Mike Ognibene Ford assets ordered seized

Mike Ognibene Ford assets ordered seized

There are 170 comments on the Buffalo News story from Jul 29, 2007, titled Mike Ognibene Ford assets ordered seized. In it, Buffalo News reports that:

An order of seizure of assets was signed Friday by Acting State Supreme Court Judge Robert C. Noonan in a dispute between the Ford Credit Co. via Buffalo News

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Rochester, NY

#21 Sep 21, 2007
Anyone who used the jesus fish for advertising needs to read their bible.

West Henrietta, NY

#22 Sep 24, 2007
Hope you guys are all perfect. It's one thing to think a dealership is bad, but really, do you all do everything that is right? Maybe one day your "stuff" becomes public. Might be worth taking a minute and looking at yourself before you point fingers. Just a thought.

Rochester, NY

#23 Oct 5, 2007
Isn't it funny how the only person on this WHOLE entire site that defends Mike Ognibene is a person named "J Michaels". Interesting when Mike's name just happens to be "Michael J"!!! Get A Life!!! Let's just say for laughs that your not Mike(cough-cough), people in this town have put up with alot of his crap and bullshit for YEARS!!! He's an embarrassment not only to his family and friends, but to this whole community!! If anybody needs to feel sorry for someone, how about his children that have to walk around humiliated about who their father is!! Maybe he should have thought about who he was actually screwing over!! All these years he spent puffing up his image and living a life full of lies, never once did he think about who was really going to take the fall!! He still parades around town with his head held high and so full of himself. I bet his kids can't do the same. What a swell christian!!!

Rochester, NY

#24 Oct 10, 2007
I understand all of your frustration but instead of making mean comments about him we should be praying that he will repent and ask God for forgiveness. God said that if a man sins against you and repents then you are to forgive him 70 times 7. I do understand why you are all upset by we are to love others as Christ loves us...

Batavia, NY

#25 Oct 11, 2007
I would not go to any church that lets people like him walk thru the door. Just because he goes to church does not make him saved. That is what bothers me about people who think just because they go to church they are good people. There are wonderful people out there who never go to church but live in Gods name every day by the way they live their lives, good to themselves and others. Saying all the bad stuff about him is not really nice but this is how people get their anger out for the horriable things Mike has done to them. He is far from a true Christian!!!!!!!! He can change is ways just like everyone can but the question is will he?

Brockport, NY

#26 Oct 22, 2007
I know him on a different level then these people here, and not only do I agree that he is a lying scum-bag that is guilty of the worst known human sin (fraud), he is a pathetic hypocrite crazed for money and scandal. It really sets a flame inside of me to see people treating him with respect when he is one of the very few people I know that doesn't even deserve a single glance. I have personally dropped this matter as should everyone else. Because what goes around comes around, and Mr."I am so Holy" should know that in the end no matter what, He will pay for what hes done and God will have the final answer even if he has apologized. His defense is; No one is perfect, people make mistakes. Let me leave you on this note, if that is the only thing you can say to defend your antics, your going no further in life that you just have. If you never got caught ... would it still have been a mistake?

Rochester, NY

#27 Oct 25, 2007
THANK YOU!!!To all who posted here as i was just thinking of going there to buy a car, and its a shames that he is poseing as a christian and scaming all these people, and i bet most of them are on fixed incomes. But it matters not if you are poor or not. He is filling his pockets,,,,, buyers beware at MIKE IGNIBENE,S
Oakfield Country Boy

Newark, NY

#28 Oct 27, 2007
Skip wrote:
I have worked for his parents @ thier home for the last 6 yrs not by choice and his parents are just as sly as he is, I hope they catch the old man on something too.
I suggest that you report them to the authorities. Nobody should hold you against your will.
Former Employee

Rochester, NY

#30 Nov 15, 2007
Mike is one thing all on its own but to think of all of us that lost our jobs is another. You can only begin to think about what we all think. Jobs, peoples lives, kids, church, God, Mike only cares about himself!


#31 Nov 26, 2007
I'm a single parent mother of two and I've been searching for a used car for the past few weeks now as my current car will not make it through the first snwow fall here in Buffalo. I am so glad I came across this post!!! My "dreamcar" is being sold at Crazy Cheap Cars in Batavia, which is listed as a "Division of Mike Ognibene", I better keep searching. Thx

Rochester, NY

#32 Nov 30, 2007
I'm sure there are plenty of honest used car dealers in the area (unlike this schmuck - I want to barf every time we drive by his place).

For what it's worth, I've heard nothing but good things about Bergen Auto Sales, a small used-car dealer in Bergen NY. They've been around a long time and their prices seem more than reasonable.

United States

#33 Dec 10, 2007
I should know this by now, Car dealers are just like lawyers, shiftless scum.
Even his employees hate the man.

Fairport, NY

#34 Dec 16, 2007
We'll screw you right here!!!! That should have been his catch phrase. Mike O' was screwing people in the name of the lord.
Come to think of it there are a lot of people like that.
But this guy had some big hairy coongas. I am glad they nailed his ass but I feel bad for the people that got burned by him, myself included.
I bought my truck there and really got a pretty good deal except when it came to extended warranty time.
I told that little dink "Mark" you know who you are, and so do I buddy!!!!! that I wanted the Ford premium care warranty and he did his best to talk me out of it.
He sold me this Universal Underwriters warranty that I am very concerned about.
If he got anyone else and if you know anything about this warranty good or bad, please post it.
My dealership in Victor told me that they could work with anyone but alot of those so-called warranty providers find more excuses about what they can't or won't cover than what they actually will. These people have been siphoning off my checking account for almost a year. Please if you can pass along some info i would appreciate it. Thanks and Merry Christmas
Heart Broken Jester

United States

#35 Jan 13, 2008
First, let me say that far too many people profess Christianity without having a clue what is means to be a Christian or the tenets of the faith. Therefore, I shall spare you the theological lecture and let's at least agree that there is/ was virtually nothing Christian regarding the motives or actions in business and perhaps life concerning one Mike Ognibene.
If anyone was taken in a financial dealing by a shady automobile dealer from the appearance of piety and symbolism via a Jesus fish display in a commercial then let me say for the record Satan has only begun his fun with you. The scripture says that Satan appears as an angle of light. If Satan can work through an apostle of Jesus then what makes you think that would hesitate to work through an useful idiot with overt esteem issues like Mike O.?
I am currently looking to spend a nice some of money on a couple of late model used cars and after doing some research (Clue to the intellectually lazy) I will pass on buying from crazycheapcars.com as a viable option. It's a shame as I thought that they had some interesting product listed on their website.
Mike O., I'm confident that you and/ or loved one(s) are monitoring this Blog as this is typical behavior of people with your, shall we say, character defect (clue phone ringing). I ask you my brother... was it worth it?
daniel cherry sr

United States

#36 Jan 21, 2008
iI am daniel cherry sr at 119 state st batavia ny.Mike ognibene is my slumlord o i mean landlord.Ha.I was wrong i thought when mike o got the house hed fix it he did not.One time we had a hole in our garage roof.I emailed mike o ford.He called me and told me hell tear down our garage an if i dont like it hell throw my 2 young boys out in 2 days.I tried to tell his wife he hee hee bonnie how to save money on heat.There is no insulation in our home bad windows.An instead of fixing it he is forcing us to move cause we cant afford heat and 150$ a month gas bill.I rented this hud apt an heat was included.Ya see our government gives slumlords a taxbreak.Yea mike ognibene not only rips off people for cars he treats the poor real real bad.We are poor i am hndicapped and cant physically move all this stuff.We gotta give a months notice to move.The MJO properties po box 395 elba nt 14058 sent a letter sayin now we pay heat.I wouldnt ever buy anything from a scum like mike.Look the made 12,000 dollars offa us an hud in 2 years.An now instead of doing the right thing and insulating the home the make us pay for our heat to go out the windows and walls now.My boys freeze at night now.We rent a 3 bdroom and there was a fire years ago here and the home is falling in structurally not safe.Of coure hud overlooks that.Today is martin luther king day.Martin luther was a good man he wanted to help the poor to have affordable housing at a decent affordable price.That is why hud exists now.Why does hud give money to mike ognibene tax evader and slumlord??An he is not the only one.My boys gotta change schools now they lived more than 1/2 their lives here.It is WRONG WRONG WRONG.God will make people like mike pay in the end....Do not buy a car from scum like that find a lil ol lady anything but that..daniel cherry sr batavia ny cherrypicss@hotmail.com
daniel cherry sr

United States

#37 Jan 21, 2008
I would never go to a church where people like mike ognibene preach.I cant prove it but i really think he gets more tax writeoff for giving than what he gives to City church.See most people go to church to worship god.This church people go to get free stuff.An mike he gets a huge tax break right.Alot of the churches here are suffering cause of the fact they give away free stuff.No they dont do life togther.If they did that pastor would be giving away his stuff he owns to help poor people.I dont see him goin hungry do you??The good people are the big red bus they give.The salvation army.They deserve praise.I hope you read this.We might be poor but we have rights mike ognibene.You are hurting my children i can not bring myself to pray for you though i should.An if i go to court it cant be a judge ya go to church with.An my kids mom unfortunatly every so often takes my boys there to see if she can get free stuff..Pastor mary you ought to be ashamed to let a man like mike preach god ever!~!!
daniel cherry sr

United States

#38 Jan 21, 2008
dpg wrote:
he is a bad tast of the italian people in batavia area
hes also a scum landlord too daniel cherry batavia ny
daniel cherry sr

United States

#39 Feb 15, 2008
Sorry buddy i was wrong yer worse than i ever thought ya were i need to look in thesourus to find the perfect word slumlord that was only a start i could be crazy but i am not ignorant..a happy tenant is good tenant i'd say..why not recend the horrible things your trying to do to my boys miky??an be a real godly man eh buddy.If we are all brothers an sisters these boys are yer nephews right??My boys will have morals...they oughta start a bad landlord site..This shall do fer now....when we get too poor to buy toilet paper i can put the adds on the back o the penny saver to good use....have a blessed ay right??

Rochester, NY

#40 Feb 19, 2008
To Dale in Waterloo.....Just like many of you folks I am not very happy with Mike Ognibene and his antics. I was a salesman there for a few years and made very good money until Mike screwed us all. But in regards to your warantee, Mark offered you that warantee because it in fact is better than the Ford Warantee. It is good at any ASE certified shop in the United States and offers a lot of things that the Ford warranty does not....so you have no worries when it comes to the warranty

Rochester, NY

#41 Feb 26, 2008
Mike is not a fake. he is a very strong christian. yes there were bumps and bruises in his business but we all make mistakes. donald trump fiald for bankruptsy twice. nobody really cared did they. id like anyone of you to try and do what he has done in the business world. i am dating his youngest daughter and i've spent days at his house talking with him. hes not as bad as everyone made him out to be. he cant serve thousands of ppl at once, thats why he has employees and some of them werent doing their job right so blame them not mike. and his business was with the ford company, not with any of you fools. your probably a bunch of fakes too

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