Okay. Hold up your hand if you didn't know this was going to happen. What a hoot! You and I wouldn't even send a bag of plov to that heartless, ruthless district chieftain "The Famously Wily Slavcho Atanasov." Not if we wanted it back, I mean. This is one reason I left Plovdiv District. First he took my first wife (and didn't give her back). Then he took my mule (ditto). Then he took my gold-colored Pangyurishte Gold Treasure Souvenir Sunglasses -- and didn't give them back!!! So naturally I, and many others to whom this has happened, know him to be a scalawag. Okay. I said it. Scalawag. Yes, it is true and I'd sooner send a Thracian Heritage Gold Treasure to Doodis, former Kingston lord of all the slums now US drug prisoner/informer, who is sort of a Renaissance man, altho in custody, and also not hugely reliable but he is no Slavcho! If you know what I mean.