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How Ebays 7/08/06 restriction on Hoodia plants and seeds helped me

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jim irwin of United States on Jan 24, 2007

I was a full time ebay power seller and one of my products was the hoodia gordonii plants and seeds that I grow here in San Diego California, when on July 8th 2006 ebay removed all hoodia plant and seed auctions and deemed them illegal, which were and still are perfectly legal to sell in the united states. At first I was devastated as it cost me on average about $2000 a month in revenue. Since 1999 I was a full time seller with no other income other than my wife's disability check. I immediately designed myself a website to sell the hoodia's on and to my surprise it has generated good sales but most of all it opened my eyes to see that life does not revolve around ebay. I am no longer doing ebay full time and due to my website I have been contacted by many individuals and companies interested in business opportunities and buying large quantities of my hoodia plants and seeds. In fact I was able to take my first vacation in 6 years in November to England to visit my wife's family.I have been trying to get their reason for this removal ever since but they claim it is internal information and private and to contact their legal dept which I have written to 3 times with no response. I have many emails from ebay support with many different responses. The fact that they stopped the sale of the plants but are still allowing the sale of the hoodia pills makes no sense as the hoodia pills are the largest danger to the hoodia plant which they claim they are helping by not allowing the plant sales?? Here's ebay policy "Prohibited (banned items) Animals, plants, and wildlife Items containing parts of regulated, protected, or endangered species are not allowed" I have posted all emails on my web page hoodiasUSA.com My Quest for eBays Prohibition of the Hoodia SSP where I am also selling them. I have also filed complaints with the Calif. attorney general and the BBB. I believe that their removal is wrong and they are hiding something as you can tell from the many email responses. I believe that the ebay restriction was done for some other reason than they claim and someday would like to know the truth, but until then all I have to say is thank you eBay for releasing me from your grip :-)
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Anton of Wayne, NJ on Dec 29, 2007

I think this is due to Drug companies interest in the plan. Pfizer has invested $21 million dollars to turn hoodia into an appetite suppressant...

EBAY Sucks of Palm Coast, FL on Feb 2, 2008

Buyers extort sellers, nothing the sellers can do.

What auction sites do you recommend?