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Ecolab 600/handbook violations 2011/ Quigley/Smith/Jones

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Union supporter

Fayetteville, GA

#1 Jul 3, 2012
Abuse of authority is the unfair use of one's power to interfere with an employee's work and performance in the form of humiliation, intimidation or threat. It does not include professional duties, such as appraisals, counseling or usual managerial responsibilities.

Employees need to distinguish between the various forms of abuse of power in the workplace. According to the Gender and Diversity program's website, supervisors can abuse their power through their speech, including making criticisms about employees’ physical appearance, work skills and intellect. The tone of a supervisor's voice--for example, a supervisor raising her voice at an employee or using foul language--can constitute emotional abuse. Ignoring employees and threatening employees with paycheck reductions or loss of a promotion are abusive. So are physical forms of abuse, including touching, hitting and slapping. Penny Jones (HR) at this facility(600) has use inappropriate touching with an hourly associate against his will during the Oct 14, 2011 suspenion investigation of the wrongful termination Union supporter hourly associate. Jones was also given the green light from Director HR Carla Smith to lied to the EEOC during the termination investigation weeks ago. Also Mgr Malik Ford and a newly current Supervisor at 600 were all in on the charade. Jones according to sources in the 600 bldg is still being seen using sexual encounters with some hourlys, all in this year of 2012. The EEOC believes the alleged (3) were telling the truth during meetings supposely held at Ecolab 600. But still insiders are sharing different stories with others about the EEOC's visit. More to come on What Carla Smith has allow to continue in the Mcdonough 600 Plant
Union supporter

Fayetteville, GA

#2 Jul 3, 2012
Ecolab Mcdonough Ga has violated lots of company handbook policies.

I've recently was terminated from this company for a crime I didnt comment. I've suffered great depression from this wrongful termination from this company. Ecolab I'm sure most people have heard of them.

Like most of these Foxconn's around the globe Ecolab has made a terrible decision in my termination. Ecolab Plant Manager its Human Resource Rep and its Director (HR) in Saint Paul MN had me suspend and fired because of my practice in local union involvement. Ecolab Mcdonough Ga alleged that I threaten& intimidated another associate, NOT TRUE. This alleged associate also a next of kin to the local (HR) is in handbook violations seriously. Also several witnesses testify in writing that I did not do any of the acusations that I have been accused of commiting.

LAST CHANCE RETURN TO WORK PROGRAM is a company handbook policy that Ecolab has in their handbook. I was on a LCRWP
place there March/April sometime during 2011 one of those months. My problem is after being place on the LCRWP during the spring and campaining for a union shortly after all through the summer of 2011 and early fall of 2011 management hated me.

The violations I'm charging ecolab with is that several current associates have had the same and more, many more for a couple of them with numerous write-ups after being placed on LCRWP.(1) associate with at least (3) LCWRP along thats (3) along, not just an alleged write-up but (3) LCWRP.

Handbook violations!! And the list goes on, a whitemale with a LCWRP has been written-up at least twice if not more and still has his job.

A female who also has at least (1) LCWRP for racial slurs IF NOT (2) LCWRP also has had a couple write-ups since being place on the program. Their are a few more current associate there at Ecolab Mcdonough 600 with LCWRP all with write-ups all still employed all guilty of their write-ups, some suspended twice none fired. Lots of handbook violations with what Ecolab has done to me, I want justice against this company. As I mention yesterday about this company the human resource rep at the Mcdonough Ga plant has a next of kin working at the plant this is the associate that curse me out the Oct 13,2011 night who was out of his work area, who was not suspended,who was not terminated, who continues to go around the plant showing text messages against me from that night of the 13th of Oct 2011. And all the above other things as mention in this heading on handbook policies that Ecolab are and have violated. I wanted a Union at the facilty and them being and using the AT WILL unlawful law that has detroyed a many of people on the Foxconn's jobs here in America have use AT WILL as their (ecolab) defense. This is wrong! EEOC has been lied to and NLRB also. But their only limited to what they see fit in most cases like what I have. Ecolab I'll be back!!
Corruptive 600

Fayetteville, GA

#3 Jul 11, 2012
Ecolab headquarters allows such poorly behavior from its surrounding plants because for years this company has always had such unruly favortism from such high powered Executives who allow these unfair things to happen , such as threatening & intimidation from Human Resources and Managers of all kind. The Mcdonough Plant in Mcdonough Georgia has been accused now for the last couple of years for poor mismanagement. Current Human Resource Rep at the Mcdonough 600 Plant who has now been on the job training for at least 5 years or more now, still can't seem to successfully make correct decisions when dealing with simple electronic time punch in's, hourly associates personal and leave of absences forms of sort. 600 Human Resource Rep also lacks professional courtesy amongst hourly's as well as some office associates. 600 Rep also lets personal off the job problems escalate into brutal harm to the hourly associate who seeks help from him or her when face with on the job profanity or other harrassment issues with team members, sudden temper tantrums from this Rep has cause a many hourlys writes up as well as unfair points and made up coachings. Mcdonough 600 Plant Manager who leads this parade of unprofound small army of villians, according to most if not all hourlys there. Some who are to afraid to speak out. Such behaviour is unacceptable where it is unwanted, unreasonable and offensive to the recipient. Sexual, racial and sectarian harassment, or harassment on grounds of age and disability constitute discrimination, and are unlawful. Harassment may also be a criminal offence and may contravene Health and Safety legalisation: complaints of this type of harassment can also be brought under the Protection From Harassment Order. Recently during The Equal Employment Opportunity Commision visit at 600 in the investigation of a terminated hourly, The EEOC willingly allow Ecolab to lie about what the associate had brought charges on this this company for. The EEOC allow Human Resource Rep and a host of others to use write ups that did'nt pertain to the charges that the associates was terminated for. Plant Manager at 600 and Corp Queen (HR) in Saint Paul MN all along with The EEOC who allow to be sidetrack and made a fool out of were all in on the heist. I guess you get what you pay for these days when dealing with low-lifes as what we have here. Humiliation, intimidation, action which demeans or undermines the individual. Physical conduct ranging from touching to serious assault racial abuse of a physical or verbal nature verbal and written harassment through jokes, offensive language, gossip and slander, sectarian or racist songs, threats, letters. Visual displays of posters, graffiti, obscene gestures, flags, bunting or emblems or any other offensive material. Isolation or non-co-operation at work, exclusion from social activities. Isolation or non-co-operation at work, exclusion from social activities undignified treatment, ridicule, marginalisation of an individual because of their disability coercion, including pressure for sexual favours, pressure to participate in political/religious groups. These acts do accure at Ecolab 600 and will go public in future blogs and post entry. This is not over.
violations at 600

Fayetteville, GA

#4 Jul 12, 2012
Relatives are eligible for employment as long as they do not directly report to a supervisor or manager to whom they are related. There must be at least two direct reporting levels between any relative. TO PREVENT SITUATIONS WHERE BUSINESS DECISIONS MAY BE COMPROMISED,RELATIVES OF AN ECOLAB ASSOCIATE REPRESENTING HUMAN RESOURCES ARE NOT ELIGIBLE FOR HIRE. In Addition, individuals may not be hired in to the preceding areas if they have a relative who is a current ecolab associate. On July 7,2012 during a weekend overtime workday Human Resource Rep next of kin ADMITTED being the nephew of the Human Resource Rep Penny Jones, this was all taken down noted and possibly proof of other types of electronic recording took place in the admittance of this statement from the alleged assailant actually saying and I quoted: " My Auntie let you guys come in on saturday and work huh? "
At Will no more

Conley, GA

#6 Jul 17, 2012
Ecolab may need to consider its hourly associates first. Ecolabs Board guru Larson along with other high exec's like Smith/Anderson and others should stop its assaults first with its hard working hourly associates. The end is near with all wrong doing from companies like Ecolab. Consumers need be aware of how Ecolab uses it farm raised managers around surrounding plants like the one in Mcdonough Ga & Joilet IL, using their human resource reps as punishing bullies towards hourly workers as well as its over price watered-down contaminated watered products they trick mom and pop stores into purchasing. Will this Foxconn company continue? Most say yes they will because they're Ecolab. I say no to the corrupted At Will bunch of lyers. Ecolab may want to take a long look at how their reputation is being damaged. Of course their just getting what they deserve. Their 600 plant in Ga contributes to all downfall with this corporate greed
former employer support

Conley, GA

#7 Aug 29, 2012
I work for this company few years ago. Read your comments here. Good luck with your actions against this company. They have done a many wrong and must be dealt with through legal authority
Mcdonough worker

Mcdonough, GA

#8 Nov 19, 2012
Why is this company taking advantage of us, its associates and its points system? I'm a working Mom and I need my job. We all wish now we would of made other decisions now with the teamsters. Everybody here still talking about what Ecolab did to our coworker in October last year 2011.

Ellenwood, GA

#9 Dec 11, 2012
wow Ecolab really is a lousy company to work for. I can't believe what they did to this guy
Current Associate

Mcdonough, GA

#10 Jan 8, 2013
I've been working for this company Ecolab for over 10 years now. I've work in its shipping dept for all of the time I've been employed with Ecolab. And now after all my hard work I've put in to become part of managements team as team player with the McDonough Plant. I have many regrets for what has become of this plant in the last 15 months for roles played with management here. I've been ask to do lots of things whether it was right or wrong to do by my boss in the shipping dept. This is not what I signed up for as a supervisor.

Mcdonough, GA

#11 Feb 14, 2013
Abuse of power in the workplace is becoming a national concern in the United States. According to the Workplace Bullying and Trauma Institute, 54 million employees surveyed in September 2007 reported being victims of abuse in the workplace. Understanding the different definitions, types, effects, consequences and warnings of such abuse--and knowing what resources are available for victims--can help employees and supervisors handle abuse of power in the workplace.Employees need to distinguish between the various forms of abuse of power in the workplace. According to the Gender and Diversity program's website, supervisors can abuse their power through their speech, including making criticisms about employees’ physical appearance, work skills and intellect. The tone of a supervisor's voice--for example, a supervisor raising her voice at an employee or using foul language--can constitute emotional abuse. Ignoring employees and threatening employees with paycheck reductions or loss of a promotion are abusive. So are physical forms of abuse, including touching, hitting and slapping. Ecolab Saint Paul MN Director Carla Smith allows (HR) Jones in the Mcdonough 600 Plant to use manipulative touching and kissing during the investigation of the October 14,2011 suspenion later termination of hourly associate union supporter. Smith did have a conversation with the suspended associate about company handbook policies but ignored the hourly associates complaint over the wrongful act of Jones and Plant Mgr Quigley, Quigley who was not present during these acts.

Mcdonough, GA

#12 Feb 14, 2013
The Good,thats the hourlys at Ecolab who work hard everyday to provide for themselves and families, The Mcdonough 600 Plant is still using negaligence along with cruel chronic punishment towards its hourly associates. Plant Manager Goon Quigley The Bad is enforcing his authority that Smith out of Saint Paul Mn, better known as The Ugly allows him to. Mcdonough 600 may never stop with its cruel and harsh work ecthics, and sadly there are a few hourlys at 600 who could care less what happens to them or co-workers around them. Mcdonough 600 managers now are forcing hourlys to work under dangerous life threatening procedures. Where Quigley for being known to Get The Job Done At Any Cost kind of attitude no matter what. Yeah now Quigley and some of his other goons are creating slave driven work areas putting hourly lives at stake. And because of Corporate greed hourlys must obey or walk the plank! I'm begining to wonder if Foxconn or Ecolab can both keep enough suicide nets available for their workers. Quigley time is running out for this punishment you're bringing and have brought to henry county, justice will have its day. I have not forgot you Jones.
joliet union thug

North Aurora, IL

#13 Feb 27, 2014
Just ship the soap and shut up

Mcdonough, GA

#14 Mar 10, 2016
joliet union thug wrote:
Just ship the soap and shut up
You're sad puppy. Wait till they fired your dumb beep. Oh its coming!! So ur a snitch?

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