Big Oil and Gas takes a raise whenever they LIKE!
By Dwight Baker
May 23, 2012
Oil Supplies Grow As Seaway Relief Valve Looms
By Moming Zhou - May 22, 2012 2:36 PM CT
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Alex in reply to Alex Marchant 10 hours agoCollapse
Simply rubbish...WE have a 22 year GLUT, consumption of Gasoline is at a 5-year LOW, thus prices should be, let's be generous, at 22 year lows...which is ECONOMICS 101...Instead, OIL is 500% higher than 9-10 years ago, gasoline is TRIPLE than what it was a few years ago, AND THE PUBLIC HAS THE RIGHT TO DEMAND AN EXPLANATION of this OUTRAGE!...
High cost to light the night drive the trains run the buses propel any and all efforts of mankind to step up and out of the dark ages of utter poverty have again set in motion a return to the dark ages.

WHY? The ones holding the keys to COMMONDITES oft times are gamers. That is right they game the system, gaming to mean they fix this and that as this good story explains to say things that seem true but are NOT.

So what has gone wrong is that BIG OIL AND GAS along with BANKERS or “The Beast’ have made our economies far worse than ever before WHY they have gamed the systems.

NOW, who is winning today? The ones that knew about the games and played them to win along with the BEAST?

WHAT can be done? The huge population of mankind that work for pay Stay Home “Declare a week long strike” shutting down the wheels boats trains of commerce and let the BEAST know what might be in store latter on.