DeVry needs to clean up their act and deliver the high standard education they always advertise but obviously donít deliver in most of their locations. The majority of their profits goes to advertising to get new enrollment that mislead students only to acquire their state grants .Meanwhile because of DeVryís financial shortfalls they can barely provide the essential elements needed in their core courses & hired many unqualified instructors who are simply local businessmen & have never have taught in a school environment. This seems to be a new wave of American business strategy in education when a for-profit university is simply a business prospect than a relevant educational facility. As long as the big executives get their 6 figure salaries and bonuses they couldnít care less about the quality of service/product they sell. This demonstrates the fall of once honest business practices in the USA and now reveals their lack of integrity without appropriate government regulations.
The admissions personnel spend more time reading their scripts than actually knowing what really goes on at DeVry. But they are simply employees working on how many new students they can enroll for their earned commissions. DeVry has become a lucrative business for the key executives that now run the corporations. Many reputable corporations will not hire from DeVry graduates since they don't feel students received the essential education needed in today's high demanding technical fields. Some DeVry recruiters are honest and tell you the truth but most just want the commission they receive for enrolling as many people as they can that walk through their doors. State grants are easily distributed by government agencies and never hear the voices of students left without a reliable education after receiving their degree. DeVry executives all got their real educations at Harvard, Stanford or Princeton and I highly doubt they would send their own children to DeVry. After all itís just considered their business that provides them with their personal wealth to achieve their goals.