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#1 Dec 21, 2010
Finally, Ebay's Goin' Down !
Bye Bye Donahoe !
new thing

Elburn, IL

#2 Apr 25, 2011
any new news on this please post ASAP

Since: Jun 10

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#3 Apr 25, 2011
new thing wrote:
any new news on this please post ASAP
It's COMPLETELY up to you to research the topic. I just relay things as they happen. Get to work !
new thing

Elburn, IL

#4 Apr 25, 2011
DieForOurFreedom wrote:
<quoted text>
It's COMPLETELY up to you to research the topic. I just relay things as they happen. Get to work !
i have but thank you any way
new thing

Elburn, IL

#5 Apr 27, 2011
look at youtube john donahoe and post what you see ==if his hands were in his pocket he could not talk
William Lee

San Antonio, TX

#6 Apr 28, 2011
EBay sellers, read the writing. EBay does NOT want the online auction, to be the core of its business anymore. It is retooling the site, to one similar to Amazon. Read the Feb 10, 2011 article in FBN, CEO Donahoe states just that. This change in business has made both buyers and sellers unhappy.
If you are an seller, it is time to find another online auction, first as an eBay back-up, and ultimately as the primary eBay alternative when eBay succeeds in this site change. I use Ealtbay, it is a less controlling, low fees site. Find one that works for you.
In the mean time the Class Action Suit will not change eBay practices, but it will cause them some anguish, and money, which will result in higher fees --leading more people to leave the site.

Plainfield, WI

#7 Sep 2, 2011
I have been selling on ebay for 3 months now and have a feedback score of 12 100% positive and still have a limit of 10 sales per month no possibile way to make a living off of that when i call to increase my limit they tell me i need more feedback like many others i am selling replica items which i can only sell if i dont call them replica. what really pisses me off is that through all this ebay is happy to collect their 11% of each sale yet not allow me to do more if any one else has this same issue i would like to take some sort of action to stop this bull@%$#

New Paltz, NY

#8 Sep 6, 2011
rmrmrm wrote:
I have been selling on ebay for 3 months now and have a feedback score of 12 100% positive and still have a limit of 10 sales per month no possibile way to make a living off of that when i call to increase my limit they tell me i need more feedback like many others i am selling replica items which i can only sell if i dont call them replica. what really pisses me off is that through all this ebay is happy to collect their 11% of each sale yet not allow me to do more if any one else has this same issue i would like to take some sort of action to stop this bull@%$#
In an article, Ebay is said to be halting auctions altogether all over the globe by Oct. 2011. Also, all sellers MUST list 7,500 items or MORE, AND show proof that they actually have the items in stock using photos, receipts, emails, and any other kind of proof. So, us regular little guys are effectively out of business. NOW is the time to look elsewhere for gainful employment. Go to Bonanza, eCrater, iOffer, eBid, and other places to get rid of your merchandise.
Ebay came and went in just 12 years. So So Sad.
if i might

Sugar Grove, IL

#9 Sep 19, 2011
can anyone list the class action cases not settled yet aginst ebay ???
shipping value fee bs

Fort Myers, FL

#10 Oct 5, 2011
EBAY's Shipping Value Fee is the last straw for me!!
Ebay was more of a summer hobby than anything else and I certainly don't have a large inventory if Post #19 is accurate.
The Shipping Value Fee now takes a part of the cost sellers charge buyers to ship the item(s). I charge after weighing the item and add that cost to the listing. I refuse to add an "EBAY's cut" to the shipping charge.
This SHIPPING VALUE FEE is their attempt to get sellers to ship for free.
Poor management and a computer driven monopoly is what I have noted most from EBAY. It is very discouraging since most of the buyers and sellers seem like awesome people.

Bonanza seems fun and legit...
eBay sucks

Los Angeles, CA

#11 Oct 20, 2011
One of my item got removed even though I have a photo of the receipt posted in the listing. I have been calling and bugging them for an explanation. And today I finally got it. So According to their policy, any user can report any item as fake and they'll remove it. Unless you can get a proof from the brand name, otherwise you can't list it on eBay. What kind of f'ed up policy is that? When I asked the guy I was speaking to, "So what if I get all my family and friend together to report my competitors regardless of the authenticity of their items?" His reply was, "Of course, we would welcome it." What a jerk. Let's just get the hell out of this sucky place and hand our money to somewhere else who would respect small sellers more.

Richmond, VA

#12 Oct 27, 2011
I've been selling on ebay off and on for nearly 10 years. It's been a place for me to pick up a few dollars that more often than not get spent making ebay purchases. I too have grown tired of ebay's policies. They really made a practice of pissing on the little guy that made ebay what it is today. I would love to participate in a class action suit against the ebay company. I've been looking for another site ever since ebay implemented thier "Paypal only". I have yet to find a replacement of the "old ebay". God bless us all and God Damn ebay.
Betty Johnson

Cincinnati, OH

#13 Oct 28, 2011
It's my opinion that the DSR system was put in place solely as a tool for Ebay's final control and anonymous 'adjusting' of credits given to members.

When a long-time seller is following all policies and doing all that can possibly be done to achieve a Top-Rated, Power Seller status, and their 100% feedback and returning customers reflect this- it can come as quite a shock to suddenly be notified that they have not only lost their status' but have now (for no apparent reason) become a 'Below Standard' seller!

How does this happen? Ebay states the reason is because 4 buyers have found 4 items to be 'Not as described'. At the same time, the feed back is showing only happy, well-pleased customers. Ebay says that buyers are not always 'honest' in the feed back they leave, but can be 'totally honest' when rating the DSR, since they will remain anonymous.. If this IS true- than why not allow buyers, as they have for sellers, to leave only POSITIVE feed back?

I believe 'someone' is remaining anonymous- but not necessarily our buyers..

Ebay HAS to be aware that DSRs are NOT being left honestly. They found that buyers were giving LOW ratings in the category of 'SHIPPING COSTS' to sellers who were offering FREE SHIPPING! THIS is 'being honest'?

Ebay finally realized this and no longer allowed buyers to rate sellers, at all, in that category- if the shipping was FREE.. This ONE point alone, SHOWS that the anonymously given scores are NOT being given honestly.

I am no longer a Power Seller or Top-rated seller, I've lost my 20% credit, and for the FIRST time in my ten years, selling on Ebay, they (Ebay & Paypal) have actually placed a HOLD on my Paypal funds, from Ebay buyers, which will only be released once Ebay has proof of shipping and delivery of my sold items! Why is this? It's easy to see that I ship quickly- I've NEVER had a package NOT received, nor a customer complain of slow shipping. How much 'interest' is Ebay and Paypal collecting on these funds that are placed on 'hold'? And HOW does this work with all of Ebay's glitches? I have items, in My Ebay, showing that they have NEVER been shipped!! Items that I've long since recieved excellent feed back on!! Items with confirmation numbers PROVING fast shipping and delivery. Will these glitches hold up my funds even longer? Does it make sense?

We sellers would LOVE to check with our buyers to find out if, indeed, they were dissatisfied with the item they received. However, Ebay's policy states that we are NOT to question our buyers regarding the DSR scores left for us- to do so could mean membership suspension. So, we can never be completely sure that the buyer DID leave that DSR score.

It's a smart move on Ebay's part. The DSR system puts more money in Ebay's pocket- in interest collected form 'held' funds, and in final value fee credits. It allows Ebay to give good sellers VERY low visibility in 'Search'- pushing the bigger, more profitable, sellers UP in visibility.

The DSR system is Ebay's baby. It's THEIR primary means of control, and it will remain anonymous. Our profits are lowered or raised- NOT depending on our seller performance at all- which is clearly shown in our feed back and excellent reputation as a good, policy following seller, NOT by our history at all, but ONLY by this ONE system that Ebay has concocted, as a final-control tool!

Dobbs Ferry, NY

#14 Nov 1, 2011
Please indicate your interest in pursuing this matter and our attorney’s office will be in contact with you
Please email

Email: m

Riverside, CA

#15 Nov 14, 2011
is there a class action against ebay? i WOULD LOVE to be part of it. I ve been selling on ebay for over 10 years now and the more the ebay goes, the more disrespectful and unfairly they go against their sellers. Without the sellers they cant operate. Some of the buyers take advantage of their policies against unethical and fair seller practices, therefore, the sellers are the ones that are always get slammed at the end under the thread of leaving negative feedback to their accounts, they are sometimes forced to count on their loss to satisfy buyers. The biggest hit is to start charging fees on shipping as well as raising their final value fees from 10-12.5%. This shows how greedy ebay and ebay stock holders are and therefore they drive small businesses out of the business. Any updates on a recent class action? please email me at
Thank you

Elizabeth, NJ

#16 Dec 2, 2011
DieForOurFreedom wrote:
Finally, Ebay's Goin' Down !
Bye Bye Donahoe !
I would like to know if this case was settled? I too am a seller and Ebay DOES NOT back us...only the buyers....If this case is still open, how do I get in?

Thank you and God bless

West Palm Beach, FL

#17 Dec 8, 2011
As a small time seller, who has made it a practice to always make sure that my items are presented as they are and shipped immediately, packaged carefully, extremely fair postage prices. I have recently had the ugly realization that Ebay does NOT stand by its sellers at all. After much research, I listed an item as "new"... a Bob Mackie Gold Barbie. She had never been taken out of her display case... I listed what I believed to be true that the original shipping box was not included, the case had some wear as it had been moved and had sufficient pictures to show what was available, I specifically put "ASK QUESTIONS BEFORE BIDDING", AND "NO REFUNDS". Some person who must have been in a rush bid, won and then came screaming back after she received the item that it was not what it was supposed to be. She also claimed that the stand inside the case, that Barbie stands on...which Barbie is clearly standing on in the pictures, was missing. I refuted her claims and called Ebay directly as I have never encountered this before. After being led astray by some wonderful young man, telling me that I had a very strong positive stance, after further communication with this woman and Ebay, I was told I did not have a leg to stand on and that even if the woman broke the stand because she was already angry that the item was not as she expected, regardless of what the listing said, I was told without doubt, that she would be RIGHT!! I repeatedly asked the supervisor I was speaking with in the resolution department, if I had heard her correctly and she said Yes. She stated that she would take the buyer's word over MINE!!! How f___ed is that?!!!! I am so over this. As a seller I have busted my butt to do the right thing...and a buyer can ruin your reputation in a matter of minutes with lies!!!! Ebay is another indication of the insidious in our USA!!! Sue the bastards!!!!!!!!!!
Midwest Joe

Bridgewater, NJ

#18 Dec 13, 2011
If there would be a viable alternative to E-bay. I am sure that sellers would defect in droves.

Ebay does not support the seller at all. I sold an item that was brand new. the seller upon receipt decided after using that he did not like the item. I had clearly stated in the listing that there were no refunds unless the item was not as described. Yet the buyer threatened to leave negative feedback if I did not accept the return AND pay for shipping. I had no choice but to take the loss.

Additionally, there fees a exorbitant. They have virtually no live support, you have to jump through hoops to speak to someone, and when you finally do, if you are a seller there is nothing they can do to help you. It is all automated, yet they are taking a 10% cut. For what posting a listing.

The best things for sellers would be if e-bay would close down. As it stands it would be tough for a new site to bring the traffic to it.
John Dunnohow


#19 Dec 14, 2011
Are one of you responsible for this?
Lisa Vickers

New Orleans, LA

#20 Dec 15, 2011
I have been an Ebay seller for several years. I live in New Orleans & after Hurricane Katrina...many of us lost our jobs & it became my major source of income. I have worked unbelievably hard at this....long hours,near perfect photos of every possible detail edited....At this point, I really have grown to feel completely abused by Ebay. I have managed to maintain 100% feedback with over 7700 reviews. The last two incidents have literally made me sick....No one cares & Ebays customer suppoert is a joke. I spoke with four people today...supposedly 3 supervisors.
1) A person left negative feedback and she never paid for the item. I filed a case. I had dialogue with her in the cdase. She never paid for the product & I received Final value fees. Then she left NEGATIVE feedback stating she was not happy with the transaction. I guess she felt she deserved to get it free & Ebay supported her. I was told she did not violate any Ebay policies & they would not remove it.
Secondly I advertised a single Hoodie and the Brand Name was Lot 29. The listing clearly stated it was one hoodie and one size. A woman who is a sellar & buyer bought the Hoodie. She began to write threatening letters stating I had advertised 29 Hoodie's shipped to her for a total of $30 with Free Shipping!!!She left low DSR's instead of Negative Feedback.
By the way, I take returns & even send return labels for free if I make a mistake or if the product arrives & it is not in perfect condition. I only sell BRand New Items fromMajor Retailers.

I call the above situations Internet Courage. All buyers have 100% feedbacdk...What possible use is that to anyone??? The sellars are Ebay's customers and they are robbing us as well as allowing our buyers to post slanderous comments about us without any intervention. i can not understand why some Huge Legal Firm hasn't won a Trillion Dollar Class Action Suit against them. This surely cannot be legal......The economy is falling apart & we can't simply give away a hundred thousand in inventory. How do we protect our investment in Ebay??? They have betrayed all of their customers...their sellers. Why isn't anyone working to represent all of us in a suit against Ebay????

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