem here, someone that I met in a bar, exchanged a few emails (Gmail) with over two years ago came up as a suggestion. I now live in a different city, and know no one else in common. The only other connection I have with him still is that we are 'friends' through Netflix, not that we've spoken through that ever.


#31 Jun 21, 2009
All very familiar. I have really tenuous connections. The daughter of a work colleague who lives in Canada (I'm in the UK). I don't see the colleague a lot and wouldn't say she was close at all. Also an ex work colleague that I haven't e mailed or spoken to for at least 10 years. Fascinating but am freaked out by it. Someone is hacking in somewhere

Brockton, MA

#32 Jun 21, 2009
dude - facebook just suggested a friend to me who i used to chat online with TEN YEARS AGO!!!! different country, different networks, no mutual friends, no contact with this person since 10 years ago!! lol wth!? so odd
Big Brother knows all

Los Angeles, CA

#33 Jun 21, 2009
An ex-neighbor who I haven't spoken to in 2 years came up as a suggestion, as did a friend from high school, but not my mom. All are in my Yahoo email address book. The funny thing is that I don't want to "friend" my mom. How does Facebook know?

Preston, Australia

#34 Jun 21, 2009
This is such an invasion of privacy that I'm surprised nothing's been done about it. Who gave them the right to access my email account?? Crazy!

Norristown, PA

#35 Jun 22, 2009
facebook is also using contacts from people's AOL Instant Messanger lists and suggesting them... I find it totally weird that they have all of this information..

Potomac, MD

#36 Jun 22, 2009
I just got a recommended friend that was an ex i haven't communicated with in over 3 years. We have no friends in common. It is obviously because i am using the same email address that i used to communicate with her in the past as my FB account, as i'm sure she is. FB has the ability to see your email history from the address you are using for your FB account, and then when someone you have had contact with in the past from that address signs up for FB, you are mutually recommended. It was very unsettling to me as I'm sure it will be for her since we parted on very bad terms. FB should be called on this and correct it or at least admit it.

Durham, NC

#37 Jun 22, 2009
Same story as so many others. Except the recommendations that I am getting are from people who have been deleted from my Yahoo contacts list for over a year now. I did a cleanup of the contacts list early last summer, and didn't sign up for FaceBook until January of this year. They are mining a store of saved contact information from somewhere and it is very annoying. Yahoo has probably sold FB this information. In a financial meltdown, companies will do ANYTHING for money. Heck, they'll do anything for money even outside a financial meltdown. This is a CLEAR invasion of my privacy, and FB is mud to me now.

El Monte, CA

#38 Jun 22, 2009
Scott (and other posters here), you are forgetting the possibility that the other person used the "find friends on your email contacts" feature, and that *you* were on *their* email contacts list that they willfully submitted to facebook at some point. This is much more likely than facebook hacking into your account info or buying it from Yahoo without your knowledge. Yes, I don't like the changes and consider them creepy as well, but I don't think anyone hacked into my info.
Freaked out

United States

#39 Jun 22, 2009
This is really freaking me out to, there are guys I went on one date with that I met on internet dating sights popping up as people I might know, what if I pop up on there friend suggestion, then they know I'm still out there, I don't want that, it's scary!! Totally don't like it, and how are they finding those people to be connected to me, I don't have there email addresses anymore, my only guess is they still have mine in there list.
Freaked out

United States

#40 Jun 22, 2009
another freak out, how did this just know I'm from victorville, ca, I didn't type that in!! What the heck, I'm not liking the internet to much anymore. Scary!!

Middleburgh, NY

#41 Jun 22, 2009
Same deal. Old girlfriend, I mean 35 years ago, suggested. I have looked up her website but never added her to contacts or made any contact. This was before I had any FB friends, and had only entered my high school and college, neither of which we shared.

I have a link to that website in "Favorites" or "Bookmarks," that's all.

I jolly well want to do some private scoping around, and if I want to make contact, do it on my own terms. Maybe FB is not in favor of selective privacy but of maximum expansion.

Guess we might as well attempt to brace FB on the subject of how they operate. S'pose they'll stonewall?

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