Wait a minute. This coming from people that burned Detroit in 1967.

Over the period of five days, forty-three people died, of whom 33 were black. The other damages were calculated as follows:

467 injured: 182 civilians, 167 Detroit police officers, 83 Detroit firefighters, 17 National Guard troops, 16 State Police officers, 3 U.S. Army soldiers.
7231 arrested: 6528 adults, 703 juveniles; the youngest, 4, the oldest, 82. Half of those arrested had no criminal record.
2509 stores looted or burnt, 388 families rendered homeless or displaced and 412 buildings burnt or damaged enough to be demolished. Dollar losses from arson and looting ranged from $40 million to $80 million.[17]


And your crying over a few fires. You people make me sick.