Gripes, Complaints, Misdeeds committed!
Most of the time will bring on someone to start a Cause!
By Dwight Baker
February 11, 2012

Wyoming town fears fracking poisoned their water

Louis Meeks can stay on the land he bought back in the 1970's, when his water wells pumped sweet life into the place.

No more. It gives off a pungent, petroleum smell.

The EPA found high levels of toxic contaminants in a monitoring well just yard from Locker's own water well.

He pulls out a blackened filter from his waterline. "This has been in about a week," he said.

The EPA says chemicals in the monitoring wells are consistent with fracking fluids. But the study has yet to undergo peer review, and the drilling company strongly refutes the EPA's conclusions and methodology.


I have a patent pending that I worked on which is a product, methods processes with adhesive agents to stop the flow of fluids and gases that have been migrating from Fracturing operations into fresh water zones. The name of that is TOP SIDE COLLIDER; it is the sure cure to bring those damages to a halt.

Now, who in Big Oil and Gas wants to take on any of those fixes? NO ONE.

For I have tried to move the patent along to those in Big Oil and Gas but they have made long reaching into the future BIG bets that if up ended they would loose out big time, as in most cases today where guilt shame and blame is at that root of the problems we face, the propaganda mills are covering up one another with hopes that people in the USA will live on with substandard lives filled with filth, decadence and decay at every turn doing that because they have been told no help is in sight.